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    Hello fellow compatriots,

    My name is Kato Nadawein, but you can all call me Kato, surnames are stuffy, and my last name is merely a handle in this case.

    I was originally going to study at another locale, which I had originally hoped to train at 4 years ago when I was 14, but then found that they had moved here after all that time.

    I’m hoping now that I’m more mature and consecutively enrolled in college that I can finish my training/ start it and be able to call myself a fully fuctional member of the Jedi Community.

    I have yet to send in my application, but I hope to finish that when the sun rises, and I hope to find myself a student here within a few weeks time.

      :med2 Hasta and a good night to you all. :med2


    Hello and Welcome.  You know, sometimes we think that we’re ready for things when we aren’t.  But hopefully the timing is right for you now.  :-)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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