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    This is going to be the place where you sign up for Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior Study Group.   I ask that everyone please post their username, means of contact(aim, email, all, or one, doesn’t matter).  Also please post if you have the book or not(a simple yes or no will do).  However I do ask that all please purchase the book, if you are unable to, please contact me.

    Now, there were a lot of detailed and lenghty responses and discussions with my first thred, so I’m expecting to see a lot of good discussion here.  

    ALSO! Kai-An will be co-moderating with me for this study group.  Kai will be a great help as we delve into studying Warrior.  

    I look forward to seeing a lot of you in my group ;D


    Name – runnergirl.89 (Bekah)
    AIM – xcgirl1989
    Email – runnergirl.tarvin@gmail.com
    Book – No (trying to get one but not sure if I’m going to be able to)


    Hey Bekah, check your library, it’s probably there.  Otherwise, as your mom if you can buy it used online where it will be much cheaper :-)


    Thank you for replying Bekah…I understand if you don’t have the book.  I would take Jax’s suggestion, or if you have any other questions, you can always contact me via AIM. 

    Ok, from here, I would like you to post a new topic, and make a creative title for your journal that you will be keeping for the remainder of the study group.  For the first entry I would like you to repost your information that you gave me here, and I would like you to give me a couple sentences about yourself( in regards to your Jedi path and such)



    Name: RedHeron (please feel free to call me “Red” unless there’s an ambiguation)

    Contact: private messaging system here goes to my email; YIM is Dasaretba and I use Trillian; I am also writing chat software if interested, though I currently have no place to host it.

    Book: Don’t have one. Flat broke. Will use Jax’s suggestion for now.


    I am in.

    Name – Intel
    AIM – none
    Email – fzemla@hotmail.com
    Book – I’ll pick it up at the store as soon as I can get there


    im in too, I guess maybe I’m a little late, hope that’s ok.
    but see this too, ok?:

    msGypsy Solo (my online jedi friends can call me
    gypsy, msGypsy, gypsy solo, or even by my real first name: Joanne.
    sometimes nearby people in town also call me Joan
    and since I had an aunt Joan who I only saw
    a couple times in my life, but she was nice and I liked her.
    so I usually don’t correct them when they call me Joan or Joanie
    so that is ok too even though not really my name.)
    (I do NOT HOWEVER want to be called Jo or Pad
    (and prefer to not be called padjk82 anymore) by anyone.
    some jerk/so called jedi I was, I thought, friends with used to call me those sometimes.)

    msgypsysolo@gmail.com ( < also google talk im chat) msn/windows im: padjk82@hotmail.com

    yahoo im: ms.gypyssolo

    07 19 2007: p.s.: book: yes, bought at a used book store
    while on mini vacation with my family and started to read the introduction.


    Alrighty…and the group grows! :D

    Ok, again, if I can have everyone create their OWN SEPERATE journals, and repost their roll call information along with a little bio( in particular about their jedi path).

    Look forward to seeing discussion 1 being posted sometime tomorrow evening.



    Nope, don’t have the book, and won’t be able too. A scanned version would be very much appreicated.

    When you say journal you mean real life or post it like someone did?


    Sarah…I will see what  I can do about the scanned version for the book.  I unfortunately DONT have a scanner.  However, for the journal I would ask that you please post a digital one like the ones posted here…in fact  I would like you to post it in this thread like the others.

    If you have any other questions, please ask…

    I’ll try to get back to you about the book.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 19 total)

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