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    I know there was a good vs evil post, but I’m not sure what was said, and I wanted one here for my thoughts…

    What is your opinion of the Jed? the Sith? (im talking realists here)

    just curious…ill post my opinions later,

    oh and please try to stay on topic…i want this to be strictly jedi and sith related =]


    I think you should go back and read it if you havn’t yet. I found it quite an interesting read.

    However on your question, in my opinion they are the same. They just use the Force differently. The Force always seems to find it’s balance so they both have to be there.

    And my own question, are there really people out there that claim to be Sith? I would suppose it would make sense seeing as people claim to be Jedi. But why would they?


    I just received “Jedi vs Sith” a couple of days ago.  For someone like me who isn’t wild about the fiction – but hears enough and knows just enough to get confused – it’s a very good book!

    Yes – there are Sith Realists – I guess you’d call them.

    I’m not quite sure what the question is though…  Would you like to know how Jedi Realists feel about Sith Realists – or how Jedi Realists feel about the fictional Jedi and Sith? ???

    Thanks! ;)

    – Asta


    Sorry I wrote the title without thinking about the fictional book.

    No I would just like your opinion on the realists.  And yes there are realists out there for both sides. 

    I just wanted to see peoples thoughts, but I guess if no one really knows about them that is probably for the best.  I mean I know there are varying viewpoints out there and I was just seeing if anyone else had thoughts about those different viewpoints. 

    Its all good though!


    Well, I am a Sith Realist :plight ;D…My opinion on Sith and Jedi Realists: They differ in some ways, and are similar in others, but are all students of the Force, regardless of what aspect they adhere to. Yes, they are all students of the Force from my point of view, so there is no “Jedi vs. Sith” as far as I’m concerned ;).

    Brandel Valico

    Hmm… Selfless and selfish have always been my dividing lines. It’s a harsh and clear line for me. If the core reason a person does something is selfless it’s a good action. If their core reason is selfish it is a bad action.

    Now to clarify I’m not talking about the layers of justifying using this argument or that we all use to hide the true reasons we do what we do. But the base core reason we all hold way down inside.

    Nor am I saying one bad action will forever condemn you to darkness. We all stumble and fall, we all make mistakes. It’s the sum total of our actions up to now that decide where a person falls for me.  If for most of their lives they have done things that needed to be done to benefit others without thought or desire for reward or acknowledgment. Even if they did receive them. With a slip here or there but without those slips becoming weights they allowed to drag them down. They fall on the Light for myself at least.

    On the other hand if the majority of their actions are motivated by personal benefit and desire for gaining what benefits themselves first. Even if others also benefit and are helped in them doing so. Even if they do on occasion do a selfless act. They still fall in the dark for me. Most end up here do to a single slip up and the resulting shift in perspective as the weight of their action becomes a burden that pulls them down.

    Now even though very brief and simple and vague. With the base idea above of how I view Light and Dark actions. We move on to Jedi and Sith. For myself a Jedi is someone who follows the Jedi ways. It’s a very simple divider. A Sith is someone who follows the Sith ways. There are a mirid number of Force using traditions. It’s a mistake to think they are all the same simply because they all study,acknowledge,use,or worship the Force. If you don’t follow the Jedi ways as your primary path your not really a Jedi. Your whatever primary path you follow. Now thats not to say the lessons from other paths aren’t of value or good to learn.

    Now even though it’s very true that a great deal of Jedi and Sith methods are the same. Thats not the same as saying they are the same as a whole with only a different name for the same thing.

    The Jedi methodology teaches one to focus on and strive towards becoming more and more selfless. To train students to understand their deepest reasons for why they do what they do. To do what is right for the most amount of people or better yet for everyone. Even if in doing so they must sacrifice their own desired outcome or wants or needs. In other words it teaches them to  be selfless thus light.

    The Sith methodology teaches one to focus on and strive towards becoming more and more selfish. To train students to understand their deepest reasons for why they do what they do. To do what is right for themselves even if it doesn’t benefit others. To never sacrifice their own desired outcome or wants or needs. To put themselves before all others. In other words it teaches them to be selfish thus dark.

    Now some may notice I wrote those too paragraphs to in many ways mirror each other using the same words with only certain things changed.

    Well, now let me state that it’s a very rare thing indeed to actually encounter someone who is truly selfless or even truly selfish. Most of the planet does fall into the gray areas of having a mixture of the two extremes. Hence why one must be careful about judging others and where they fall until you know all you can about them. Often actions that they do may seem on the surface to be either Selfish or Selfless. But when the layers of reasons or deception are stripped away end up being the exact opposite.

    With all this I might as well continue to hang myself in the eyes of some here. *LOL*

    Taking the above. We can say that a Jedi should strive to always be selfless. To not allow mistakes to drag them down. But instead except them and make amends for them. Then let them go. That they must follow the Jedi path and it’s methodology as their primary path. To be Jedi.
    Just as to be a Sith one should strive to be selfish. That they must follow the Sith path and it’s methodology as their primary path. To be a Sith.

    As such it’s rare to actually run across real members of either side. More often it’s simply those aspiring to be one or the other. Which isn’t meant to belittle or lesson the value of those people. In all my years I’ve never really meet a Sith though I have meet many who claim to be such and use certain parts and pieces of Sith ways. It’s rare to actually meet someone who is so selfish and dark inside that they put themselves above all others. But the same can also be said of the Jedi. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t just use the bits and parts they like and ignore the parts they don’t. Who are so selfless they don’t instinctively add their chance of reward or acknowledgment into why they do things. Who put the majority above themselves.

    ***Edited for spelling***


    I think it’s also about root attitude.  I am speaking here of the Realists.

    In my experience, “Light” Jedi come from a positive attitude, where the Force is “on our side”; the side of the virtues against the vices and that things will work out – and if they don’t – there is a reason that is also positive.  They look for the positive in situations – even in seemingly negative ones. 

    “Grey/Shadow” Jedi come from a place of self.  They believe they are more in control of their life – good and bad – and must find their way through self-understanding.  The Force is simply the Force and is not on any side. 

    “Sith” tend to see things from a place of personal victory over all.  Life is a hostile place where they must use every means at their disposal to survive.  It makes them appear selfish, but they would help another if it didn’t mean harm to them.

    All in all I think it’s more about our view on life.

    Or, so that is my observation. 


    Its an interesting distinction, very much based on personal concepts of light and dark. I know Dark Jedi who I would call light and light jedi who I would call grey or even dark. I’m not as fond of the term sith, simply because of the ‘evil’ connotation. I’m also not quite sure what it means in a realistic sense- I’ve never met a ‘Sith Realist’ persay.

    For me, I’m more on the Light side because that’s my outlook on life, and where I want to be. I recognize I’m not there but that is my goal. Positivity, good intentions, justice, clarity, peace, and hope among other conceptsare the cornerstones of it all. The Force is not quite neutral, but a living thing, the essence of life, which, I feel, is good. The power and energy I feel when I meditate certainly feels that way.

    After a break from the online world and especially sites that do have defined aspects, I find I’m less aware of these distinctions in these terms. I’m focusing less on where others stand and more on where I stand. People who act or think or believe differently than I do simply have a different basis of operation- different intentions, motivations, experience etc. The fun is figuring that out, because it leaves you with individuals within a whole, instead of categories.

    Much love,

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