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    Beral Khan

    Rooibos Tea

    One of the things I had to do was break my caffeine habit. It was not easy and took nearly 2 months to do.  Let’s face it, herbal ‘teas’ are NOT tea and definite NOT coffee!

    However, I wanted to share with those who read my journal something I found in my journey to a land non-caffeinated: rooibos tea.

    Rooibos is also known as ‘bush tea,’ ‘red tea,’ and ‘redbush tea’ as it is made from a bush named Rooibos found in  South Africa.
    It is as popular and in some places MORE popular than regular tea in South Africa.  They even make espresso out of it!

    It has NO caffeine, no real side effects*, and is actually GOOD for you. Rooibos tea has 37 natural antioxidants, flavonoids and minerals, including an abundant amount of vitamin C. It also contains alpha-hydroxy acid, which provides nutrition to stimulate hair growth and skin cell renewal. In addition, it is a natural anti-allergy and anti-viral alternative medicine known to safely treat the following ailments: inflammation, minor aches and cramps, stomach pains and some food and respiratory allergies (it impedes the release of histamine).

    The American Botanical Council in 2003 stated that rooibos is the only natural resource that contains so many variety of antioxidants, including Nothofagin, which has proven to protect against heart disease, cancer and stroke.

    Check out http://www.ehow.com/facts_7448262_rooibos-safety.html for more information. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

    *You may experience issues such as those similar to that of drinking black tea—it has a low level of tannin, which is known to slow down the absorption of iron in consumed foods. This side effect is notable for people with iron deficiencies; they should check with a doctor before adding the tea to their daily diets.
    Also, some people who have drank non pure blends have experienced anxiety issues.  I have not as I drink the pure blends.

    I get the Store Brand or Organic types sold at our local Dillions, which may be Krogers in your area. Walmart didnt have it, or I couldn’t find it.  Its full bodied and never gets bitter no matter how long you steep the bag. Its as strong at Tea and Coffee without the downsides. :)


    Sounds good – I like Coffee and Tea – and definately on the bold side.

    Might be a good switch-up! ;D

    – Asta


    I’ll look when I go to the store again.  Maybe Carrie will enjoy it as well.  I probably shouldn’t add anything else to my system to slow absorption of iron, but maybe once I get rid of my stomach medicine I can handle it. :-)

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