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    Hello to all,

    I would first like to introduce myself as ChiliBo. Sometimes I have alot to say and sometimes I don’t. Normally I am very quiet and reserved, some would say shy. I just like it that way keeps things simple. For some reason in my application, the words seemed to flow a bit better then right now. So I posted my application because it starts to explain who, what, and my reasons for being here. I’ll let you all know that if you have ANY questions please ask. I’ll either tell you the answer or let you know why I choose not to answer. What I want you all to know is that I’m here to learn and understand the best I can.

    So please read on and sorry if this seems a bit long winded…

    1. What is your User Name? Online name (First name, Last name? Real name (optional)?

    I go by many names depending on the circle of friends I have. My user name is ChiliBo (Pronounced Chili (like the food) and Bo). Until I feel comfortable when I can give my real name I’ll just use ChiliBo if that is acceptable with the uppers here. If needed you can track me down by Maxwell_Guyger@hotmail.com.
    I don’t give much thought in my names, I’ve gone by many like I’ve said including Birdo, Milo, Maxwell Guyger (and various combo’s of that), and Fe Ironman (back in the day) and my most well known of MILKRAT. I’m not sure if anyone would recognize any of these names, some being from in real life only.

    2. If you were previously a member at the old Ezboard address, what was your Ezboard login?

    I just recently found that site and logged in the same user name ChiliBo, through a bit of digging, I believe that one was taken over by this one.

    3. What is your age? Date of birth?

    I’m 29 years of age, and born in the beginning of 1979.

    4. What is your primary E-mail address? Secondary E-mail address (if applicable)?

    5. What are your Instant Messenger Handles? (include MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ, or any other IM’s)

    I do not have any of these, but I am aware of what these programs are.

    6. What are your habits as far as accessing the Internet? For example, what certain days or times are you usually on? How often are you generally online and offline? Please be mindful of time zones.

    I have one of the most unique jobs out there and while it is a 12 hour shift, my days off are always in the air. One week I’ll work Sunday, Wednseday, and Thursday. And the other I’ll work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. That 2 week period will switch with the next 2 week period. I work nights normally from 1900 hours to 0700 hours, while I might have to go to training during the day light hours some times. I live in Florida USA so you all can have a time zone if needed.

    7. Under which method would you like to begin training? (Academy, or Solo) and would you be interested in participating as an Apprentice in the Traditional Method, upon the availability of a Mentor? (Click Here For Information on Each Training Method)

    I’m still getting information by my research into your Traditional and Academy studies, but am willing to say I’d consider both.

    8. Please let us generally know some of your previous training, whether it is school, work, online, or other information you think we should know about. This includes previous Academy courses you’ve taken here in the past.

    As far as your Academy or any other’s online, I’ve done honestly very little research to date. Not a lack of wanting to, but more of it being a concept that I didn’t really think that could actually be anything worth knowing. As with this concept you all have I think it is worth knowing and something I wish to understand from all your points of view having stumbled upon it.

    9. List which Jedi Community websites are you currently affiliated with, specificaly other academic or educational websites (this will help us understand how you have so far been taught)

    Again very little. I recently found the Eboard site and through digging a bit more I’ve found this web site.

    10. What particular Academic field(s) interest you? In other words, what certain courses or content you would be interested in taking? What sort of Major(s) or Degree(s) would you like to have? Even if you don’t know about these things right now, just let us know what you would like to go into if it was available.

    Well given my unique job I am under a lot of stress. I am at constant battle with letting go of negative ideas or beliefs that the world is doomed in some manner. Also with the amount of stress even if I try to forget about it or not it’s still there, Meditation is a real big benefit to me. I started that years ago thankfully, and am curious about to other people’s experiences (like out of body experience to date I’ve only had one short lived experience) and techniques.

    11. Please describe why you have chosen to study in the Jedi arts and why you have chosen the Jedi Academy to do so. (300-500 word essay)

    Through out my life I have searched each religion for what I call the simple truths. Such as the most basic “Golden Rule”, the treat others as you’d like to be treated which I got from kindergarten. I have come to the realization of this, as with all religions (that I’ve studied) I know this to be a simple truth… There is some form of Higher Being. Someone that might or might not be in control but understands everything as it is and should be.  So an answer to your question I feel I have been a Solo learner. Not exactly being a Jedi or any other named “thing” but more of “Me becoming a better person” enlightened by my experiences. As with everything I’ve found interesting and worth knowing I feel that I have stumbled on something worth knowing be it whole or in parts in regards to being a Jedi. All kidding aside I didn’t really think there were people out there that had this way of thinking which paralleled my own base thoughts as how to act and general respect for all others. Seemingly stumbling upon this late one night at work it honestly intrigued me. Yes I made a small joke to myself but actually looking into the information provided (the Eboards site) I was hooked, I saw shreds of information that did in fact parallel my own thoughts. Just as recently reading a book that actually had in writing of what I took years to boil down as my “religious belief” of sorts. I hope with your teaching and patience for me to understand the ideas you provide I hope to learn much.

    12. Please list any other information you feel we should know. Is there anything we should know which you haven’t told us about yet?

    I’m not one to give information, not because of me trying to hide anything from you or anyone, it’s just I don’t think highly of myself if at all. I give my opinion if asked but don’t it necessary to do so. I just do what I do and be who I am. I go to my job and try to deal with the stress of a random incident of complete chaos and sending crews out to help with the wounded and other crews to help in protecting the others, then go to a dark place of reflection to either work out the emotional stress or to be by myself to cry if needed. And sadly I have to say sometimes just will myself to forget an event. I do not hide who or what I am, if you have any questions about me just ask. If I don’t tell you something about myself I will at least tell you why I don’t give you that particular information. I’ve been told that I’m wise beyond my years and that I have a good head on my shoulders, normally I am a quiet listener learning what I need out of a situation. If asked I’ll give my opinion but I tend to make sure the greater good is what is pushed towards even if others don’t see the logic. Now that’s not to say I know what the greater good is, just that I do what I think is the right thing to do. I don’t care about praises as far as ego goes but it’s good to hear on occasion.

    13. Are there any questions or comments that you would like us to know?

    I am willing to learn your ideas and belief’s and honestly I think we can learn from each other. I eagerly await any word from you all.


    Hello, ChiliBo.

    I think I like your attitude, friend. Welcome aboard!


    Many Thanks Icarus.


    Welcome :)

    You make several references to a ‘unique job’, but refrained from mentioning what that is, precisely. I admit, I’m curious.


    *nod* Sorry I don’t mean to sound cryptic.

    I work at a 911 communications center in FL, by far one of the most under appreciated jobs in the world or at least in Alachua County. However I understand that no one “see’s” us inside of a locked building just working with the radio’s and basically being a filter of information so we can send the appropriate units as far as EMS Fire and Law Enforcement. It’s kind of frustrating but I don’t mind it so much, I just get to be the silent unseen one that gets everyone help when they need it. I enjoy my job as it is, other than the chain of command and the politics behind it.

    I hope that clarifies things a bit. *S*

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