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    Well today kind of sucked. I got to work and 20 minutes into the shift a little 14 year olf girl got hit by a car on a busy road here where I live. Yes imagine the worst, she was on a bike riding down the side walk and her parents following just behind her. Thankefully the Fire station wasn’t far down the road and the Rescue unit wasn’t but a couple streets further than that, they got there within 4 minutes I’d say. Traffic wasn’t the best at that time.

    Now I sent my positive energies or prayed for them however you call it. Most of the time what I pray for sounds almost the same, something like: “I know you understand what is best in this situation, please help those to cope and help them learn what they need to.” That’s my basic prayer which can be slightly modified given the stituation. Even when I had to help put my beloved dog down due to cancer, before that I asked the same thing, the understanding and courage to do what was best for him (my dog). Of course I didn’t want to put him down, I love the pup very much and I hope he wants to see me on the other side when I get there. I’ve never been what I call a selfish prayer, asking “God” for what I thought I wanted but simply just for me to understand what was best for me, either good or bad. Keeping in mind that even the bad stuff was good for me in a way.

    Now I believe in a higher power/being whatever you would like to call it and trust in it’s judgement to do what is best. That might sound kind of wierd but I think that way. In a sense I’ve given up control to that being and trust in him/her/it’s judgment to teach me what I need to know to become a better person to ascend to a higher self. It is a hard thing to do as you all know or down’t want to admit.

    My question to you all is simply what do you all pray for?


    To be honest, I don’t pray for anything these days, Chilibo. Despite the fact that I am utterly non-religious, I have nonetheless oft observed that prayer either has legitimate consequences through direct intervention (unlikely, but I shouldn’t mock those with religious faith too much) or simply has an effect equivalent to psychosomatic or autosuggestive action, and thus achieves what was intended without any assistance from a higher power. To that extent, if I wanted to pray, I probably could to some decent effect.

    However, I don’t see the point. If there’s something I think should be changed, or something that needs to be done that is within my power to be dealt with, then I’ll step in and do so directly, as long as I feel there’s a need for it. If something happens beyond my ability to initiate the change I feel as being necessary, well, that’s something I simply have to accept. I don’t see how praying helps – particularly if there is, in fact, no God(s). And, to be honest, even if there are, I can’t see why anyone would assume that such a being would intercede on our behalf now – we’ve had several thousand years for such action to become evident, and it’s fairly clear that either such a being won’t, or believes we have to take responsibility for our own actions, good or bad. That being the case, those changes we want to see have to come from us, or not at all.

    That, in itself, always seems to me to be the pinnacle of Jedi ideology – that we must exercise our own personal autonomy, and in so doing, take responsibility for everything we do as a consequence. Never once have I seen responsibility taken from our hands, and somebody permitted to avoid the consequences of their actions or ours by a divine force. Even if we’re not on our own, we might as well be. And, to that end, I think that’s part of what being a Jedi is about: not so much existing as an intercessor between others and a higher power of some nature, but rather to be the pragmatists, willing to do whatever it takes, regardless of whether a God exists, or not. Life is a cycle, and one we are inevitably bound to. We have the ability to create life, and the ability to take life. What more could you possibly want when it comes to personal capability? As though that wasn’t a big enough responsibility!

    The way I figure it – everything that happens within our world is something we’ve brought down upon ourselves. By our thoughts, our actions, by our treatment of others and of ourselves. Why shout at the heavens, or ask some higher power for guidance? Deal with what is infront of you, since that’s all we can do, realistically.

    I suppose I’d ask you this: if you saw a major problem that needed resolution, but didn’t believe the Government or Police etc could resolve it, would you still spend time asking it to, understanding that your efforts would likely be futile? Now exchange Government/Police for God/Higher Power. Same answer?


    I agree with you. I do believe to some extent praying at least helps me accept on a final level that I’ve done everything I could. As with my above example from today, I did everything I could in giving help to the wounded. As you say in your second paragraph, I myself do not feel as if it would help me or the parents with what happened.

    On one level I see your point about wondering why a God would step in or intercede on our behalf. I honestly don’t think he/it will either. I think he/it has a plan and is letting it run it’s course whatever that may be. I guess subconsciously it makes me feel better to ask, or some form of a displacement tactic for giving him the responsibility of taking care of things. As with my above statement, I asked help for the parents who have a lot to deal with right now, I didn’t include myself in the prayer because I do what you speak of and just deal with things on my own. I always have. I’ve even worked myself out of killing myself along time ago. Believe me I know what you are saying but like I said, I know I like the feeling that I’ve done everything I can.

    In answer to your question, yes same answer. However on this realm of existance I COULD change things the way I want. People have done it in the past and I choose not to.


    I won’t bother repeating what Aslyn said, but I hold essentially the same views as him on this matter. Not very helpful ot you, I understand, Chilibo.


    Well, I guess I should throw a differing opinion in here…

    I agree with a lot of what Alex said and Inari agreed with, but I also believe in God. Actually, I believe in many Gods, but I do believe that there is one Divine Source, the Gods and Goddessess are attributes of that Divine Source that have been personified and made concrete throughout time, and the Force is the emanation of this Divine Source. Am I Christian? No. Am I Pagan? No. Am I Buddhist, Hindu, or Sikh? Ummm, no. I’m just a Jedi that happens to believe that there is a grand higher power out there.

    I believe that for the most part, God stays out of our affairs. I believe that he/she/it set everything in motion with the big bang, and then just took a step back. I believe that angels are God’s messengers. I also believe that in very powerful situations, God might just interfere… But, only if it doesn’t conflict with a person’s chosen life path/lessons.

    Now, I also pray. I pray for everyone… my kids, husband, friends, enemies, situations… EVERYTHING. But, when I pray, I pray that we all follow our life paths to the best of our ability, that our options are clear, and that we all choose from those options with higher consciousness.

    So, if there is no God, then at least, I spend some contemplative moments sending positive energy to all of us, and that can never be a bad thing. I think that the main problem with most “prayer” is that individuals try to change free will, and only pray for their personal preference.

    Now, some people ask why God would even bother to interfere with our pitiful little lives… If you’re a parent, then you understand. As parents, you give a child life, then you take a step back. Only when there is no other option do you interfere. That’s how I see God. :)
    I believe that you did a good thing when you said the prayer for the parents.



    Thank you Icarus. It appears I have a belief system similar to yours. Meaning no disrespect to them, I can understand Inari and Aslyn’s points of view and I can only slightly disagree with them. Like you it’s not that I’m not bound to any particular religion. I’ve studied most of the major religions and took out what I thought was the simple truths. And that’s how I try to live my life. I also try not to discount anything because I feel that even if I don’t understand the importance of it at the time there might be something I could have missed. Normally being human, once one makes a decision, unless something forces one to change it, it’s made and most likely don’t think about it again.

    I do enjoy reading all your opinions which help me try to understand things from different points of views. All I ask is the same in return.

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