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    My goals are to do well in some of the events my friend and I have been planning on, the rugged maniac in November, and hopefully one of the Battlefrog races, and the Zombie run. Depending on where our funds are.

    Earlier this year we did The Spartan, Warrior dash, and the black light and color run, to which I handled…okay, but not as well as I would have liked to.

    I would also like to lose some weight.

    Monday July 18th

    Walked for 1 hour playing Pokemon Go
    21 Push-ups
    Only 10 crunches



    Tuesday August 16th

    Zombies Run!
    -Season !, Episode 8: The old mill

    30 minutes; 1.15 distance

    Fitbod Workout:
    -Dumbbell Bicep Curl
    3 Sets; 12 reps
    -Dumbbell Squat to Shoulder Press
    3 sets; 10 reps
    -Russian Twist
    3 sets; 12 reps

    30 minutes Total


    Wednesday August 17th

    Fitbod Workout
    -Dumbbell Skull Crusher
    2 sets; 15 reps
    -Dumbbell Row
    3 sets; 8 reps
    2 sets; 12 reps

    16 minutes Total

    Kol Drake

    Nice to see you are progressing in the physically in fits realm as well as working on the cerebral courses here. :)

    It’s work but in the long run… it means a healthier, happier YOU. :yoda


    Thank you, Kol.

    Yeah, I just want to improve overall and step up my game. Hopefully keep it going, but, we’ll see. :pinch: :)


    Thursday August 18th

    Fitbod Workout
    -Push Ups
    3 sets; 12 reps
    `Dumbbell squats
    4 sets; 6 reps
    3 sets; 60 seconds

    17 minutes total


    Saturday August 20th

    Fitbod Workout
    -Flutter Kicks
    3 sets;15 reps
    -Rear Delt Raise
    3 sets; 12 reps
    -Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift
    4 sets; 8 reps
    -Scissor Kicks
    3 sets; 15 reps
    -Bicycle Crunch
    3 sets; 15 reps

    30 Minutes Total



    Really messed that up, slumped into a bit of a funk, but am ready to get back on the wagon, as I am running out of time to really do my best this year at the Rugged Maniac.

    Today I did another episode of Zombies, Run! But the app did not count it, due to technical difficulties I was having with my phone, but no biggies, I have it working now. Just could not log.

    So anyways, I walked about 40 minutes. That is my epic workout of the day. :stars

    But it is still progress, and better than doing nothing. :P


    Kol Drake

    The heck with the app — it’s cool that you still went out there and did your mileage.
    (and thwarted those zombies!) Good job!


    Yeah, just sucks because I am still having issues with it, as I found today doing the same thing. Not sure what’s up, but I’ll plug my phone into the computer today or tomorrow and try to figure it out.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 23 total)

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