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    Kol Drake

    Part of the ‘allure’ of the Internet / Facebook / etc. is the ‘electronic curtain’ which hides one participant from another.  This ‘electronic mask’ is seen as a means of hiding without hiding for some.  For others, it is the ideal, ‘legal’ means of pretending to be something (or someone) they are not.

    It allows old people to ‘play with the youngsters’ and young people to pretend to be ‘more adult’.  Sadly it also allows those who like causing misery to make sharper electronic ‘sticks’ to poke the wounds of others… who toss their open sores out on the electrons.

    This does not even address the complications of trying to communicate ‘a point’ without all the typical ‘non verbal’ clues of person to person communication — voice inflection, eye and body movements, etc.  It is why what is a seemingly neutral statement can be ‘meh’ to one person and seen by another as a personal attack of the highest order.  Personal (ego) filters tend to paint our intake and output on the Internet even more so then when we are communicating face to face.

    All this makes for some odd dynamics when one is looking for kindred spirits and understanding minds and hearts.  ‘Trust’ is a delicate enough flower to nurture without the potential crushing by someone who uses the Internet in less then a wholesome and moral manner and treats people as ‘targets’ rather then feeling individuals.


    Yea also gives people the permission to attack others also

    MJ Hannigan

    Worry not when we get further into your reiki studies you will be able to deal with things easier. 


    This is probably not a Jedi thing, but it struck me pretty hard when I heard it. I need to share it but facebook isnt the way to do it lol. Caution, its not a happy story…

    I was at the club tonight volunteering. This guy that Ive known for years, came and sat down next to me, tell me about how he just got back after a few months hanging out with his old pal “Heroin” that lead in an overdose. He was pretty out of it, like the look of craziness, telling me about his wife that he got a divorce from about a year ago. They were together for 3 years until one night he started drinking. He went to her saying that he wanted a divorce because unlike her, he wasn’t in love. She of course was heartbroken and asked him to stay, but he refused. I guess earlier today, he was driving thru her neighborhood and he thought he would call her to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving; she didn’t answer. He drove by her house, car was home but he didn’t want to intrude (since she didn’t answer the phone) so he drove off.  At the Gratitude dinner where he was approached by someone they both knew and she says to him “Im sorry to hear about your wife” he replied back “what?” The day he overdose and flat lined at the hospital 3 weeks ago, she was at home and died of an overdose. The reason why this struck me so odd was because when he looked at me with tears in his eyes, he says to me “Sarah, she died the day I was re-born”.

    I wonder if somehow they were connected through energy? I dont know what happend but somehow I feel I have to share it on here because to me, there is alot going on here…I could guess….but I dont know what it is


    The inter-connectedness of life is a spectacular thing. Absolutely there is a connection in the energy. People die, other people live. Cells are exchanged. Atoms rush from one end of the universe to the other one.

    Personally, I believe that because we aren’t really solid, we are all a part of each other. As I meditate, I am exchanging life with the rest of the world around me. By that logic of course..

    Say MY energy = X

    The rest of the world’s energy = Y

    X :=: Y (that means, X is exchangeable with Y. They aren’t numerically equal)

    Which means there is some kind of common factor between X and Y. This connection, this common denominator is WHY we feel emotions toward one another. It’s why we love our mothers. It is why your story goes the way you told it.

    In fact, it is the reason that you are HERE at this website.

    When I realized that we aren’t solid, that we could never be truly isolated, that is when I realized that I cannot destroy myself or anybody else. If I am exchangeable with myself or anything else, everything is equal. It is energy socialism. In that way, ALL energy is evenly distributed across the universe. But, in that way, energy can be stretched. Just as a blanket can be pulled taught at a point or in all directions, as can energy.

    Qualified, I am no scientist. Jackie knows WAY more about energy than I do. But, I’m not really talking about what science can define as energy in its current state. I’m more talking about Force-level energy. The same energy you’re referring to.

    So, whenever you ask: “is this connected somehow”, the answer is always yes.


    Wow, that was an awsome way of explaning it. We all feed off of eachothers energy but I never thought of it as being “not solid” form. The way you said that was just perfect…thank you


    I havent had much time to do my Jedi studies…and its really starting to bother me…Ive been doing some reading but thats about it :(


    It’s ok, it’s a holiday weekend. Those tend to throw people off a bit. Can you carve some time out of your day to do one assignment? Or even to write about what you’ve been reading?

    MJ Hannigan

    someone is in trouble. 


    thats the hard part. I have a huge paper due every Monday…so I havent really any time to do alot of stuff lol but I will here real soon

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