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        The most interesting thing happened to me last night. I used to be into self-awareness and being connected with the life-force and all that is around me but for the past 6 months or so I had forgotten about it. I came back in search of more and found this academy. Anyway, I started remembering things I had learned before, and this happened:
        Last night I dreamed, (dreamt?) that my ex-girlfriend, whom I have not talked to for months, called me and wanted to get back together. In my dream she explained that she couldn’t believe what we had thrown away and wanted it back. I awoke that morning to find my cell phone with 2 new text messages, a missed call, and a voicemail all from my ex-girlfriend. At first I assumed that I had heard my phone go off at night and subconciously peiced it together but I then checked and confirmed that my phone had been on silent (as in silent not vibrate no noise at all).
        Of course the messages were not identical, but similar to what she had said in the dream. Anyway, I was just wondering if you all think this was perhaps a product of re-establishing my connection with the life-force?

    Do you think sensing future events is possible? Experiences? Though it would be interesting to ask…


    In my opinion, sensing the future is plausible.  However, the closest thing I have to that is having De Javu.  So it can vary I guess.  I mean maybe the Force spoke to you in a dream.  Sometimes my subconcious thoughts seem to become un-subconcsioius and I just think things are going to happen and they do…so yeah, its plausible



    Another thing to consider is that she was putting her desires out there so strongly that you received her intent through the force.  All you needed to do was be open and accepting of that message, which you were in your sleep.  :-)


    I am certainly convinced that it is possible to sense the future. The most dramatic experience was when someone told when and that I was going to have a daughter. There are moments where I myself have felt that something particular was going to happen (outside my power of influence) eg. that some one particular is coming… and that a should take a particular course of action. The majority of of times I was proved right. Only when I started to think about it did I become confused or do the wrong thing.


    You know why it is possible for us to know the future, or at least sense future situations? Because all time is now. If we just take the time to feel the Force, we can know all sorts of things that will happen. The Akashic Records, as some call them, house all of our life stories, events, and happenings. We can access these at any time. Meditation is usually the easiest way, but we CAN do it at any time. We already know what is going to happen because we are connected to everything and everyone else through the Force. We are all ONE, but choose to separate ourselves into the delusion that we are somehow alone. For me, I have found that I shut myself off from knowing the future, most of the time, because I don’t want to know what will happen. It will cause me to act differently from how I normally would, and will only serve to cause more problems as well as impede my growth. After all, changes and events, no matter how painful, are there to teach us. So, anyways, that’s my comment for the day.  :wookie


    One that is important to realize about the future is that it’s always in motion.  What you see, if you see the future, is usually the most probable future.  This is based on the decisions that have been made previously, and where you are heading if you continue to make similar decisions.  That means if you get a glimpse of the future and you don’t like it, you should look at what decisions you have been making and see how you can change the direction you’re going. 

    The mistake most people make is that they think the future is set in stone.  Then they react emotionally, adding even more energy to the thing they don’t want to happen.  It’s the exact wrong thing to do because it only increases the likelihood of the future that you don’t want to happen, happens. 


    There is another problem with predicting the future, and that is having fear inhibit the talent. I have had two precognitive events, both just a few days before the person in the event died. The first time was when I was only about 13, and related to my grandmothers death. This was a clairaudient event where I clearly heard a voice (it sounded like my voice) tell me that I would wear the dress I had just bought and was showing to my grandmother to her funeral. My grandparents were living with my mother and I at that time. I don’t remember exactly when it was that she died, but I bought the dress after Christmas and was still having school summer holidays (being in Australia these are of course in Dec-Feb) so it would have been no more that 2-3 weeks after. I was really still a child at that time, and this didn’t effect me too badly.

    The second was a dream. I had an Uncle in hospital recovering from an aneurisym (broken blood vessel in his brain) and he was getting better. Then, a Friday a couple of weeks after he had his first attack I had an extremely brief, extremely vivid dream of my grandfather sitting down slowly on a bench in a hospital hallway, looking shocked. I told a friend of mine about the dream on the Saturday and we had a good laugh. Then I got home from University on the Monday and not long afterwards had a call from my Aunt telling my Uncle had died of a second aneurisym that morning. My grandpa had gone to the hospital to visit him and had been informed of his passing when he had arrived.

    I was only 19, and had been very close to my Uncle. I broke down at his funeral because I felt very, very guilty, like if I’d warned someone he would have survived or something. I’m older and wiser now, and know better, but I think that I must have shut down whatever talents I may have possessed, and I am indeed still struggling somewhat to ‘open up’ again fully. It was fear that has inhibited me, and fear of the future, if we see it, is something that will need to be dealt with if you see something that you are unprepared for.




    I know how you feel, having gone through similar circumstances, but I have found that if you put a request in to the Universe/God/Spirit Guides/etc., and ask that you are informed of only those things that you can affect in a positive way, then it makes it a whole lot easier.


    imho since the future is “always in motion”
    that can make it hard to predict sometimes …
    since events of history and present can have an effect on the future …

    can it ever be predicted?

    yes, I believe so, sometimes with success …

    sometimes events change it so sometimes w/o success …


    looking at the future is like looking at a pond with ripples in it.  each action we take creates a ripple, our actions can interact with other actions in the pond and either create bigger ripples, cancel out the ripples or have no significant effect.  Even our thoughts create ripples in that pond and can affect others even though we physically say nothing.  Intuition, empathy, precognition etc are all ways of describing what we perceive when we see something with our minds before it happens. The information is there all around us, but we must allow ourselves to still the mind long enough to allow the information to flow freely.  That is why it is easier to see things in dreams, because our barriers are at their lowest.

    The conscious mind fools us with wants needs desires and fears whether our own or other peoples projections onto us that we take in as our own.  “unlearn what you have learned” is about letting go of that mental crap and allowing the knowledge to flow through you freely.  An example: I ride a motorcycle everywhere and therefore must plug into the Force to know where every driver is and what they are going to do before they do it.  For the most part it works great, but the other day I was in a hurry, twice before that day  I had flashes of cops & speed traps and slowed down in time, but this time ignored it as “fearful imagination” because I really needed to get where I was going.  Now I have a ticket because I ignored what was right there for me to see.  Most people get these glimpses all the time but ignore them far more often.  Trust that you know what you know even when it comes from the inside, especially when it comes from the inside because that is when you’re studying is starting to click.

    Also as a person who lives chronic deja vu I don’t take such visions literally, but as possible choices that must be made.  I see it as a challenge being offered up by the universe to “choose wisely” because if I don’t it may affect things poorly. If I accept the visions at face value then I am more than likely going to do something wrong.  I differentiate deja vu as something that Is weeks or months in advance instead of minutes in advance and are usually bigger issues at sake while the quick visions are immediate minor things that could turn major nuisannces if not dealt with.  Such as a speeding ticket that was easily avoided.

    I hope this rambling helped someone to understand visions, precognition or deja vu or whatever you want to call it.

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