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    I am FAR from a wild child. I am much more like the terrified feline who refuses to let anyone get close to her because she is afraid of getting hurt. My one little girl lives a life dictated by fear. Her buddy is much more care free and much happier. When I spoke to an animal communicator a few years back she told me they were there to teach me a lesson. I could live like one or the other, which would I prefer to be?

    I connect with those scared little kitties so well. I am great and helping them gain their confidence and gain trust in people. :cheer:

    Horses and cats do work very well together. I have heard they are frequently friends in the barn.

    Both animals I feel represent a certain level of independence. Both are mysterious, strong (in their own ways), confident, and graceful (me, graceful!? HA!!!)

    There are definitely similarities between the two animals and I would love if they could both represent some aspects of me, have messages for me.

    Anirac Morgan

    Not sure what my spirit animal is, but my spirit guide is the gray whale. Awesome animal, that.
    To me my spirit guide represent safety and wisdom. Great insight and calm. They glide through the ocean, untouched (except by humans) and unchallenged, but without boasting or being flashy. They move slowly, but surely. Most of that is what I associate with them, that they represent inner wisdom was something I read in a guide. I’ll often see the eyes, when meditating. In my mind, whales have huge eyes, like a plate. And it feels like that eye can look right into the soul, or the essence of my being. It sees all of me, and yet offers me a back I can climb up on, to avoid the sharks circling in the water.

    Don’t know if that makes sense, but it does for me during the meditation anyhows, lol.

    When asked what I thought my spirit guide would be I guessed wolf or bear. And then I ended up with the whale, kind of surprised at first, but then found it fit fairly perfectly. Wisdom and insight would be what I strive for, the ability to see through myself and with clarity assess the emotions and sort things out within.


    Mine is a tree :D!!!!!

    Pinon preferably :)


    People seem to debate whether spirit guides are “just us” or not, but from talking to Christopher Penczak (founder of the Temple of Witchcraft and mentor to me over the years), he offered up the question, “If my guides are ‘just me’, then how big am I?” which is a very hard question to answer. When you look at a candle flame, where is the boundary of that flame located? It appears to stretch out into eternity. It reminds me of the exercise here to become one with everything. Guides are maybe you or not you, or both. Ultimately, is there anything that isn’t The Force? (I know this comes up in the sticky thread).

    In my world view, humans are animals too and recognising that fact links us to all of nature rather than setting us apart from it. Our “inner guides” could come to us in any form. Is it possible that they could come to us the form of fictional characters or from computer games too? Has anyone seen Star Wars characters? Animals other than humans seem the most effective to me for the reasons you gave Kol. Having a shark appear to me makes me sit up and take notice, rather than labelling it as someone I know or a famous person.

    Horses and cats work well together! I know this from experience. I remember when my daughter was a little girl I looked at her face and in my mind saw a kitten and wondered to myself if Cat was her totem. Later, she became fascinated by cats and has since amassed a huge collection of toy kitties. The desire to collect toys is partly due to her Autism and all things feline are a “special interest” for her. We even had a pet for a while, but she found it a little overwhelming and so sadly we had to re-home her. I’ve always loved horses and consider myself a horse person and recently we’ve started to go to a local healing with horses centre together where ponies and cats are all around. We have chance to see them in person this way.

    I’m not confident in my psi abilities even after working with ToW and wonder what I’m seeing and the difference between each manifestation. I see a gnome mage that I call Merlin, plus witches that appear as gnomes. Sometimes I have the feeling of Osiris or the Horned God. Other times images of horses appear, or a horse-headed man. Lord Ganesha appears sometimes too, along with rooms of people wearing “suits and dresses” but not seeing a face to the person. Hedgehogs appear to me too. I remember collecting toys in the same way that Becca’s collects cats now. I’d love to have conversations with guides and am going to practice different techniques to improve my abilities. I have synchronicities occur and sometimes find that I read random books that give the same message. I’d love to improve my connection.

    Kol Drake

    Gnomes — my mind immediately jumped to the old 1990s cartoon — David the Gnome.

    Gnomes are Spirits of Nature. Most times associated with the woods/forests, gnomes, who dress very elf-like and can often be seen wearing hats, and clothing with the colors of green, red, and white. Green for the colors of the leaves and the moss, white for the colors of Spirit and the Sun, and red for the color of the earth and steady protection.

    Gnomes are some of .the longest serving and most knowledgeable Spirits in the forest. They are definitely connected to your highest and greatest good! They offer wisdom of the woods and can teach you many things about plants and animals that reside there. Want more wildlife encounters? The gnomes are eager to introduce you. Want to learn about herbal medicine? Gnomes want to direct and guide you to the best plants for your health. All you have to do is listen.

    Most interestingly, gnomes will teach you their secrets once you have established a good, friendly relationship. One of the many secrets of those in gnome Spirit, is that they can always see the truth. This is one of the finest gifts they can offer you – to help you see things with clarity and truth!

    The other cool point — gnomes work together with the other realms of Fae. Get to know the gnomes and they will soon be introducing you to the other Folk of the Faery/Nature realms.

    * * * * *

    Horses — Jung felt horses symbolized personal power — things that we master in our lives and natural gifts. ‘Horse’ is a creature of success and self-actualization. When you know what drives you and put that awareness to work, you can get much further (and faster) than you ever thought.

    Throughout of lives, animals will pop up in your spiritual travels. They will not necessarily MEAN the same thing all the time. Also, be aware of the differences between a Spirit Animal, a Totem Animal, and a Power Animal — and how each may relate to you in their own unique ways.

    * * * * *

    A room filled with faceless dancers in fancy frocks —

    While we aspire to speak with the Faeries and the Fae, they are not all super friendly right off the bat. Nor are they all super duper do-gooders — each and every one. They have their own sense of humor, quirks and foibles. They also tend to have some pretty fancy get-togethers at times

    one being ‘the eternal Ball’. Fae do love their dances.

    Not seeing faces might mean you got to have a glimpse but have not (yet) gotten proper introductions to the Folk. Or, you only get a ‘peek’ for now until they know they can trust you better. They might have been also signaling that they would like a ‘formal introduction’… so, it’s up to you to find (or make) spots more ‘Fae Friendly’… to help bridge the gap between realms.

    * * * * *

    Odd moment of random thoughts.
    VERY cool stuff! Have fun exploring.


    Thank you Kol. I’ve not been respecting how I receive information over the years and looked at “psychic people” with some jealousy and resentment. I think the messages that come to me are very subtle and that sometimes I’ve overlooked the meanings. Thinking about differences between a Spirit Animal, a Totem Animal, and a Power Animal is a helpful thing for me. I found this link…


    To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure what the difference is from the article but think that a spirit animal gives you a message with something to act upon. The animal shows you something about yourself, or shows you something to work towards. Totems or power animals are there to aid you for protection and guidance. You can invoke them to strengthen you. I’m not sure if they are “the spirit of that animal type” or an individual though. I know spirits can appear as animals until they get to know you better. I don’t seem to move beyond the first contact stage though most of the time, or rather, not consciously.

    I’ve heard mixed things about the Fae and that they can really screw you over if you don’t approach them in the right way. I don’t need that kind of mess in my life. The gnomes are a different group and I see them regularly in meditation. I just need to work on my ability to communicate more effectively. I’ve also seen sylphs and undines, but mostly gnomes.

    When I was a child I was all about the horses and the “fairies” (which I spelled “faeries”). I remember imagining riding until I had chance to go for riding lessons or prancing around the garden in a flowery dress with my friend pretending to be a fairy. I left milk out for them, and bread with a little note and my nan used to reply them when I wasn’t looking in tiny, spidery handwriting. Those were magical times.

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