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    I don’t know. She clearly trained a lot to survive already. So some might be that, but I don’t think that’s implied.


    As we know Luke starts off as a whiny whelp whose “first steps into a wider world” meant blocking blaster shots blind and struggling to pull his light saber from snow. You see his struggle to unlearn material, mundane common sense across two movies before facing two Sith lords and, even then mid-fight, he takes one more step trusting his senses enough to not fight or even defend himself but to toss aside his light saber aside and embrace vulnerability without fear. Meanwhile Rey’s first steps into the force overcame a long established dark side practitioner three times her first day. Not to mention she understands Wookie and how to bypass a temperamental hyper drive motivator pump thing in a Corillian freighter despite never leaving a desert outpost on a nowhere planet. In Last Jedi with Luke it takes no effort to feel the light, dark, life, decay, peace, violence, balance, etc. After being reminded to reach out with her feelings, of course. She also does her part to rip a light saber in half and effortlessly pick up all the boulders in a pile individually and toss them apart.

    What I’m getting at is that even if IX reveals that Rey has suppressed memories of being trained as a child through her Disney has essentially rewritten the force to be more of a super power to tame than a personal connection with with people and environment to cultivate. I find it a little disappointing.


    Finally last Friday it had been the day or better said night I could watch this one at the local cinema together with my brother and what should I say? I guess, the best way I can put it is that it had been better than I had expected and not too bad for an action/Sci-Fi movie but that’s it. I highly doubt that, if “Episode VII” and VIII and maybe including “Rouge One” would be all what there is, they wouldn’t be able to create, form the sort of cult status we see around Start Wars.
    My personal resume of the movie is, that it was okayish to watch but it didn’t made me curious for what there is to come.


    Everyone has their preference. That’s why i don’t worry about the fiction dictating our path. :-)

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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