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    Wow, life can really step up and demand attention sometimes, huh?  :-)  So what’s everyone up to?  I’ll start. ;-)

    Right before I left on vacation I was called into my manager’s office to discuss me showing up to work every day at 8 am.  Basically, people (probably just a fraction of the group) are complaining about me coming in later, even though I’m working late to compensate.  The reason for this is because I often deal with things in the middle of the night and work better when I get more sleep, thus it’s only logical to come in a little later when it doesn’t actually matter.  anyway…office politics does not follow logic, so I am in unofficial trouble (aka, not written up, but lost overtime privileges).  Then I left on vacation, without the option of correcting the problem for almost 2 weeks.  So it weighed on my mind longer than perhaps it would have. 

    Fast forward to this past week and I was stressed out and frustrated with work because of this 8am thing.  I have started taking a sleeping pill, which is helping immensely.  I also learned my thyroid is underperforming, which explains the sleepiness I have even though I’m sleeping well.  So anytime I woke up during the week to take care of my wife’s health, I was getting more worried about work, which made me more stressed than I realized. 

    It was an important life lesson, and I’m still working on the balance of work and still being a good caretaker.  It’s a chance to really apply my Jedi training and yet continue to find the balance necessary in my life.  However, I haven’t been able to take the time to post, as all of my thoughts were too personal and self focused to know what to share.

    Basically, I’ve maintained a certain amount of balance, just couldn’t quite make it to include the online stuff :-)  For instance, I’ve gotten some cleaning done, laundry, all that stuff (though not as well as I’d like).  I also got the Christmas tree up and decorated and put in some quality guitar hero time.  I also managed to turn 30 without any freakouts (which I figured would be the case anyway.)

    So, what’s everyone been up to? 


    I’ve also been very busy, and tired. Over the last 9 days, I’ve had the Munay Ki course, extra work days, and waking up very early due to kids (the one problem with summer, longer days). I knew this busy time was coming, and may have warned a few people.

    Also, I’m still cleaning, sorting, chucking, keeping the garden alive (we’re having the driest spring on record) and generally gearing up to move. My husband  has (finally) put his resume with some recruitment companies, and there is some interest from the University of Otago, in Dunedin, NZ. I don’t know when he’ll have an interview yet, but if that goes well things will ramp up very quickly.

    I must start getting some time to do some writing again, I’ve got some stuff in mind.


    Hey there, you two crazy cats!

    I just dropped by with a cake and a couple of drinks to wish you a happy birthday, Jax… but I dropped the cake and drank the drinks, so a Happy Birthday (belated) will have to suffice. :P

    Hope you had a good one.

    And Inari… hang in there, girl. Super Shaman Inari is coming up!!!


    No need for cakes, your presence is the only thing required.  That is, after all, why they call it presents ;-)  (bad pun haha)

    My hunch is that most of us are going through some ‘life trials’ during this time, and have been for a few weeks, and that’s why everyone is so quiet.  Thankfully it will pass soon.  2009 is almost here!  (eek!)


    It IS so quiet! 😮

    Well, as for me: I have been finishing up my first semester in college!!! Hopefully I am going to manage all A’s and B’s.  Also I have the holidays coming up, which means traveling and even MORE time away from the boards (particularly next week)

    Well at least in my offline training, I have been working on my physical and spiritual healths.  Other than that, life really does get in the way. 

    Glad to see everyone is keeping busy though, hope to see everyone again soon!!!


    Happy Belated Birthday Jax!

    Life has been crazy.  It’s that time of year!

    For the first time in 21 years we had to lay-off employees because of basic slow-down in business, and general economics.  We should have done it months before but hoped things would turn-around.  I am about to lay off another employee next week as well.

    I also had to put to sleep my beloved cat BonFrere – after 12 years last week. 

    I am closing-up my old house this month.  Like about 70% of my “stuff” I am going to be leaving it to a charitable organization since to sell it would only mean time and my loss would likely be the same $15,000. 

    Unloading and clearing away the “stuff” of my life has been a two year process – but is one of the most freeing of experiences. 

    It’s a great time of challenge and solidifies the change in philosophy I gained on joining the Jedi about two years ago.  The Jedi lifestyle/philosophy/spirituality and the training through various academies (here among them of course!), through other Jedi, and self-training is showing it’s worth and benefit. 

    But – it is a LOT of change – and with change comes the need to adapt and adapt intelligently.  That is my main mission right now. 

    The Great Hulking Scotsma

    Well I am busy as well, struggling with doing full time college and the assignments, a full time job that is stressing me out and I really don`t want to but do it cos I have to, trying to save to go to Canada as well and trying to maintain family life as well as cramming in a social life when I got a chance.

    I am doing full time college in it practitioner system support and it is very interesting at times lol but I understand most of it but struggling with the technical side of it like system securities with things raid and hot standbys and cold standbys I know what they but I have to podcasts and presentiontions which I am not used to doing that is making it harder and as I have the concentration span of a goldfish and I find the wonders of distraction in “facebook” it so easy to not do it. I do question myself at 32 am I doing the right thing I am old compared to the youngsters in the class who average 18.
    Work well I am stressing with it because my boss bless him is very picky and is very hard to please at times it doesn`t help that he is gay as it make him very vain in what staff he hires (he won`t hire staff that he thinks is not good looking) or how you do something. The major part to why I really don`t like it is it bring my stress levels up, I am a chef in bar/ole/bistro and find at times I get hung out to dry as I am used as I am too nice for my own good so now there is more for me to do than there should be. The other thing about working is I can only certain days and hours due to college so I feel like I have no life college from 9am till 4:3o work from 5pm till 10pm and I work all day and night Saturday. The mad thing is you will say to me think of the money this other thing I am always skint and have no money to show for after my bills and rent come out I have travel and food to pay for grrrrrr lol.

    Canada now a nice subject, after meeting one of the nicest people you can ever meet (after you guys of course ;)) I have found someone who I believe is on the same level with me and won`t ever hurt me intentional, I have my issues with relationships especially after my marriage and everything that was said and done, I found it hard to trust women, I’ve always had a fear of the female sex since I was 2 but that was down to my mum and the things that happen to me as baby but I really find it hard to trust women (sorry any females that’s reading this don`t mean anything by it) but now I have woman that is really stunning (looks isn`t everything to me but it helps hehe) has her own kids and has had a bad time like me, she lives in Canada and it is one place in the world I would love to visit well I have a more of a reason to visit.

    Family well my gran the person who has brought me up from the age of 2 is not very well and every time I hate to say this I talk to her she not the person I know from being a wee boy and don`t really like phoning now as it makes me down and upset. My dad well he is hard work but I question myself with him if I hadn`t made that phone call and invited him to my wedding would I of seen him again or is it because I made the effort with him when after  13 years of not know if he was alive or dead and gave him the olive branch when his own mother and brother didn`t want to make an effort or to know him would he of came and found me and I also ask myself why is it I am the one that does all the running with family and I always end up the bad one or the one in the wrong!!!!! Lol
    I find it difficult to chat or talk to him about stuff as he has a very old fashion outlook on life where as I have a modern outlook with old fashion values  the scary part is I am my dad which scares me I am more like him than he realizes or wants to admit to. Jeez I wrote a mini book but I feel so much better now ha ha

    O btw Jaxs happy belated birthday and I hope your wife gets better soon.


    32 is not old Scotsman, I’m also 32 and in a new profession after going back to school. Sure, one might FEEL old when looking at all those dewy eyed innocents in the class, but think what you’ve got…life experience…and that’s one big advantage you’ve got over them straight away.

    Plus, of course, they’re not getting any sleep either, but for different reasons (LAN parties, proper parties, or whatever it is they do until 2am in the morning).


    Phoenix, I talk to you daily, so you don’t get a response.  hahahaha  perhaps a duel instead?  :fight

    Asta, I’m glad you’re closing out that other house.  I know it wasn’t a pleasant experience for you, it’s just too bad you have to take a loss on it.  I’m also sorry about your cat.  It’s always hard to lose an animal friend.  There are always lots of animals that need a home though, so you can add back to your family once you’re ready. :-)

    Scotsman, I understand the struggle of school and family and the desire to do more.  School is just one huge lesson in balance and perseverance I think.  It makes it especially difficult when losing a loved one.  Don’t be afraid to vent or ask advice as you go through this time. 

    And by the way, being gay doesn’t make someone vain.  There are vain people no matter what sexuality, and obviously plenty of not vain people who are gay.  ;-)

    Oh, and I also just started on my career finally, at 29.  So it’s not that uncommon, just follow your heart.  :-D


    Work has been pretty busy and my web design business is picking up pretty quickly along with a personal project I have been working on. As I always say, things are busy but fun. We just got through our concert season and it was rough but we made it through it. Mainly though I have been working around the clock but the wonderful thing is the things I do for work is what I enjoy so for me it’s just that much better!!

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