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    Mindas Arran

    Would this work as a healing technique?

    Please don’t fall out of your chair (especially you, Jax. lol) but I’m sick as a dog (well, me and my wife are BOTH sick as dogs) and I was thinking, what a perfect chance to try some new techniques out! I’ve always been very skeptical of such things and generally dismissed it as hokum, but a few Gatherings and a couple books later, and this guy has a bit more of an open mind about the subject (which is a good thing, right?). haha No, this is not a trick. :p

    Anyways, if anyone has any ideas (related to this technique or a better one) or needs any information (type of sickness, supplements being taken, ect.) then fire away and I’ll check back as often as I can with answers.

    Feel free to split the topic if it doesn’t quite fit the theme of the thread.


    It can work as healing, but with you both sick you want to do it to yourself, and not to another person. Besides, using this technique on someone else can be very intense and bring up things that neither you or they are ready to deal with.  So I’d say start doing it while in the shower, 3 turns each chakra.  Focus in on the feeling of cleaning out your chakra and washing that away.  It shouldn’t hurt anything and can at the least help your body heal itself because it will have a more functioning energy body.  Good luck and I hope you feel better!

    Does anyone have a good method for opening your Chakras? I have been searching, but I cannot seem to find a reliable source.

    I use a visualization and breathing exercise…  Start with the root chakra (base of the spine) and work up.

    Take three deep breaths, just to get yourself in the right frame of mind.  What you want is a light trance-state.

    Now, take a deep breath and as you do so, envision the force flowing into your body (with the breath) and down to the root chakra.  See it coalescing into an egg shape.  As you exhale, visualize that egg hatching and a red dragon coming out of it, flying up and out of your body and then circling you.

    Repeat for each chakra, envisioning the force, the egg, and the dragon in the appropriate colors.  As each dragon flies out of you, you can visualize it joining the others dancing around you in a field of white light (your aura, actually).

    When you’re done, be sure to close the chakras by breathing the dragons back into your body, seeing them return to the egg and the egg sealing around them.

    Generally we open our chakras going into our meditation/workings and close them when we are done.  This helps to prevent unwanted ‘energies’ from getting into your energy body.    A healthy energy body is just as crucial, if not more so, as the physical body.

    You could, of  course, adapt the imagery to suit your tastes.  I’ve just always been fond of dracomancy.  :)


    I use to take the shower at evening, before dinner (here in Spain, we take dinner a bit later).  Is there any disadvantage with having the cleansing in the evening?  like something as a meditation aimed to increase your energy during daytime? or can i do it to full effect at nigth?


    Good question Adi-wan.  I have done them for myself in the mornings because that is when I shower.  But I’ve done the cleanse on my wife in the evening.  I don’t get a big energy rush from them so I don’t think the timing matters.  Perhaps try it on a night when you don’t have to be up early the next day, just in case you have too much energy.  In the end, you are cleansing the chakra so they are in balance with each other and working effectively.  You aren’t adding any energy per se.  Let us know how it goes. :-)


    My experiences with the “Simple Chakra Cleansing” are quiet fine. As Adi-wan wrote, me too, I take a shower in the evening and so do the chakra cleansing. Don’t feel a negative or bad effect on doing it in the evening or even night short before going to bed.
    So I guess it should work well for you as well Adi-wan.

    As I have done it now for a couple of times the feeling of the chakra areas was the most intens at the first time. The next couple of times I did it, I felt nearly nothing. But the last time I did it was more intense again. I feel this is a good addition to my Qi-Gong and Tai Chi Chuan exercises, which I do in the morning.


    I found this to be a bit like a meditation. Except I wasn’t clearing my mind but my body if that makes sense.

    I felt that my energy felt more balanced and somewhat less dirty if that makes sense. Like it had needed a shower lol.

    It was very good. Thanks for sharing this with us.


    It does make sense, this is a great exercise that I often suggest to others; and when I need it I find it suggested to me.  There is a lot of power and grounding that can be drawn from doing this.  You just have to be careful and use common sense. :)



    Glad to see you guys using it to help yourself. :-)  It’s always helpful to clean your energy up.  If you have any troubles, or strange experiences let us know.


    I’ve been using this technique off and on for years, but lately I’ve started modifying it a bit by adding words to the second time through the chakras, with the clockwise spins. For each chakra, I don’t just visualize the color, I say it inside my head, and then I affirm the effect that clearing that energy center has on me:
    [li]My root chakra is clear. It glows vivid red. I am grounded.[/li]
    [li]My sacral chakra is clear. It glows vivid orange. I am creative.[/li]
    [li]My solar plexus is clear. It glows vivid yellow. I am energized.[/li]
    [li]My heart chakra is clear. It glows vivid green. I am compassionate.[/li]
    [li]My throat chakra is clear. It glows vivid blue. I am intuitive.[/li]
    [li]My third eye is clear. It glows vivid indigo. I am insightful.[/li]
    [li]My crown chakra is clear. It glows bright white. I am connected. I am in the Force.[/li]
    [/ul] You could choose a different adjective from the qualities governed by that particular chakra; I just use the ones that resonate me, but I have already changed a couple over the past few days that I’ve been experimenting with this. I started doing this because for whatever reason, ritual and affirmations helps me maintain my concentration during techniques like this. But it’s still very much a work in progress. I welcome any suggestions for improvement from folks who want to modify it further.

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