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    Force Exercise-
    After taking the self test my scores came out to be:
    Physical intuitive-57
    Emotional intuitive-61
    Mental intuitive-61
    Spiritual intuitive-62

    I am someone who has been aware of my gifts and have been working on strengthening them, however I didn’t know they were all so similar. I have always thought I was more of an emotional intuitive so to find my spiritual was higher and mental to be the same I was a little surprised. I am grateful the force has guided me this order after much searching.

    I mediated on both the Spiritual and emotional intuitive today. During my spiritual mediation I felt save being surrounded by my radiant white aura. It was warming on a physical level, the room I was in was very cold. I felt the love light and force feel my body.

    During my emotional mediation, I wasmesmerised by the feelings I felt as a storm cloud over took the lighthouse. Once the light transformed the emotions to Pure Radiant light my body again became to warm up and I could feel the love light and force radiate through me. I asked myself questions that were answered as clear as someone was speaking to me.
    After both mediations I have been feeling a vibrant energy course they’re my body giving me the motivation and energy I needed for the day. I am currently a mindfulness practitioner and to have these meditations that I’ve never done was remarkable. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn from them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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