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    Hi folks,

    I wanted to bring this up to everyone because I bet many are finding things different lately.  For the past 3 or 4 days I’ve been struggling with my moods and needing to sleep a lot.  I am pretty sure this is due to all the energy shifts that are occurring right now.  Now, for those able to go with the shifts, they are feeling better and better as this week has gone on.  If that’s the case for you, congrats!  Keep doing what you’ve been doing!  If, instead, you are having to deal with a lot of other things in your life, which is dragging down your mood, here is what I’ve found that helps.

    1.  Sleep
    This sleep is needed to help us integrate new energies into us.  This can be a tiring process, so don’t fight the sleep, allow it to happen whenever possible.

    2.  Do something fun
    This new energy is all about doing what is your hearts desire, and manifesting this.  We manifest best when we are having fun.  So make sure you take the time for leisure activities.  Go outside, visit a park, play some music, play with toys, whatever makes you feel like a kid again.

    3.  Meditate
    Today I spent 45 minutes in meditation and trance with minimal thought.  I did some preliminary energy work and then just relaxed into it.  When I woke up I felt nauseous, but a lot more calm.  And now I can still feel some of that residual frustration, but it’s being kept at bay.  I’ll try other things later and to just stay light in mood.

    4.  Eat light
    Try not to eat much dairy and protein which are heavy on the body.  Eat more veggies and rice for instance, drink more water and tea, and you’ll feel your body react appropriately.  I just made some vegetable stir fry with brown rice and I feel a lot better than if I had eaten anything heavier. 

    I’m open to people’s suggestions about other ways they’ve improved their state the past few days.  This energy shift will further intensify through the 11th at least.  The more you can apply these tips, the easier it will be for you.  Good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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