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    Spark Vallen

    [I do keep a personal journal called “From the Cheap Seats” (http://casrin.livejournal.com) on Livejournal, and a spirituality/Jedi-related blog there called “Sparksided” (http://community.livejournal.com/sparksided/) as well.  :)]

    My name is Spark Vallen, and this is my training journal for the Institute.  My entries here will be a mix of spiritual pursuits and physical regimes, depending on the day/moment.  I’ll just jump in with my exercise log for today and my thoughts on it:

    For all that I’d like to think of myself as inexhaustible and invincible… hehe, I’m not.  So, I have had to re-adjust my workout schedule slightly in order to accomodate the odd hours and demands of Dracula: the Musical? at least while that show is still in rehearsal.  Instead of four days/week to hit the WC, I’m cutting back to three (skipping Fridays).  The actual workout’s been about the same when I’m there; I just can’t manage four days and not be totally wiped out and useless for everything else I have to be doing.

    Specifics on today’s workout look like this:

    –1 mile walking/jogging around the track (today was walking-only).
    –20 min on the Reebok body trek elliptical.  It has “arms” to move too, which I like best.
    –Time spent with a bit of Yoga.
    –3 reps (10 each) of all the strength-training machines

    That takes about an hour, which is what I aim for.  When the show’s over, I want to try and last 30 min on the cardio and walk a bit further on the track.  But that means I’ll need to get faster.  So, that’s a goal for when I’m not doing a play too.

    Spark Vallen

    –30 minutes on an exercise bike = 7.71 miles, 168 cal burnt
    –4 miles on track (2.25 jogged) = 1/8 mile
    –Arm strength-training

    Wasn’t feeling good, physically, this morning so I kept it light.

    Otherwise, cultivating patience with the play  />:(” title=”>:(” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> and looking forward to that being over with.</p>

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