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    Kol Drake

    MIGHT be something with IE.  I read some posts on Facebook where folks who had upgraded to IE9 were having troubles in FB.
    I have pretty much always used Mac’s Safari and more the last couple of years, Firefox…. so perhaps it’s the browser more then the server?


    Well – the computer I type on here at work is less than a month old – and has the latest IE. 

    It’s been years now – it’s not something that can’t be overcome – although it may be off-putting to newbies.  Maybe post that those who use IE may experience the bouncing page.

    Lots of glitchy sites in the Jedi Community – I think we’re getting used to it. ;D

    I am writing this as per Jax’ request about the “bouncing page” after about 4 short paragraphs I experience on this site.  I use about 4 different computers around and all do the same.  Styrse I believe said he experienced the same.

    Yes, although I haven’t experienced it in awhile.  I was also leaning on it being a browser issue.    The computer I’m on now hasn’t experienced this issue, and is a WinXP/IE7 configuration.

    I think it was IE8, at the time, that was giving me more grief when hitting the site from my other PC.    I can’t recall having the problem since updating to IE9’s final release.    One thing users might try on the IE8 or greater versions is toggling the compatiblitity mode of the browser to see if that clears it up.   


    Firefox here and no problems, other than the site being slow at loading and refreshing.

    Oh wait… “Post” button just dodged the cursor click.


    The loading time is a server issue that they’re constantly addressing. Problem is that attacks hit many different sites so it probably rotates around.  They’re working on it though. 


    Right… now I get it.  :)


    The jumping around, not sure if I completely understand it is more browser related. The problem with coding is taking into account all the different browsers, a lot of open source software like this one for example is free so it is definitely not bug free, pretty close but does have its moments. The reason you see so many glitchy sites in the community is almost everyone is using open source software because it’s free. Most bigger sites, big community sites have a team of coders that are paid really well and if there are glitches they will be fixed immediately by people that know the code inside and out because they wrote it. Open source has really become quite good but as with everything that is free, can sometimes make things interesting..lol.

    As far as the server, this site is on what is called a shared server. There could be 100 accounts on this one server with a couple of hundred websites, all using the same box. If even one site gets compromised in just the right way it can really screw everyone else over pretty badly.


    I have also checked the bouncing page issues on Windows 98 in IE, on Windows XP for opera, chrome, firefox, and IE and on a mac with chrome, safari, and firefox. It worked without any issue and I was typing some massive test posts with lots of paragraphs. I am really thinking it’s more of a specific browser issue, I will double check it on another computer at work tomorrow as this was only on 3 of my home computers that I use for fully testing websites for compatibility. Usually if it is a website issue I can replicate on one of my computers/browsers.


    Bouncing issue…

    I think its an IE8 issue with compatibiliy settings enabled.

    The PC I am working on today was recently reimaged and I have a WinXP/IE8 configuration now.  Since it was my first time with the browser, I got asked whehter or not to turn compatibility settings on for “older websites to look better.”    whatever that means.

    I’ve encountered the bouncing issue twice now, and the last time wasn’t even that long of a post… just as soon as it grew beyond the confines of the textbox here, when the scoll-bar enables.

    Definitely a client-side issue, this bouncing thing.

    Since it works for me fine with IE7 (which my previous work PC had…) I’m fairly certain its the compatibility mode features that are causing the grief.    toggling it didn’t seem to help me though.

    Its also not a consistent occurance, as this post just exceeded the initial space allotted, the scoll bar turned on… and no bouncing.


    Okay – I changed to the “older site” compatibility view on my Windows7 IE 8 laptop at work.





    It works!  The cursor pulses more than blinks so I can tell I’m past the FREAKY point.  Thanks Styrse!  (And everyone else!!!)


Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 21 total)

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