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    I can’t say I’m good about it. I discovered my Companion back in high school, mostly from dreams, and then from a guided meditation I found within a shamanistic book. I have failed miserably at any other contact attempt for Spirit guides, I’m not quite sure why, but would love to but that to the test, maybe a Spirit Guide hunter group, lol?
    I know I would love to get more in touch with my Guides like Jax has. I’ve done the same thing doing Google search’s for instructions, but I haven’t been successful. The only thing I can think of is it’s my mind getting in the way. Maybe we can start pooling our resources and documentation and maybe put together, from all of it, some kind of process, meditation to help achieve that connection.

    Kol Drake

    I’ll try to keep this shorter as it is not that hard nor should it be — to meet one’s spirit guide (animal or otherwise).
    Here’s a ‘checklist’ from Erin Pavlina (( with some editing and snarky remarks tossed in )).

    Most spirit guides do not use cellphones so, no inspirational texts… sorry.
    BUT, it can be ALMOST that easy to get in touch with a spirit guide (or guardian angel or higher self) with a little time and practice.

    Listen to your intuition.
    That little voice that tells you to “slow down” or “buy bread” or “take notice of the pretty woman in line in front of you” is a direct communication from your guides or higher self. Try listening to your intuition and see what results you get. Many people dismiss their intuition. Heck, most times it’s not the sledgehammer ‘get your attention’, head whipping around ‘tug’ but sometimes pretty subtle. Here at the IJRS, it’s all about learning to pay attention to ‘the subtle.’ And, do not mistake your ego for your intuition. If you are hearing thoughts like, “Don’t bother asking him out, he’ll never go out with someone like you” then THAT is your ego. Flick that peak off your shoulder.

    Go with your gut.
    Following your gut instinct is also a manner in which guides try to direct you. For example, let’s say you are in a business meeting and logic and reason tell you that the people sitting in front of you will fulfill their end of the deal, but your gut feeling says these people are going to fail to deliver and you’ll be stuck holding the bag. Listen to that gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. At the very least, use your gut feelings to protect and keep yourself safe.

    Watch for signs. Ask your guides for what you want and then watch for signs that you’ve been heard. My guides like to show me interesting license plates. For example, at my mastermind meeting recently I put out the intention to become fit, trim, and slim. When I left the meeting I found myself driving behind a vehicle with the license plate, “Fitness.” But signs can come in so many ways. Maybe you’re wondering if you should take up tennis and you go out to your car and see a flyer offering tennis classes in your area, and then you get home and your spouse has coincidentally brought home a tennis racket that a co-worker just didn’t need anymore, and you see a news story about tennis later that night on television. Those are all positive signs.

    Journal. A method I recommend to a lot of people during my readings is to open a journal program or just a Word document and write down some questions you’d like to ask your guides. Be quiet and meditative and type up the answers you hear. Keep going as if you’re having a conversation with them. It may seem like you’re just typing answers from your imagination, but keep going. When you get to a point where the answers you’re getting don’t feel like your own voice, take notice of what they say. A benefit of this approach is being able to refer back to it later.

    Meditate. Do a meditation where you imagine yourself going to a room or a garden and ask your guides to appear before you, sit with you, and chat. Like the journaling method, just see what they say. In time your connection will become stronger, and the information you get will be more accurate and applicable to your life.

    Dream. One of the best ways to meet and connect with your guides is to meet them halfway. Open your dream up to them. You can put out the intention every night to see and connect with your guides in your dreams. It may take a while, but it will probably eventually work. If you can master lucid dreaming you’ll have success much faster since once you become lucid you can simply ask your guides to appear and talk to you.

    Ask a psychic. One of the services I offer in my readings is to help people identify at least some of their guides, usually the ones working with them on the areas they’re asking about in the reading. This introduction can help you tune in on your guides yourself.


    Most of the folks I know ‘found’ theirs through dreams or meditation. I would recommend a series of guided meditations — not necessarily needing another person to talk you through one but — let’s call it ‘creative visualization during meditation.’ Get into a meditative stance and mindset but then, make it a tour into your own ‘special place’.

    If you have a hard time ‘seeing’ a place you’d enjoy as a ‘special spot’ / sacred hide-away, then grab the scissors and find the close-est ‘best fit’ images from magazines or printed from the InterWebs. That image can become the ‘focus point’ for your meditation — just like those who stare at mandalas or scared symbols, etc.

    Go into meditation using this place as the ‘meeting place’ — specifically with the intent to meet a guide. Not specifying a type or animal or whatnot — just, your guide. The first time it may be blurry or nothing / no one ‘shows up and starts talking’ — don’t be fooled. If a bird swoops down overhead and drops a feather but doesn’t stay to chat… you may have missed your first encounter. Sometimes it’s subtle before it turns into a sledgehammer. :P

    Yoshio wrote:
    Once again this now raises in me the question what one can do to find out about his guide (spiritual guide, animal guide, guiding angel)?

    Two years ago, give or take, I tried to get into contact with mine but haven’t been successful. This might be due to meditation is still difficult for me or maybe it had other reasons!? I don’t know. But so many of you folks here speak of guides as if it would be the most natural and easiest thing to do in this realm, to get into contact and ‘speak’ with your guides.

    Last year, during my Feng Shui course, one of my colleagues – who speaks of himself to be a spiritual healer and for sure he has quite some fascinating abilities – gave me the hint that getting into contact with guiding angels should be easier than with spiritual guides and that this is what he would recommend to me to do first. He also told me that he can ‘see’ two angels, one above my head and another one on my right shoulder.
    Because of his input I did a little internet research for material of meditations how to get into contact with angels but also how to get into contact with spiritual guides. As I now organised this material a bit and printed it, this is one of the next things I will focus on.

    But if someone has useful hints or is willing to share his experiences with me and others, it would be much appreciated. :meditate

    I know exactly how you feel. For years I was facinated by these people who talk about astral projection like experienced. These dream like places they went to, or experienced, as if it was that easy and natural. I used a guided meditation. I struggle with meditation a lot. My mind is pretty active and it can be hard to keep it still whilst meditating. I used a youtube video. It was a guided meditation. Put the headphones in, Close your eyes and just listen, and follow.

    That was the first time I had an experience like this and it was awesome. I was in a grassy field. I could literally see the trees, the river. I could feel the grass on my feet. it was the strangest but awesome thing ever.

    If you like I could send you the link in a pm? The lady that does the channel has many other great videos that I use often.

    Kol Drake

    Feeling the wind blowing on your skin; feeling the grasses under foot — some refer to creative visualization (using all the senses to totally immerse one’s self into the imagery); some call it lucid dreaming,

    A lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming. Typically this happens when the dreamer experiences something strange, and when they stop to question their reality, they realize they are in a dream.

    Becoming aware you are dreaming; the actual level of awareness varies, however. When the level of lucidity is high you are well aware that nothing you experience is real, and you realize that you have nothing to fear — you cannot be harmed by any situations that may seem precarious. With low-level lucidity, although partially aware you are dreaming, you are not aware enough to have a great impact on your dream — you may accept some aspects of your dream that you would not normally accept in the ordinary world (you may not find it at all strange that your dog flies around the living room, etc.) With low-level lucidity your realization may also quickly fade and you may accept the whole dream as reality.

    Kol Drake

    Before I mentioned a ‘guided imagery meditation’ …

    As with all meditations, it is not important that you see everything I am writing; just remember to have fun and remember why you are “here” — to meet your animal guide — a safe place and a safe meeting experience. Unless several animals come at once (nothing like a stampede coming because you need THAT much help! :P), one just accepts the first animal/being that comes to you; the others are merely those you wish/want to have (rather than actually need). In VERY rare cases, you might get multiples showing up all at once (different aspects which all should be acknowledged ‘up front’ even if they tag team with each visit) — if several come at one time, then those are the ones you have and accept them all

    Now, on with the show…

    Using whatever meditation method suits you, allow yourself to relax..

    Imagine as clearly as you can that you are in a large cave. There are rugs and skins on the floor; paintings etched onto the walls with charcoal and natural made colors; shelves with various books and instruments and pots and many other items that you can look at. . You can add to or even take away from this setting — add symbols (or items) of power or security; take away the shelves and replace them with glowing pools of water surrounded by great crystals. This is YOUR place… a safe place… herbs and flowers are drying.. hanging from the ceiling and laid out to dry. Their musky and aromatic scents fill the cave… oil burners gutter and splash their light onto the walls.

    Behind you, you hear rushing water.. the whole wall… open to the sky… the sunlight streaming its warmth into the cave… as you go closer to the edge… you see that you are on a ledge… high above the sea… waves are crashing on the rocks below throwing rainbows and sheets of water high into the air … coating the ledge with a covering of water… as you examine the entrance ledge… you see at the side… a path curving downwards through the rock…

    You follow this path downwards… the crashing waves hitting the rock wall at your left side… barely inches away… you can feel the vibrations and power of it thrumming through your feet… and you walk out into the daylight.. onto the shore … The waves crash against the cliffside and retreat… in a steady.. relaxing cadence… rainbows dance in the fine mists and sea spray… the spray cool and fine against your skin.

    As you become more aware of your surroundings.. you notice… behind you, a forest of old oak trees and birch line this place… Flowers and wild herbs form a blanket of colour beneath their gently nodding branches. Notice their colors; the sounds of the water; thundering against the cliffs and the swoosh as it withdraws to come again. The ‘tang’ of the sea; its smell sharp and tart; seaweed and discarded shells, pebbles and branches which litter the beach.

    You turn inland. The sounds of the sea diminish a little as you move into the trees and soon its barely a murmur in the background of singing birds and crickets and other wonderful creatures. Herbs and grasses scrunch against your feet regaling you with their aromatic scents. As you look down, it seems that you are following a game trail without even noticing you are on a path. As you follow the path, it opens out and joins onto a main, wider path. You stop here and leave a little sign, so that you will clearly find your way back.

    You follow the path deeper and deeper into the woods. Take the time to really notice the ALL that is about you — the smells, sounds and colors. Soon, you come to a clearing. In the center is an enormous, old oak tree. It towers over the other trees. Massive roots make their serpentine path across the forest floor before once again diving into the ground. It is the oldest, biggest tree in the whole forest… this is the World Tree.

    As you look closer, you see a figure. His clothes of browns and greens; almost perfect camouflage as he sits on an enormous lower branch of this huge tree. Sounds of music.. perhaps flute type music.. Faint.. Haunting.. reach you.. and as you notice you see that its him playing.. he puts the instrument down as you approach.

    As you walk closer… what you thought were merely shadows above his head… are antlers.. You suddenly notice that his legs are those of a stag… his eyes are old… mischievous… but with a hint of cruelty too… he regards you with an unreadable expression… waiting…

    A flash of inspiration courses through your mind as you realise this is the ‘Green Man’… keeper and protector of the animals… embodiment of Nature in one of it’s many forms. This is the one that you need ask permission to… for a moment you pause… thinking why you want a power animal… and how to ask… as you do he just sits and watches you… a twinkle in his eye as he sees your recognition… finally you ask him… in your own words.. to allow you to meet your power animal

    As you do… he listens… and seems to stare deep into your soul… after what seems like an eternity… he takes a horn which was hanging on the tree behind him and blows it three times… deep resonating… clear sounds resonate around the forest.. they seem to shimmer in the air about you and suddenly.. from the other side of the tree… your animal comes… your power animal.. your totem.. your animal guide and friend

    Welcome it… respect and honour it… for a moment… introduce yourself…

    You look up and thank the Lord of the Animals… and walk back towards the path… your power animal beside you… feeling elated.. somehow more complete… and soon you arrive back at the sign you left..

    Your animal leads you onto the track… watch and admire how it moves… the power and grace… it returns to you often .. to just touch and be with you.. the bond growing each time… it is like being with an old friend after a really long absence.. slipping into the quiet contemplation you allow a trusted friend to share…

    The sounds of the sea return and soon you reach the cliff… the coolness and spray… refreshing… the rainbows dancing for you… your animal leads you back up the path by the cliff… the waves barely kissing the rock by your right shoulder as you return into the cave… a fire has been set for you.. its warmth and flames a welcome sight as you settle near it…

    You thank your guide… properly welcome it into your life… hug it.. embrace it and allow it to share its wisdom and strengths with you… give it permission to share your life and the journey you have embarked on…

    Spend as much time as you need and show your welcome in any manner that seems right to you… some sing.. or dance the animals dance.. or… you choose… you are the one showing it honour and welcome…

    It will be with you as long as it is needed… as long as you wish it, it will be there.. and even when you forget or withdraw from it… it still walks in your shadow keeping you safe.. guiding and guarding you… be aware of the lessons it can teach you.. follow its lead.. and … enjoy

    When you are ready close your eyes and return… bringing with you a feeling of peace and calm and adventures yet to come…


    That is only an example.

    You could decide you want to meet with an aspect of Gaia or some other entity all together. And that’s cool too.
    And it does not have to be a cave above the sea shore. Perhaps you have a hobbit home or some peaceful shelter in those same woods you passed through. No matter — it is YOURS and it will shift and change and morph over time just as you do.

    And you could read this as you meditate or record it and play it back as you do so… or have a very good friend read it to you if you feel okay with that. Plenty of ways to do this. and — with a quick Google — TONS of youtube guided sessions… so … go for it! (( hardest part for me is finding ‘the voice’ and background music I enjoy while listening to them ))


    Manus, could you explain more about your journey for your spirit animal? I am very curious to know what my animal is. I took a class on animal communication once, and was told that sometimes you can find your spirit animal in places you aren’t expecting. They will appear in dreams, or you will see them all around you. I was also told it wasn’t necessarily an animal you would “want.” I would love to try to take that journey myself.


    Ye no problem. Well I had seen a lot of articles and people talk about the journey on other sites and it bit my curiosity. I tried to find out more but it can be hard to find good information online at times. But I am a sucker for youtube, I like listening to epic music compilations on youtube for hours and at the side bar of one of them I seen a guided journey. I thought it would be worth having a look so I thought id give it a try. I can easy send you the link to the video if you are interested.

    So I followed the guided meditation and it happened like the most natural thing ever. I always had trouble meditating because my mind is always very active. But this was an exeption. My mind was calm for a change, body relaxed and I drifted into a state I have no words to describe. Before meeting my wolf, I could feel energy, flowing, but intesifying. Once I started to visualise the place I was in for the journey, I could actually see and feel everything I visualised. I could see the grass, trees, water, and feel the wind, the grass and even the fur of my wolf as we relaxed. It was like the wolf I met had been with me forever. Very strange experience but I cannot attempt to describe it without understating it.

    Since then I keep getting little reminders, My wolf has black fur, and I had no clue black wolfs existed. I keep seeing wolfs around. More half wolf dogs walking about in my area. I keep dreaming about them, my partner had even paitned a photo of a wolf as a suprise. she didn’t know I liked wolves. A very strange experience.



    Good discussion.

    Connor spirit and animal guides are different. Not everyone has animal guides. Not everyone’s spirit guides shows as a human. It depends on belief systems and personality.

    I made my wolf an energetic being in this dimension accidentally as I made a wolf a part of my shielding. It ‘s written somewhere. My spirit guide is completely different from my wolf. They meet different needs.

    I met my guide through a person who describes herself as a prophet. My wolf i was told about by guides. You may need outside help if the meditations don’t help. But you want to engage your intuition. Many who have some gift easily get wrong information. If it doesn ‘t seem right get a different opinion (without mentioning anything about the prior experience). And keep doing meditations. ;-)

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    I am not very familure with many shaman practices but id be interested if someone could help me understand something that’s on my mind as I read this. Since there are a few Jedi here who have spirit animals, guides etc. How do they relate to the Force? Are they some extension of the will of the Force? How do you make the connection. This discussion has tipped my curiosity :P.

    I don’t really know what my spirit animal would be if I had one. Something cool like a dragon maybe :p


    Why couldn’t an animal and spirit guide both be human? Even if they are different?

    What’s the division between human and animal?

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