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    Strength comes from within
    This prayer is aimed within in a big way, you say it to yourself (i only pray to myself, NOT any of the gods, the gods where just men with UFO’S who like to Lord it over us)

    Mein Geist, der du bist in Allmacht.

    Dein Name sei geheiligt.

    Dein Reich inkarniere sich in mir.

    Deine Kraft entfalte sich in mir auf Erden und in den Himmeln.

    Mein tägliches Brot gib mir heute, so ich erkenne meine Schuld und ich erkenne die Wahrheit.

    Und führe mich nicht in Versuchung, nicht in Verwirrung, sondern erlöse mich vom Irrtum.

    Denn dein ist das Reich und die Kraft und das Wissen in Ewigkeit.

    The German version has a code which has its effect on your subconsciousness, therefore you should really use the German version and not the English one.

    Translation (British English)

    1. My spirit, you are all-mighty.

    2. Your name shall be honoured.

    3. Your realm shall open (incarnate) in me.

    4. Your might (might of the consciousness) shall unfold in me, on earths and in universes.

    5. Give me my daily bread (love, wisdom) today so I recognise my responsibility and I recognise the truth.

    6. And do not throw me into confusion and delusion, but release me from my misunderstanding.

    7. For the realm, the power (power of knowledge) and the knowledge within me are yours in eternity.


    In old times there was only one expression for the material consciousness block and the spiritual consciousness block (spirit form) of the human being and this expression was “spirit.” This originates in the fact that they are really one because the material consciousness block is a product of the overall consciousness block (new translation for “comprehensive consciousness block”), which is a creation of the spirit form itself. At that time, concepts were not broken down as is done today in order to get a better understanding of the details. Therefore the expression “consciousness” was not yet created.

    This prayer is not directed to the spirit form, but to the human being’s material consciousness block, because that’s where all the work concerning the conscious evolution of the human being is done. The processes of creating, forming and developing ideas up to their completion and realization is done through the ability of thinking and feeling and this is the responsibility of the material consciousness block, which cannot exist without the spiritual consciousness block and therefore is always connected to it.

    1. The human being creates his own life and at the same time develops his consciousness, which increases its might (power is not the right word for the might of the consciousness) through understanding the natural creational laws and gaining the ability to consciously use them and therefore become all-mighty.

    2. The consciousness has to be taken care of by controlling the thoughts and feelings and making an effort to live according to the natural creational laws. In this way the human being becomes a master of his own life, whereby the consciousness is honored because its purpose (evolution) is recognized.

    3. The realm of the consciousness opens only through an increasing understanding of the truth and reveals new worlds of knowledge.

    4. With the conscious use of the natural creational laws, the consciousness unfolds a might that influences not only one’s own life and the close surroundings, but spreads all over the world and into the universe. This is the reason why every single human being is responsible for the situation he lives in and for the situation we have on Earth because we all contribute our part. The question “What can I as a single person do?” is therefore obviously superfluous.

    5. Each day, the awareness that living means learning should be present and also that one is self-responsible for one’s own life and for the recognition of the truth.

    6. Only the consciousness can release the human being from misunderstandings when it is controlled and directed on the right path in accordance to the natural creational laws.

    7. Whatever is learned during all material lives will ultimately be a contribution to the evolution of Creation, so the knowledge gathered by the material realm of the human consciousness will be eternal at the end.

    Using the prayer in German furthers the logical thinking and therefore supports the individual evolution. It doesn’t have the same effect in English.

    here are the words in German

    I found it here
    the other meditations rock too, keeps the negatives at bay


    I once thought as you do. That we are all-powerful, that we are the creators, the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end. But in such a philosophy, ego reigns supreme, and so, where does humility fit in?

    If we are the end all and be all of the universe, what is the purpose of life? More to the point, where did life come from? Where did purpose come from? Where did REALITY come from? I saw in another post of yours that theorized the formation of thought into energy and into matter. But where did thought originate?


    Gday Streen,

    i do like your questions
    i dont know if you are serious BUT My thoughts about the first thought ATM are:
    The first thought in this universe was the big bang, or big thought eh eh
    If time is only for the consciousness/brain (material realm) and the spirit (sub-conscious) stands outside of time, does time even matter then?
    lets say there are 10 to the power of 49 universes that exist in a being called the Absolute Absolutum
    Above that it could be more Absolute Absolutums
    Sometimes i think our universe is a brain cell in a being, the Absolute Absolutum could be a brain in a being in a universe of its own

    What in the thought am i thoughting about! eh eh, i like your questions mate, do u refer to the first thought in our universe? if so it was the big thought/bang, other than that i can say the Absolute Absolutum had the first thought/bang, BUT it lives in a what? could be a higher level or many older Absolute Absolutums

    I dont think i am the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end ;-), from our angle its difficult to say what had the first thought above Absolute Absolutums but it would go up at least a few levels as Thoth said and bellow a few (at least 4 levels as Thoth said)
    i will ponder this further and maybe ad to it, its interesting to ponder this for myself
    our own cells could be universes and the cells in our cells etc… going down, smaller yet not smaller to the inhabitants and vice versa

    I do think its that way, just how many levels can it be hmmmmm, i will go down yet up rings a bell


    I don’t know about your background what You are targeting for but as I’m Austrian and therefore my mother tongue is German and even maybe more importantly I had been raised as a Protestant till later I have chosen differently and now see myself as Jedi Realist. So much to my background so that You know where I’m coming from.

    As said, I don’t know about your background and if You speak any German and therefore I also don’t know that if You are aware of that this is just a slightly different worded Christian pray? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. I’m just curious about the background of all that and what your source claims as a source or origin?
    The same goes for this thread The real commandments of The Creation (The Universe) rapid evolution. Which is just a slightly different worded version of the 10 commandments.
    As said, there is nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to know if You are aware of this connection and if not wanted to make You and others aware of that. :meditate


    Gday Johannes

    i was raised roman catholic so i understand why you bring up the similarity, we can all see it
    the Christian faith is copied from other teachings or is it vice versa is the question, what is the original,importantly what is factual/logical
    we both know what we both think eh eh so the best answer would be if it works for you who am i to say The Universe is greater than your god ;-)
    i just say it and leave the decisions upto the individual, i dont fear the gods nor will i worship them, we are all gods once self responsibility is taken into consideration

    I have seen ufos and beings of light but i dont worship them, they are relatives that are more highly evolved

    There is no way to say these things without offending religious folks, its not my intention to offend, i hope you realise that

    Where is your spirit from should be a big question, is it from your god or The Universe?

    I am a student of The Universe and its laws, religion dosnt do it for me but i know it still does for some folks, i have studied both sides of the fence, can i post you some things about Love that are for anyone, religious or not

    Love is the base of The Universe and i have some docs that make sense, common ground is always good?
    i will do a new thread called (Love the strongest base for strength n logic) and its inspired by this conversation

    if i offend any religious folks or anyone is a big no no for myself, so if i do please (tell me howto word things better, i was born to learn,not offend and its important to me) consider we have all got the right for our opinions though, i need to respect that too, if religion is your thing be logical not emotional and we both are winners, emotion is not logic and there is no in-between


    Kol Drake

    Mental and physical strength cannot be separated: You can be the most psychologically resilient individual and break down mentally if you lose a few days of sleep. Physical and mental strength work in synergy and feed each other to form a strong individual, and the opposite is also true — being physically inactive and out of shape can make one sink down and vice versa.

    Several recent studies have shown that physical exercise is an effective way for treating clinical depression and the medical community is now starting to treat stress from both physical and mental perspectives. To build inner strength you must build both physical endurance and mental muscle.

    In 1914, Thomas Edison’s lab burned down, and years’ worth of his work was destroyed. This could easily be described as the worst thing to happen to Edison, but the inventor instead chose to see it as an energizing opportunity that forced him to rebuild and re-examine much of his work. Edison reportedly said at the time: “Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start again fresh.”

    The ability to cope with difficult emotions and situations is a significant indicator of our success and happiness. The most capable individuals are able to turn any obstacle into a source of growth and opportunity.

    There’s a maxim in the ancient philosophy of Stoicism, “There is no good or bad, there is only perception,” which was later echoed in Shakespeare’s famous line, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

    The way we perceive a situation has a tremendous power to either help or harm us. Often, we react emotionally and project negative judgments onto a situation, when the first key to overcoming a challenge is to see things objectively. There are countless examples throughout history of individuals who overcame obstacles that would seem completely insurmountable to most of us — from being falsely accused of triple murder to intense discrimination based on race or sex. Digging down you will find that mental toughness came down to three things: Perception, action, and will.

    Mental strength is some sort of philosophical framework that allows you to look past your emotions or what your first impressions of a situation might be. The elements of that are: 1) Your perception. Can you see things clearly and evenly? 2) Can you think about creative or out of the box kinds of solutions or actions? 3) What is the kind of determination or will you can apply that action to the situation with?”

    Of course, mental strength is not so much about always being happy as it is about keeping an even keel in any situation. Emotional stability and the ability to keep a cool head is an enormous asset when it comes to dealing with challenging situations. Fortunately, emotional stability tends to increase with age — and it should come as no surprise that we become happier as a result.

    That does not mean ‘fake smile happy happy joy joy’. Excessive preoccupation with happiness can actually lead to an unhealthy attitude towards negative emotions and experiences. Mentally strong people do not try to avoid negative emotions — rather, they accept both positive and negative emotions and let those different feelings coexist — which is a key component of resiliency… that ‘even keel’.

    Can one get all that from a religion / religious philosophy?
    Depends on the institute and/or the ‘teachers’. Yes and No. Maybe.

    Does that mean ‘having a religion’ is essential for gaining inner strength?
    Not at all. There are many ‘everyday folks’ who have never darken the door of a church or echo’ed a mantra who have solid cores of strength and wisdom. Religions and philosophies are ‘one of many Ways’ imo.


    Agreed Kol
    Especially the sleep part, if i go 2 days without much sleep i meditate
    some thoughts:
    if i have ideas going on i get a bit excited and cant stop working, to get sleepy i stop thinking about equations/inventions and think about nature,if i dont sleep soon after i have a shower to fully ground/earth myself and try again/meditate
    i calm the storm within until i can sleep, when i first got into a business i would go 3 days without sleep and fall asleep at the computer for a while, bad i know, that was decades ago, i have learnt not to do 3 days, sometimes now i go 2 days with micro sleeps and meditation, its the REM sleep that we cant do without, in star trek they go mad without the REM/Dream sleep.
    i turn 49 in October (my lucky number eh eh) with age emotional stability has improved, its just if i have equations/inventions going on i get a bit excited, although i am rather calm considering ;-) We used to live 1000 years and mature at 70, we still dont mature until 70 eh eh, i have ideas about that too (increasing age,coming soon) ;-)
    The Figu say we need to be neutral positive at all times, (neutral with a slight positive for evolution) and i am getting better at that,if we are too negative it causes de-evolution, if we are too positive we become megalomaniacs, i just need to be a bit less excitable when thinking of inventions, i am doing some exciting things atm so its good practice to be calm, meditation is the key. If i goto Amenti and i am in front of the flower of life it brings balance fast i need to remember to do it more often. Agreed Exercise is very important, i can feel a difference, push ups or a walk are fast n easy dont need a gym, people say i look 10 years younger than my age and i think so too, i was excited to find Nick a nano electrician (i knew i would but thought it would take ages or i would need to ask around for a nano electrician) here and his ideas yesterday ;-) and was up very late, i work better at night eh eh

    Our spirit brings forth old values/philosophies from prev lives so we kinda have it naturally i reckon
    When Love is our guide helps the Perception/stops the negative feelings

    i know i will learn a lot here now i have got a few equations of my chest.


    Sorry for causing this misunderstanding. First off English is not my native language and therefore sometimes things might go missing in my thinking and translation process.
    What I wanted to do with my post was not to cause You any bad feelings nor had there been a misunderstanding on my site. It was a question out of curiousity as when I read your post these similarities jumped right into my eye.

    As for myself, I was raised as a Protestant but through my studies here at the IJRS and at the Dojo there had been too many questions unanswered and in addition with the direction the Christian church is heading I found a new way for myself. This way I and others call the Path of a Jedi Realist and although it is highly undefined in its details we all agree on the base that it is a individual Path for everyone with the goal to be(come) the best person one can be.
    As You, at least that is the feeling I do get from your posts, I do see and understand myself now as a spiritual person and not any longer as a religious person. As You, I’m perfectly fine with whatever one is or claims to be as long as one is doing it with respect and the openness to let other be what they want to be.

    So, long post short, there was no offence nor had there been any taken on my side and I hope I didn’t cause any on your side? :meditate


    Its cool Johannes, i love your site mate, i was just adding to the religious side of things incase i upset anyone about religion as i do waffle on a bit or go deep into it, i can seem anti-religious or say things that hurt feeling sometimes when i talk about religion

    I am having trouble translating a word, if you have time what does untrugliches mean?

    Ein untrugliches Zeichen des Erfolges in erster instanz bei Meditativubungen ist das, dass sich lose und vorderhand noch unzusaemmenhangende


    i am trying to understand this page, i know its good but is difficult for me to translate, i am sure its gooooooood eh eh

    499. Ein untrugliches Zeichen des Erfolges in erster instanz bei Meditativubungen ist das, dass sich lose und vorderhand noch unzusaemmenhangende

    Traumbildformenergeben, die im Wachzustande in Erscheinung treten, ohne dass sich der meditativ beschaftigende Mensch auf irgendweche solche Bilder oder

    Wunsche etwas zu sehen konzentriert

    500. Es sind diese Traumbilder, die sich untruglich von ublichen Traumbildern durch ihre ausserste klarheit und Ausgepragtheit unterscheiden, erste Formen

    einer beginnenden Meditationsversenkung.

    501. In der ersten Zeit nur sehr lose, beginnen sich die Bilder,die durch das richtige handhaben der Meditationsubung keinerlei Suggestivkraft aufweisen,nach

    und nach zu folgerichtigen Formen zu verbinden, die schlussendlich ganze Geschehensablaufe offenbaren

    502. Diese Geschenhensablaufe zeigen Formen auf aus der Vergangenheit, aus der Gegenwart oder Zukunft,wobei diese nicht verschlusselt sind in

    Symbolisationen, wie dies bei normalen Traumen der Fallist

    503. Die Wachtraumbiler der Meditation sind klar und deutlich, und stets zeigen sie die Geschehen in ihrer Ablaufform

    504. Dadurch wird es der meditierenden Person moglich die Geschehen klar zu erkennen, so ihr nur noch die Aufgabe bleibt, diese durch neue Meditativvorgange

    in der Zeit und in jhren Zusammenhangen zu erforschen

    505. Aussert schwierig und schwer gestaltet sich das Erforschen solcher wachtraumdargelegter Geschehen wenn nicht der geeignete Ort hierzu vorhanden ist.



    Okay, I did my best for translating those lines but first of I had to somewhat plain write them as some words which actually should be two had become one and all special characters or what we call “Umlaut” are missing as well.

    So first, the plain written German version and directly after that the translated English version.

    499. Ein untrügliches Zeichen des Erfolges in erster Instanz bei Meditativübungen ist das, dass sich lose und vorderhand noch unzusammenhängende Traumbildformen ergeben, die im Wachzustande in Erscheinung treten, ohne dass sich der meditativ beschäftigende Mensch auf irgendwelche solche Bilder oder Wünsche etwas zu sehen konzentriert

    499 A sure sign of success in the first instance is when doing meditative exercises, that lose and seemingly not connected dream images, which show up when vigilambulism – a state in which one is awake – without having the person, who is doing the meditative exercises, focusing on such images or the wish to see something like that.

    500. Es sind diese Traumbilder, die sich untrüglich von üblichen Traumbildern durch ihre äußerste Klarheit und Ausgeprägtheit unterscheiden, erste Formen einer beginnenden Meditationsversenkung.

    Those dream images, which separate themselves from normal dream images by their clarity and distinctness, are first signs of the start, the begin to go deeper in one’s meditation.

    501. In der ersten Zeit nur sehr lose, beginnen sich die Bilder, die durch das richtige handhaben der Meditationsübung keinerlei Suggestivkraft aufweisen, nach und nach zu folgerichtigen Formen zu verbinden, die schlussendlich ganze Geschehensabläufe offenbaren

    In the beginning only very vague, only very loosely, those images start to, through the correct usage of the meditation exercises without a suggesting power, slowly but steady connect to forms which finally show complete events descriptions.

    502. Diese Geschehensabläufe zeigen Formen auf aus der Vergangenheit, aus der Gegenwart oder Zukunft, wobei diese nicht verschlüsselt sind in Symbolisationen, wie dies bei normalen Träumen der Fall ist

    Those events descriptions show things from the past, the present or the future without being encrypted in symbols as this would be normally the case in normal dreams.

    503. Die Wachtraumbilder der Meditation sind klar und deutlich, und stets zeigen sie die Geschehen in ihrer Ablaufform

    The daydream pictures of the meditation are clear and precisely and show the happening, the action in their events description.

    504. Dadurch wird es der meditierenden Person möglich die Geschehen klar zu erkennen, so ihr nur noch die Aufgabe bleibt, diese durch neue Meditativvorgänge, in der Zeit und in ihren Zusammenhängen zu erforschen

    Through that the meditating person becomes able to understand those happenings, those actions clearly and is left only with the task, through new mediation, to investigate into them how they are linked in time and connected.

    505. Äußert schwierig und schwer gestaltet sich das Erforschen solcher wachtraumdargelegter Geschehen wenn nicht der geeignete Ort hierzu vorhanden ist.

    The investigation into such daydream happenings presents itself very difficult if one is not at the right place.

    Hopefully my translation helps although I’m not sure how precise it is as the German text is very windy and difficult to read and understand. I could only make sense of it after reading each line a couple of times and although I could get a feeling for the message in them, I’m not all too sure how to transfer it into English. Sorry for that.

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