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    Some folks have been dreaming of a place for Jedi to call their own. I read an article in the New York Times last Friday (1/11/08) about a place called Crestone, Colorado–a veritable spiritual oasis. A multi-millionaire bought up a bunch of land there 20 or so years ago and through his Manitou Foundation has endowed the area enabling folks of many spiritual persuasions to live and grow there. The area was once considered sacred by Native Americans and is supposed to be at the convergence of Ley lines. There must be something to this since Shirley McLaine, well known new age proponent, has bought land in the area  :D.


    theres actually a couple of place’s like that in Colorado. mostly in the mountains, nestled away next to some small town. Most of them are unheard of as they keep to themselves. You’d be surprised as to how many “Spiritual oasis’s” there are around here.

    Found your article:

    And another last month:
    (look towards the middle)

    Kol Drake

    I looked into the Manitou Foundation a few years ago for a friend who was looking to relocate a business in conjunction with starting an energy studies school.  At that time, the MF had stopped funding and land gifting due to budget concerns and the influx of folks since the Stupas and temples were nearing completion.

    Would be interesting to visit if nothing else.

    shamus flameblade

    and it is!!!!! But as said earlier there are many places here in Colorado that are sacred and the energy is awesome. But alot are kept secret so that the energy is not ruined.

    love always,

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