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    Now, let me be perfectly clear.  I am not above stealing… er, borrowing concepts from magick IF I believe they have ‘a good idea’ or method of doing things.   I have waded through the looooooong pages of Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics where he goes section by section speaking of exercises for mind, body, and spirit… and some of it can really put you to sleep.  Plus, the whole working with the cardinal points and basic elements of earth, wind, water, and fire.   I am a Type Z personality… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   That said, Bardon DOES have some very good presentments concering ‘looking into the dark mirror’ of self examination and some other good ones on learning to ‘focus with attention’.

    Whatever you’re smoking.. keep it up.  Very good work you’re doing  here… ‘translating’ the fluffy-magic (and other materials) into something a Jedi Realist can find applicable and thus useful.    A lot of work has been done before us in the occult circles and we’d be silly to ignore it…  but as I alluded to in another posting… so much of what is available to us is in a kind of code…that we have to really dig through it to get to something practical we can apply.

    I must admit, I got a good chuckle out of that bit on the elements and cardinal points.    I’m with you there.  While I could list you a number of reasons why you’d want to evoke such powers into a circle… they’re all rather specific.  I go to pagan gatherings (representing Jedi in those gatherings I might add), and am often amused at how people call various powers into their circle and give them nothing to do…  as if these forces don’t have better things to do than stand around watching you drink wine and share cake.    Sometimes they bid them ‘lend our magic your might’ which is something.. but again… do they actually have a reason for it?  or are they simply doing what they were told to do blindly?    More often than not, my sense is that its the latter.

    For some that may work, I know some people do work with magick, but it didn’t for me.  My id is very imaginative based, so imagining the Tree of Life, or a waterfall or a light energy bubble is what triggers my Force connections.  And its all without the incense, candle burning, symbols drawn, etc. 

    As you might have surmised by now… that is magic that you’re doing…  because magic isn’t all that mysterious, or even magical (in the hollywood sense).    Any bonified magician that tells you otherwise is rather full of themselves.

    For some that may work, I know some people do work with magick, but it didn’t for me.  My id is very imaginative based, so imagining the Tree of Life, or a waterfall or a light energy bubble is what triggers my Force connections.  And its all without the incense, candle burning, symbols drawn, etc. 

    As you might have surmised by now… that is magic that you’re doing…  because magic isn’t all that mysterious, or even magical (in the hollywood sense).    Any bonified magician that tells you otherwise is rather full of themselves.

    Yes, I have surmised that to be magic, wish I would of put that together sooner, but now I understand it better.  Like I said in the other post, I’m still learning all this material, and prior to this week magic had a different undertone and understanding to me.  Now that I think about it: how I’ve looked in to some druid meditations, did exercises that were Ninjitsu related, worked on the Astral projections, meditations, shielding, etc…all of it is magic in some form or another; and all of it is a different way of connecting with the Force. 

    Nice to know I’ve gained a little bit of knowledge in this.  Though hopefully you can see from my standpoint too when your handed the actual magick texts, it can be very daunting to find the connections and parallels you and Kol have found.  I’m just glad someone could make it a little clearer =]


    Kol Drake

    Take your time Jedi Phoenix…

    All this material needs time to take in and time to get comfortable with.
    DEFINITELY NOT … read two posts and materialize me in the morning…    ;D

    I pepper throughout my posts as does Stryse –time, patience, and practice practice practice.

    (plus, go too fast and we both will be playing catch up to keep fresh stuff posted so you do not get ‘lost in the signal’ of it all.)  :-

    Kol Drake

    Add on brain burp…

    I know of one person who does ‘house / room’ shields/bubbles so they can work their ‘stuff’ in a secure area.

    I know of another who visualizes a huge dome over their yard and it helps keep all the biting, stinging, nasty buggies from setting up shop in his grass and shrubs.  (( I am working on this one… got chiggers around here…. nasty little leg chompers ))

    So, shielding is more then ‘just’ slipping on an etheric body suit of ‘energy armor’.
    (Guess this dovetails into Stryse’s posts on thought forms since… in this case, your mind and imagination is the limit.)


    Having recently had the wonderful experience of a nasty entity *rolls eyes* there’s no one way to do things and often what you thought was enough isn’t.  Also, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, but the entity’s.  For instance, I don’t feel any power from making a cross out of sage ash, but it was fairly effective against said nasty entity.  Sometimes we have to use more symbolic methods because of the belief structure of what we’re dealing with.

    Now, the good thing is that most of the time the things that are annoying are just simple earth bound spirits that are curious or bored.  Even when things are more negative the key is to not succumb to fear.  The more time we spend meditating and finding our centers, working on our own inner darkness, the easier it is to respond objectively to any situation and not allow fear to fuel the situation. 

    Unfortunately, there are very dangerous things out there, human and otherwise.  We had a problem a few years back with a local group of psychic vampires that did a number on Carrie because she was the brightest thing in the area.  My shields couldn’t fully protect her, though they did slow them down quite a bit.  But my shield was only effective at all because I had worked on it and practiced it from time to time.  In that case, and with the ‘demon’ type, it was our spirit guides and other high level spirits that had to take care of it.  So take care to not ignore and discount spiritual beings, they can be quite handy ;-)


    Oh, and if anyone ends up in a situation where they think they may have some negative entities causing trouble, please contact someone here.  There are people who can figure out if it’s external or internal and give you advice on how to deal with it.  Don’t just try to ignore it and hope it goes away.  Heck, plenty of times we externalize what are really internal issues and end up trying to clear an area when it’s really time to do internal work.  Just something to keep in mind.

    Kol Drake

    I have given some advice to others but I think I was giving out concepts and techniques more suited to the intermediate and advanced practitioner of conscious energy control.

    Here is some info more suited for ‘beginners’… but can be used for many situations below the level of intentional attacks by people or entities.  Here are some ideas from my friend, Mike, over at Magick of Thought


    The way I posted before (beyond bubbles) about — tracing links and connections and learning how to cap them without cutting them was more in line with ‘real time’ offensive action during intentional attacks.    So, let’s look at this as more of a ‘beginner shield program’…

    Understanding how shielding prevents energy in the area from affecting you lets you make better shielding.

    A buddy online calls “…visualizing a bubble of energy around you…” — like heating your house without closing your front door while you cook [food] in bear country.  Basically, you are still letting outside energy in, and you are broadcasting yourself to aggressive spirits.

    Here is what you need to know about how to shield yourself right, with example visualizations. This one is for anyone starting with energy meditation.

    You need shielding, not just energy, to protect yourself.

    You really only need to block unfocused energy from untrained people, rather than attacks from spirit.  (random energy, brain dribble and unconscious linking connections are about 80-90% of most ‘noise’ and problems.)

    Here is a simpler method then the tracing of links and capping of nodes and such I posted before.    It will not stop a trained mage or spirit but,  it will help against untrained energy drainers* and the overload you can get from ambient energy in the area.

    ……. ……. *  [Some call those “psychic vampires.”  Perhaps a name too flashy for such basic magick.]

    Why Energy Bothers You
    Energy moves like heat, flowing from hot (lots of energy) to cold (little energy).  But it is not that simple.
    Heat is monolithic, while energy has different types (called signatures).

    Building a lot of energy with one signature won’t prevent energy with another signature from entering you.  If your body has energy with signature A, and the area around you has energy with signature B, you will radiate your energy A and absorb the ambient energy B of the area.

    Nerves, in particular, are sensitive to energy signatures.  Absorbing the area’s energy B will change the state of your nerves, leading to headaches, fatigue, and other problems.

    You can absorb energy B but resist the changes by flooding yourself with energy A.  But that’s like pouring water into a bucket that has a hole in the bottom.  You should really plug the hole first by limiting how much of energy B can enter you.

    Avoiding Unwanted Attention
    As a beginner, you will want to go unnoticed by spirits who want to drain your energy.  Being a subdued, non 1000 watt energy Jedi is much easier than fighting all those energy hungry sorts off.

    Countering the effects of the area’s energy by flooding yourself with energy will also push that energy into the area.  This is very noticeable to draining spirits, and will probably lead to more problems for you.

    You can avoid this by closing your connections before balancing your energy.

    Two Goals
      1. Block most energy
      2. Counter the energy that gets in

    Like keeping your house warm in the winter, you use insulation to keep most of the cold out, and you use a furnace to counter drafts and the natural loss of heat through your walls.

    You block energy by closing your connections.  Both connections you intentionally make and connections that are passively open by default.

    You counter energy that gets in by building your own energy, in your own signature, to keep your body in its normal state.  You might also dissolving energy that enters you.

    See “Example Visualizations” below for some ideas on how.

    What About Grounding?
    I harp on grounding and balance and centering and breathing alot.
    That is me.. nag nag nag.

    Grounding is releasing energy from your body back into the environment by opening your connections and letting energy flow freely.  It is a common way to handle having too much energy. Grounding works well if you caused the overload by building too much energy in yourself.  Like opening a window after a hot day to let the cool night air in.

    But grounding will not help if the energy in the area is the problem.  You will just let more energy in.  Do NOT ground until you are out of the situation that is overloading you.

    Some energy workers may find their grounding visualization helps in all situations.

    Remember, visualizations just communicate intent to your unconscious.  Through practice, your unconscious can learn that visualization means  “normalize my energy,” and figure out the right way to handle it in different situations.  But you’ll have success faster by using visualizations more aligned with what your unconscious mind actually
    needs to do.

    Example Visualizations

    Here are some example visualizations drawn from what I used to do, from adapting what I do now, and from friends.

    Feel free to use them, change them, or throw them out.  Remember, visualizations are not what’s actually happening.  They are just a way to communicate intent to your unconscious.

    At first, practice at home when you can focus.  Once that becomes comfortable, practice using them when you’re out and feel energy bothering you.

    Closing Connections (Insulating Yourself)

    *  Imagine connections as very fine tubes, like hollow hair, poking out of pores in your skin.  Imagine pulling the hairs back inside you, and each pore closing.

    *  Imagine a geodesic dome made of triangles, with some triangles open.  Close them.

    Resisting Energy (Heating the House)

    *  Imagine a small glow inside you, just enough to make your body glow faintly.  If you feel outside energy bothering you, imagine that as a different color, and imagine your energy pushing it out, dissolving it, or eating it like Pacman.

    *  Imagine a dim light coming from inside your geodesic dome, doing the same things.

    Avoid visualizing bright lights or the light extending outside you (or whatever symbolizes you, like the dome).  Too much energy of any type will give you a headache.  Sending energy out will broadcast you to energy draining spirits.  Your shield is only intended to stop ambient energy from untrained people, not a hungry spirit.

    If you get a headache, ground (release the energy).  If you are in an area with energy you need to shield against, only open your shield a bit (a few pores, or one triangle) so you don’t flood yourself with the area’s energy, or the area with yours.

    Retracting Connections (Maintaining Insulation)

    Every time you connect to something, withdraw the connection when you are done.

    Reverse the visualization you used to make the connection.  Otherwise, your connections are hanging out in the world, leaving openings in your shielding and inviting spirits to trace the connection back to you.


    For beginners, do as the folks here advise and start with ‘the basic bubble’.
    If you feel adverturesome OR are still having issues of empathic overloads, feeling drained, etc. — go ahead and work with these.
    Be advised… you really need to work on your energy meditations and energy body work so you are best able to work with these techniques.


    Thumbs up for all these past few posts.  Kol, I read the material you gave me and it did help a lot.  Actually it’s good to know this is the beginner material because that is what I was experiencing originally was a little concerned I was doing something wrong. 

    As far as the negative entitity: I actually think I am sensing just a collective pool of negativity from a group of people, and I am just working to keep up my shield for the time being.  Until then that is all I really can do and practice the material that Kol and Stryse are willingly handing out.

    As for an update: I’m able to feel my energy through out my body, even though its very vauge (is that the best word for it) I am working on specifying it to where I want to feel it.  Ie: instead of just saying I want to feel energy in my hands, I’m working on feeling it in my palms, fingers, joints, bones, muscles, nerves, etc.  I’m guessing this is what is helping me lead to steadying my own energy. 

    And as Jax pointed out, fortunately I do have several spirit guides who are helping me through all these processes and ones that I have worked closely with in the past, so they are on guard for whatever this “change” is or entity I’m feeling. 



    Quick note to clarify my statement of psychic vamps based on Kol’s statement: we were dealing with trained and experienced vamps, who were intentionally targeting Carrie and did so on multiple occasions before they met with rather grave consequences.  They were reminded that an energy injury really does damage the physical body.  I don’t have ill will toward the unintentional drainers and wouldn’t call them vamps either since there isn’t intent.  Besides, they call themselves vamps (the trained ones that is) so it seems to be a term most agree on.

    But that brings up another reason for doing all this that may not be stated explicitly enough: this is about your health on all levels, including physical.  We all wash our hands at some point to avoid getting sick from germs, think of shielding as hand washing for your energy body.  It keeps us from getting an energy cold. ;-)

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