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    faris najib


    I was wondering if the Jedi Path is a Secret Life to others as well. Regretably, being a Jedi is not really a main stream religion. I believe that many people would ridicule those of us on the Path. Do others also feel this need to stay “underground” and not profess their belief?

    I think this is something that for too long is evaded and misrepresented in discussions. We often do not want to seem to be “weak” and “afraid” to say that we do not openly acknowledge that we are Jedi and a part of an on-line community due to the fear of being stigmatized as a “trekkie” or other sci-fi fanatic.

    Honestly, I will often times evade the question with an evasive answer such as ” I am not really a practicing Catholic” or “I have a Eastern Philosophical view of the world”. None of these really captures my walk on the Path of the Force.

    Please, I look forward to hearing others comments on this as well as their thoughts. If someone were to walk up to you on the street and ask you your religion, who would say “I am a Jedi” without reservation?


    No, because I am one of those painful folks who do not consider it to be a religion. To me, a religion involves acts of worship and I do not worship the force. I would say ‘no religion’ and consider this to be perfectly true.

    However, it becomes more difficult if someone asks me about my philosophical beliefs, then I usually say that I believe in the Force in a way similar to the fictional Jedi in the Star Wars movies. When asked why, it is because I find it to be an amalgam of several philosophical systems that closely align with what I have observed and come to believe about the world.


    I have to concur with Inari here, I don’t see the Jedi path as a religion, just a philosophical path. So when asked your question, I respond with, ” I’m not religious, but I am spiritual”. As for a philosophical discussion, I usually feel someone out first, to make sure I’ll be taken seriously, before I mention anything pertaining to Jedi, Otherwise, I just describe my philosophy’s without giving them a name, or at the very least mention that they are a mix of eastern and western philosophical beliefs.

    Kate Solusar

    I view the Jedi path as both philosophy and spirtuality.  To be honest, I find “religion” to be far more negative than positive.  I was brought up Catholic, and am still nominally one for the sake of my spouse and children.  There are two sayings from that tradition that define my personal view and practice of the Jedi path.  One is from Saint Francis of Assisi, “Preach the gospel by how you live your life.  If necessary, use words.”  Then this one is from Jesus, from Matthew’s gospel, “When you pray, go into your room, and close the door, and pray to your heavenly Father in secret.”  The latter quotation is part of a much longer discourse on public practice of religion for the praise and adulation of others rather than for God.  I have come to realize that I do not need to be saved, that I am not lost, although I am a seeker.  I never liked the idea of doing good things so that you wouldn’t go to hell.  I have often wondered about people who do what is right because they anticipate being rewarded for it.  I find the Jedi path pulls no punches and makes no promises in that regard.  For me, it beats the pious pablum I’ve received from believers.

    Now in my personal life, I do not publicly declare my walk of the Jedi way.  It is for me, not for others.  If someone really cares and is interested in how I manage to live difficult circumstances without losing my mind and my center, I will tell them more.  For me, being secret is not so much about fearing the laughter and jokes of others, it is about doing the right thing because it is the right thing, not for some reward or recognition.  I have often thought of Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in his years of solitude on Tatooine as a model for my life and practice of the Jedi way.  No privilege, no official recognition, just living out his life and his mission, quietly, faithfully, known really only to the Force.

    It is interesting to me also, that because for now Jedi groups seem to function predominantly online, there is always some anonymity as a result.  I have found support, challenge, teaching, training and so much from others who are willing to share in places such as this one.  And, for now, in my own life and practice of the Jedi way, that “secret life” I lead, that will do.


    Kate Solusar :meditate


    See THIS is why I don’t like labels. 

    I, as it was earlier shared, state that I am more of a spiritualist.  I never really believed in Religion; I too was raised a Catholic.  To me, people create religions for control…but thats another story.

    However I also don’t make my life as a Jedi secret.  When in discussions with people about God, I usually say Higher Power, because that adds a sense of anonimity and a boundary that I am not fully willing to discuss my personal beliefs, but maybe for another time.

    I was going to say more, but I lost my train of thought…maybe later…

    Brandel Valico

    I all ready answered this at JEDI. So for the sack of not repeating myself here.  :noway I’ll just link it here http://thejediorg.yuku.com/topic/3889?page=-1

    The Great Hulking Scotsma

    It is more a way of life than a religion, my religion is what i worship but if you ever watched the films it was a way of life never a religion.

    Magdelene Nashira

    I’ve never hid the fact that I was a closet Jedi.  Whether I’m talking Jedi Realist or Jediist, which I think I am sort of both, either one would likely to meet with great misunderstanding and undue prejudice in the wider world.  As a matter of politeness I really don’t bring up the topic of religion with most people I meet, so the conversation rarely goes anywhere near it anyway.  What I’m starting to realize, though, is that my Jedi training is starting to effect my behavior in a way that I think people are starting to notice.  It never occurs to anyone why this is the case and they just lable me a nerd and write it off, but that’s ok. 

    shamus flameblade

    well for me it’s something in between. I have the pleasure of most of my friends and social community having “alternate” faiths so in that grouping I have no reason to hide my path and since this is the majority of my life I am out in the open. Now for the rest of my life I just refrain from broadcasting it. If asked I reveal my path to others but otherwise it is not their business. I also find it interesting how many peoples minds you can change about a subject by being a living example of it. for example one of my previous coworkers had worked with me for almost 3 years before he asked me what denomination of christianity I followed :). When I explained to him that I followed a dual path of jediism and wicca he was flabergasted and said that I didn’t act like a pagan. This lead to me being able to show him that unlike his preconceptions that those that follow another path from christianity aren’t evil just different. It was amusing to me for the next couple of months while he came to grips with this ;D Lastly I am a boy scout commissioner in our local council. as such it occassionally falls to me to do the invocation. Now as you can imagine this is a very conservative group and rather than stir unwelcome waters whose minds are not open I simply invoke using the phrase,”sacred divine in whatever form lies in each of our hearts,” so far I’ve gotten a few raised eyebrows but that is it :)


    I was asked by one of my ex inlaws on Christmas what the Jedi Religion is all about and it was interesting to see his reaction when I told him it was not a Religion at all. This man is very sarcastic and began to drill me with questions and finally gave up because I was neither intimidated nor did I show any sign of emotion while I answered.

    There are many people out there who do not understand and to me it is much more indeed: it is a way of life, a philosophy, an attitude of sorts and it has helped me understand myself much better and actually find the true me which had lain dorment for many years.

    I don’t see my existance as Jedi as a secret life but I have become to understand whom to trust and whom not when talk about it.

    Don’t ever let anything or anyone discourage you to follow your calling.

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