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    Magdelene Nashira

    I think that’s pretty accurate, Brandel. 

    When I think about the question of the dark side and evil I don’t know if it’s so much the dark side is evil or if it might be better to say the dark side can lead to evil or even maybe better stated the dark side is most likely to lead to evil.  Interestingly enough I think the other place the dark side can lead is back to the light side, which is what happened in my case.

    I think it is also true that really there is a dark side within everyone.  I don’t think we really go “out there somewhere” to follow “the dark side”.  We just turn our focus inward toward that within us that is hidden and sometimes dark.  To a certain extent that can be a good thing, because introspection can give us knowledge about ourselves and I feel that one benefit I had from my dark side experience is that I learned more about my own limits and who I was.  I got a better idea of where the danger was within my own soul.  However, that came with a cost.  The dark side has a slowly developing diminishing effect on those who focus on it and we often don’t even realize this is happening because we are focused on what feels like a euphoric feeling of freedom.  I can remember feeling like I could do anything I wanted and the idea of consequences or predicting the results of my actions just didn’t exist.  It’s like the moonwalk dance (think Michael Jackson), it has the illusion of propelling you forward but you are actually going backwards.  I see this happen with other Jedi who turn to the dark side too.

    The other thing I thought I might mention is that there are a lot of areas that overlap from the Jedi to the Sith and from the dark side to the light side.  For example, power.  I think that is what attracted me to the dark side and I think that is one of the major attractions for the dark side.  The freeing feeling of being able to pursue power.  But I’ve come to realize that really power is something Jedi and Sith both pursue when you think about it.  Learning martial arts, for example, is pursuing a type of power.  Increasing the capability of our mind is another way of obtaining power.  Learning how to communicate with each other is also another way of gaining power.  The only difference between Jedi and Sith is the point of view behind how that power should be used and perhaps to what degree it should be sought. 

    At this point I don’t know that I would say the dark side in its entirety should be completely avoided.  In fact I don’t even know that I have a complete idea of what I believe about the dark side.  There are still things that I ponder about it.  There are still residual effects in my life from my experience in having gone over to the dark side.  So I apologize if I seem to be waffling a bit, but that is another result I think comes from having focussed on the dark side.  I call it “dark side flashback”.  I didn’t used to understand Yoda in the movie when he said that if you follow the dark path “forever will it dominate your destiny”.  Now I think I see that, because what happens is that you are basically back to being focused on the light, but every once in a while you get kind of a flare up or your mind just sort of thinks of the dark side option or is more likely to.  So there is this kind of wrestling match that goes on within you that didn’t used to.  I’ve noticed with myself that this is fading over time.  I was thinking about it the other day and I think it’s been somewhere around 9 months to a year since I decided to change back and focus to the light side.  I’m just now getting to where I feel like I have my old head back, but I still have days in which I ask myself again “Are you sure you aren’t a Sith Lord?”  I’ve also seen other people who seem to suffer from dark side flash back too.  I wish I could mention the name as there’s one person in the community who is a perfect example and you can just see the difference in manner and yet there’s just this little tiny possibility of a flair up on rare occasions.  I kind of watched the way he talks and was away from him for a while and I see the vast improvement in the way he handles himself and I know that at one time he was a Sith Lord.  His personality used to be a mystery to me but now that I’ve been through this, I think I understand him now.  It’s also encouraging to me to realize that a person can make a comeback to that strong of a degree.

    I guess I should really quit yapping now.  Sorry for going on about it, but some of these things have been on my mind a while and it’s kind of nice to have a place to get it out.


      I know what you mean by darkside flashbacks. Something happen in my family destroyed me and wanted revenge.  I had a friend who was a Sith who said he would teach me to get it. i remember the lessons. the pain. the anger. one of the most brutal lessons was to mind my surondings, in a fight, he pick up a fallen tree limb, and smash it in my face. I wanted to hurt him for that, but he was better than me. I remember the test, I had to defeat his other apprentice and win a red lightsaber. I focus all of my hatred on my enemy, it felt good, exciting to be using what i had learned.It was a challenged but I won. that Lightsaber felt so good in my hand. i felt strong.

        Not long after that I realized what i had become. That he wasn’t really helpping me. i didn’t go back. He wasn’t really a friend. That was four years ago, And following the jedi path has showed me how to fix myself. But the memories remain. He did teach me something though.


    “All knowledge is worth having” comes to mind.. :)

    As to the dark side, defining the difference is a slippery thing. At first I think, well, it’s the goals and intentions. Jedi work with the force to help others, sith to help themselves or only those they care about, which proves that selfish/not selfish differentiation. However, being selfish is not ‘evil’, sometimes it’s not even bad. There’s nothing wrong with self improvement, even is it’s for no greater purpose than your own satisfaction. Even Jedi have to be selfish sometimes, for, as Tai said, you have to be fairly rooted to be in a position to help others.

    However, not all Sith are so selfish and not all Jedi are so selfless. Talk and actions don’t match up as much as we’d like. However, the most practical difference I’ve observed is optimism. I don’t think I’ve ever met a pessimistic Jedi, or an optimistic Sith. If you expect good in the world, you are more inclined to want to help cultivate that good in others, wheras if you expect nothing, why bother with others?

    Much love,

    Magdelene Nashira

    Well, yes Kai-an, I agree that our intentions and our actions do not always match up, but I think that can be kind of normal.  It’s one thing to understand where we want to go and another thing to be able to achieve it, but I think the primary difference between Jedi and Sith is motivation.  A Jedi intends to work at leading a more selfless life.  A Sith does not even stop to ponder it once they get to a certain level.  They may question themselves and their motives toward the beginning, but as they go it burns out and they just don’t even ask any more.  So how can someone like that love unselfishly?  I’d say they cannot.

    And about darkside flashbacks, I guess what I mean by that is just that I occasionally catch myself with Sith thoughts streaking through my mind.  I think to a degree this is kind of normal because everyone has a dark side within themself, and it takes practice to question those thoughts and to understand them and put them in proper perspective.  Then once I came back into the light it was a matter of “start all over again” and “unlearn what I had learned”.  I have also just recently left the training of my former Sith Master.  For a long time I thought that I could follow him and still be a Jedi because the difference between Jedi and Sith is one of application.  But the mistake I made there was to fail to realize that we teach and learn mostly by example.  And a Sith Lord can never be a Jedi example.  So I guess I live and learn.  But I think having left his apprenticeship will help.


    I agree with Kai-An.  Actually reading this thread today, comes at sort of perfect timing, as I had a very good conversation with a friend of mine that falls under the “Dark Aspect”.  I think what defines the difference is what types of philosophies they follow more than how they act.

    Evil vs. Good.  Honestly, how do we define them aside from the majority rule and our own morals?  What is considered evil to me, might not be the same for my battle buddy fighting next to me.

    May the Force be with you,
    Setanaoko Mizu Oceana

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