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    This is something that may or may not be of use to people.  If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, the suggestions may help you.  If you’re not experiencing them, no worries.  :-) From http://sueannedwards.wordpress.com/2007/07/11/shape-shifting/

    Signs of Shifting

    1. The most common sign is flu like symptoms. As we’re dropping density and toxic ideas from our life, it’s got to come out somehow.

    a) Nausea and vomiting: Often there is a lot of stored fear in our bodies. As we release this fear, there is a lot of mucous. Don’t try to stop the vomiting; it will make you feel better quickly. I’m not saying to force it, like being bulimic. I’m saying not to fear it. Another cause of nausea and vomiting, is if one of our ’energy bodies’, mental body or emotional body, is spinning too fast. It feels like motion sickness. If this is the case hold your arms and hands out spread and imagine the fields around you slowing down. If what we’re clearing has to do with our genetic consciousness, then we’ll find ourselves vomiting energy. This is pretty common. If you imagine a vent in your sternum, like an aperture of a camera, you can imagine it opening up and spraying energy out of your body. It will release the pressure.

    b) Diarrhea: A lot of us have stored rage and get diarrhea every time this rage is being released.  A daily dose of yogurt can keep our intestinal tract balanced through all the shifting and releasing.

    c) Muscle & joint aches: This is usually an indication of stored resistance at the cellular level. Fish oil capsules help keep joints lubricated. Also, if you imagine that you are lying in an ocean with your head towards shore….as the waves wash over you, imagine Light coming into your body and, as the waves ebb, imagine they are pulling out resistance.

    d) Fevers & Sweats: Many times this comes with the rest of the symptoms. This means our energy bodies are vibrating out of phase. There are 2 ways to resolve it. First, we can lower the vibrations by imagining slowing the spins or imagining them growing heavier. Or, we can try to increase the vibration of our body by trying to get hotter. Either way, there will be a ‘click’ felt, as all energetic bodies go back into phase and the fever should drop immediately. Most people found making themselves hotter helps, because it is usually easier to do then making ourselves cooler.

    e) Tiredness: There are many causes. In any case, Honor yourself and drop and rest. You may be in a cycle of re-evaluation. You may be working very hard while asleep. Or you may be doing a lot of releasing. Any kind of physical de-tox practice will help our bodies release density.

    2. Headaches are our second most common complaint.  For pressure between the eyes (pineal), take your finger and press there for a few moments. Usually, it will ease right up. This same technique can be used for pressure at the upper back of our skull (pituitary) and pressure on the top of our skull (the fourth eye). There is also another vent, like the one in our sternum, at the back of our neck in the middle. If there is a lot of pressure buildup in our head, we can imagine the vent opening up like a camera’s aperture and, releasing built up energy that way. This is also a way to release pressure in our necks and shoulders. If nothing else works, inform the ‘you’ in the higher dimension to back off a bit because it hurts.

    3. Pain in the exact center of sternum: This is usually our Heart center opening to a new level. Gently breathe and imagine your heart center opening until the pain subsides.

    4. Sensory and Perceptual changes: As we progress through awakening, one or all of our physical senses suddenly amplify. If we find this disturbing, then the key is to focus on one, extending it, while gently shutting down the others. This usually brings our senses back into balance.

    5. Ungrounded or spacey: Focus all your attention on your feet. Concentrate on the texture of what your feet are resting on. This will bring you more into your body. Go barefoot for a walk in the park, if nothing else helps.

    6. Low level anxiety, dizziness and clumsiness: Our Mind is opening its perceptions across multiple dimensions and our body is beginning to sense that maybe it can exist in more then one reality at a time, too. If focusing our your feet doesn’t help, put yourself in a door way and hold on to the jambs. Your body will instinctually respond and calm down.

    7. Objects appear to move, melt or shimmer; vision hazy after deep meditation: These complaints are common as we move into multidimensional sight. For the shimmering, try the focus on your feet to ground and anchor in this dimension. For the hazy vision, try yawning. What’s going on is that your vision is neither here nor there. Close your eyes and yawn while imagining third dimensional vision and bring it back ‘here’ or close your eyes and yawn while imagining shifting your sight into other dimensions. Our physical sight is linked to the perceptions in our mental body. As new perceptions come in, it’s natural that some of our physical sight is effected while it changes and integrates.

    8. Hearing beeps, tones, music, or some form of electronic Morse code: This is not usually tinnitus but, an inter dimensional transmission coming in. Just relax and let the signal come through. Don’t worry about understanding it. Our ability to translate comes over time.

    9. Audio dyslexia: When we can hear the words but can’t make any sense out them, then that’s audio dyslexia. You are becoming sensitive to people’s energy and on our World at this time, what most people say verbally is in total contradiction and denial with what they’re saying energetically. Most of us don’t even know or realize that we’re lying or not being genuine. This stage of dyslexia is due to becoming so sensitive to people’s energy, that we can no longer decode the verbal lies. It’s a brief stage while we’re creating our mind’s translation facility. This leads to being able to sense the truth in oneself and in others.

    10. Memory loss: As we begin to live more in the Now, we lose the ability to reference the past. This break with referencing the past is very freeing. While trying to hold on to our past creates fear of change. Many of us don’t realize how much of our energy and focus is tied up in preserving the past, reminiscing, chewing over old bones, thinking about what might have been, or holding on to the way it’s always been. We’re also very busy when t comes to projecting into the future. Which also often becomes more difficult as we begin to live more in the Now. The ‘old’ world can’t function without dwelling on the past, projecting into the future and living by a stop watch. In the ‘new’ world, we live by our Spirit delighting in the NOW.

    11. Blowing light bulbs and fizzing electronics: It’s normal to have problems with electromagnetic frequencies as we become more sensitive to them then we have been before. With whatever electronic device it is, turned off, imagine expanding your energy field to encompass the device. Merge your fields and see if that helps. And buy plenty of light bulbs.

    12. Spiritual significance, spiritual ambition, spiritual manic depression: Everyone goes through these at some time. These are our egos defenses and we rarely are aware of them. They’re caused by us trying to run away from guilt, shame and feelings of separation related to and held in our bodies.

    13. Feelings of deep inner sadness and crying for no apparent reason: We’re releasing our past and it sometimes feels like part of ourselves has died. As much as we desire to move forward, there is often sadness of leaving behind old memories.

    14. Withdrawing from family relationships: We’re connected to our biological families by old bonds of karma. As we get off the karmic cycle of self judgment, the bonds of our old relationships are released. For a while we may appear to drift away from our family and friends but this phase will pass and, we’ll form new relationships with them, freed of all the previous attachments if possible and appropriate.

    15. Sudden change in job or career: This one is extremely common. As we change, the world around us changes, to reflect the ‘new’ us. While in transition, we may make several changes until we finally arrive at doing our Passion.

    16. Unusual or disrupted sleep patterns: We can go through cycles of waking up regularly between 2 to 4 AM. There’s a lot of inner work going on and we wake up for a ‘breather’. Having something to eat or drink beside your bed can help. When you wake up, take a drink or eat a bite. This will help ground and anchor heightened frequencies. If you can’t get back to sleep, don’t worry yourself by trying. Get up and do something. The cycle will pass as suddenly as it started.

    17. Intense dreams: War dreams, battle dreams, monster dreams and chase dreams are signs of releasing old energy of the past. This old energy is often symbolized as war or running away from monsters.

    18. Self talk: if you find yourself talking to yourself more often, don’t worry, celebrate. There will be a new level of communications taking place within you. Conversations will increase, becoming more clear and insightful. I call it our two voices. We all have two voices. One of the Voices is what we were Created to be. The other is the voice of what we have made of ourselves. One Voice Loves us. The other, doesn’t. Learning how to discern which is which, is the purpose of the conversations.


    Thanks for sharing that Jax, there have been a couple of issues I have been struggling with..oddly enough they are on that list, so the suggestions I’ll keep in mind


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