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    Katrin Wolfwalker

    You propably all now this but I didn’t until tonight and therefore I am sharing this with you:

    Thank you
    Merry meet again


    It’s a good reminder.  Something you might find interesting.  The ‘real’ authors of the secret in the present time are Esther and Jerry Hicks, channeling a group of non-physical beings called Abraham.  They were in the moving, but edited out – probably to make things more palatable to the average viewer.  Unfortunately, they edited out some of the most important pieces!  So, if you haven’t read their books, I strongly recommend them.  Their first book, Ask and It Is Given is actually available for download at the academy general reference area.  Take a look if you have some time.  :-)

    Katrin Wolfwalker

    Merry meet


    I found the book about a week or so ago and printed part of it, though I haven’t had time to read more yet. I really look foreword to do so soon.


    I wish you all a nice week
    and merry part


    and merry meet again.

    (over and over)


    This is wonderful!  :D I will read that too.

    Kol Drake

    A family member bought it the other day… I looked it over and started trying to read it.  I guess I’m ‘not attuned properly’… I thought it was structured poorly and read even worse… as if they were trying to slap stuff into it to make it long enough to fulfill their writing contract.

    Even so.. I do not discount what they were trying to say…. even if they are only repeating what has been said for many decades. (and forgot to say.. so they try to fix it on all the daytime ‘talk’ shows.)

    But that’s all my personal opinion… (and critic as a loooooong time reader)


    For a little more ‘indepth’ bit on The Secret, I direct you to a website of a good friend — who also explores Lucid Dreaming, and other interesting topics.



    Think she covers what The Secret was missing.  Clear, concise info… and how to ‘do it’ to get real results.

    Beral Khan

    My wife was introduced to The Secret.  She came home and said “Did you know that someone made a book and movie on what you’ve been spouting since I’ve known you?”


    Which, in Jedi terms came to this:

    Your focus becomes your reality.

    I love learning to be a Jedi.  :obisaber


    The Secret used to be available on Google, the whole thing, but the last time i checked in on it, it wasn’t there, i think someone might have gotten in trouble. Either way, great video and good preview, i already added it to my myspace.


    Just remember that the Secret doesn’t give you everything.  So, if you find that you are trying to apply the information and it doesn’t work like you would like, you need better resources, like Esther and Jerry Hicks. 

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