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    Just completed one of the assignments of the intro course.  Have another one half way done, I just need to work with the meditations.



    June 17 2010

    Trained from 12:03 to 12:35


    Rei-ho- standing and kneeling

    Kamae kyu-ho- Shizen no kamae, ichimonji no kamae, jumonji no kamae, hira no kamae, hichi no kamae, kosei no kamae, hoko no kamae, doko no kamae.

    Ho ken ju-rop-po (strikes) – ki kaku ken, shuki ken, fodo ken, kiten ken, shishin ken, shako ken.  (10 reps each side).

    Go-gyo – chi no kata, sui no kata, hi no kata, fu no kata,  ku no kata

    Need to work on lower stance and keeping proper body position.


    Trained from 12:35 – 12:56

    Kongo no kamae and Thrusting cut

    Daijodan no kamae and descending cut

    Hasso no kamae and slashing cut, thrusting cut, descending cut.

    Need to relax grip on sword and relax body in general.


    June 18 2010

    Went on a 2.3 mile run in 19 min. 54 sec.  Not my best time but not bad after a 2 week layoff.


    2.3 mile run in 19 min 17 sec.


    Have been working with the physical intuition meditation and have had some interesting results.  After the sessions my shoulders and neck (where I hold my stress) was very relaxed.  My lower back and hip were pain free.  This lasted well into the next morning. 

    I have also been working on listening to my body and what it is telling me in different situations.

    I did the mental intuition meditation last night and did not have any no ticable results, but then it is just the first session.


    Just a note to make sure you post in your blog as well.  That’s where I expect homework assignments and where I go to make sure things are completed.  You can double post, I don’t mind that, but it’s easy to miss things when they aren’t where I expect. ;-)


    Just finished the spiritual and leadership training and posted it in the blog.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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