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    Rocky Mountain Jedi

    Introductory Course – Force Exercise:  Part One – Intuitive Type

    The first part of the Force exercise has been to answer fifty questions to determine the type(s) of intuition I as a student use and feel comfortable with.  Also, this exercise has the goal of showing what areas I do not use as much and feel less comfortable with.  After answering the questions and grouping them, I came up with the following totals:

    A = 25 (physical); B = 55 (emotional); C = 41 (mental); and D = 39 (spiritual).

    Looking at the data, it appears that emotional intuition is the strongest and most comfortable form of intuition for me.  Falling back a fair distance are mental and spiritual intuition.  They appear to be fairly close in strength.  Lagging far behind the other three, physical intuition stands out as the least used form of intuition.

    After looking at this data, I read the descriptions of all four types of intuition.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the descriptions of all four, when viewed with the data in mind, were very accurate based on how I currently see myself.  The description of the emotional intuitive was “spot on” in almost all areas.  From here, my next step is to try out the meditation exercises listed for an emotional intuitive.  I will make attempts for seven days then post my feedback on the experiences.  Until then, may the Force be with you… always.

    To be continued…   :vader


    I’m pleased to hear that you feel the descriptions are accurate. It certainly seems to be an effective questionnaire in that respect. I look forward to hearing about your meditations.

    Rocky Mountain Jedi

    Introductory Course – Force Exercise:  Part Two – Meditation “The Lighthouse”

    Being identified as an emotional intuitive, my suggested meditation is “The Lighthouse.”  I have edited this post in order to update it as well as change the format a bit.  I wish to now make entries weekly so that I can condense the posts a bit.

    Week One

    For the beginning of this process, I am meditating in the same room of the house.  I am sitting in a comfortable chair.  I have taken the description of “The Lighthouse” meditation and recorded it on an old tape machine.  The recording lasts almost twenty minutes, with pauses where I feel that they are needed.  In the background I have a disc playing that has recorded ocean waves coming ashore on it.  I am also using a scent that is supposed to represent ocean mist.  The time of day I am practicing this is for twenty minutes, between 1100 and 1300 local time.

    I was able to meditate five times this week.  Overall, I found that my focus was lacking and that my mind was easily distracted.  At times I was able to silence the thoughts in my head, but I think the longest period of time may have been for a minute or so.  I feel that the first day and the fifth day were the most productive.  I did feel that I was enjoying the effort that I put in, but I cannot report of any real changes that I noticed.

    Week Two

    I have kept the same location, position, and sensory help as from week one.  I have also kept to the same length of time (20 minutes) as before.  I have also kept the same time period as week one.

    I was able to meditate four times this week.  I did try on a fifth day, but found that I was just unable to really relax and clear my mind so I ended the process after about five minutes.  I think that my body and mind are becoming more used to the routine that I have set up, so I feel that there may be a little progress there.  I have noticed also that for the last four days of the week (including days that I did not meditate), that I am spending more time thinking things through.  I do not know if I can attribute this to the meditation, or to some of the things I have been reading and thinking about during the last couple of weeks.  I have been consistently upbeat, but this could be that I am busy with my Jedi studies overall and have had no real mishaps in my personal life, not necessarily because of the meditation alone.

    Week Three

    I have kept the same location, position, and sensory help as from the first two weeks.  I have also kept to the same length of time (20 minutes) as before.  I have also kept the same time period as week one and week two.

    I only made two solid days of meditation during this week.  Things have been very hectic, and found that the extra activities seemed to produce excuses for not finding the time to meditate.  I did notice that my attitude was a bit more tense during this week, but I am not sure if that is due to a lack of meditation practice or the added load of stress involved with planning graduation details for my daughter.  I hope that the next week will produce better results.

    To be continued…

    May the Force be with you… always.   :vader

    I have taken the time to record the words in the description of “The Lighthouse” on an old cassette recorder, adding long pauses where I felt they may be needed.

    I contemplated doing that as well — the sticking point being that I found the batteries dead in my micro.  ::)  I’m interested to know how it works for you and whether you get to the point where you don’t need the audio anymore.

    Rocky Mountain Jedi

    Greetings to you Atticus, I will let you know how things progress for sure.  I am hoping that once I feel comfortable with my adjustments to time of day I meditate and my body adjustments, that I will be able to start to take away the outside stimulants.  That way, I can eventually practice meditating anywhere at anytime without needing these things!

    May the Force be with you… always.  :vader

    Rocky Mountain Jedi

    Introductory Course – Personal Training Exercise:  “Why Jedi?”

    Part 1:  Discovering the Path

    What first inspired you to seek the Jedi path in your life?

    The Jedi in the Star Wars films were what first inspired me to seek the Jedi path.  Their belief in a higher power does not come at the cost of other’s beliefs.  They hold themselves to a high moral conduct, but do not force this conduct on those who are not of their order.  They seek to constantly learn and gather knowledge, but do not hoard this knowledge for themselves only.  They seek balance in ideals, and do not reach for extremes.  They view violence as something that should only be engaged in for defense, not for attack.  And as guardians of the galaxy, they seek peace and not war.  These are the general impressions I personally gathered, and they inspired me to seek this path.

    Were there any key events around that time that caused you to seek this path?

    Near the end of the original trilogy releases, I was going through typical teenage questioning and learning.  I then had to deal with family conflict, death, and a shattering of religious faith within a two year period.  Later, at the end of the prequel trilogy release dates, I found myself a father trying to learn conflict resolution and compromise with my kids, as well as taking on the role of caretaker for elderly parents.  So I would have to say yes, there were many key events taking place at the time when I first contemplated this path as well as later when I rediscovered it.

    How did you find this training?  Have you received any other training elsewhere (online or off)?

    This is actually the start of my training.  After years of thinking I was alone I have discovered there are many communities online that are supporting members as they start or continue on this path.  I have had no training offline, unless you count parenting (and that does seem to require many of the traits/disciplines involved in the Jedi path)!

    Part 2:  The View Along the Way

    How would you define a Jedi?

    I see a Jedi as someone who is in control of themselves and disciplined in thought and action.  She is knowledgeable in the ways of the Force as well as things less spiritual and cosmic.  Jedi are constantly learning.  He does not stand in judgment of others, and is ready to defend those who are persecuted needlessly.  Jedi hold themselves to a different standard than many around them, but do not force their views on others; they lead by example.  They seek to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner and resort to fighting only when attacked, or in defense of those threatened by violence.  A Jedi looks to give of himself and to help others.  They look to gain balance of their bodies, minds, and souls; as well as bring harmony to the world around them.

    What aspects of the Jedi do you aspire to?  Or, what attributes of the Jedi do you want to incorporate into yourself?

    I seek to be in more control of my mind, body and spirit.  I hope to gain more knowledge and be able to pass it on to those in my life.  I want to learn to be more open to people and ideas.  I want to continue to be empathetic with everyone and to find new ways to help people.  In short, I want to learn and grow into a better person!

    What does it mean for you to be a Jedi in your society?

    I have always felt improvement has to start with one’s self, followed by one’s surroundings, and finally society as a whole.  To be a Jedi in America today requires that a person will strive to be responsible for their own actions and make personal decisions that at the least will not cause harm to others, or burdens for those around them.  One should strive to be a good child, sibling and parent.  Friendships should be built in a positive way, and a Jedi should attempt to be as good of an employee/employer as possible.  Always being ready and willing to assist those in need, no matter if it is simple or complex should be an attitude that a Jedi carries towards family, friends, and strangers.  Listening and learning from others as well as exercising one’s rights and responsibilities as a citizen help to make a community stronger.

    Part Three:  Looking Forward

    What are your goals in your Jedi training for the next 3 months?  The next 6 months?  The next year?

    Goals in the next 3 months:  To read through all of the wonderful posts on the site, as well as training blogs.  This will give me a chance to learn more about everyone here.  Also, many great ideas and points of view are there for the taking!  I also seek to start and work on meditation.  I think that given time, I will be able to gain great benefits from the practice.  I also hope to start studies of chi gung.  I think that the energy gained from learning proper breathing will be a benefit to me in all areas of my life.  Being realistic, outside of these things I look forward to completing my introductory course for the Institute as well as prepare a personal learning plan.

    Goals in the next 6 months:  I hope that within six months I will have been able to look through postings on as many Jedi sites as possible.  As stated before, many great ideas and points of view are out there to look through.  I hope to be able to meditate better, including being able to meditate without outside stimulus such as sound waves, scents, and recorded voice recordings.  I think that would be a wonderful point to be reaching!  At the end of six months I hope to have marked improvement in my breathing thanks to chi gung.  I also hope to have a nice routine set up with it that I can incorporate into my daily routine.  I have marked as a goal to be involved in one or two Institute classes, as available.  I also plan to be on target, or even ahead, of my PLP.

    Goals in the next year:  In general, I hope to have a decent grasp of the Jedi communities that I am able to find online and even offline if possible.  I hope to have established relationships with Jedi in the Institute as well as outside of it.  I desire to be well on my way, so to speak, with both my meditation and chi gung.  If my health allows me, I may even look into other training.  As progress allows, it would be great to be finished with one or more classes and working on other classes the Institute offers!  I hope to be a better person one year from now; more in control of my body, mind, and soul.  I hope to be a wiser person, a better son, and a better father.

    What do you anticipate will be your biggest challenge to reaching these goals?  For instance, do you have time constraints, family responsibilities, or health problems?

    There are only two situations that may arise that could cause challenges for me in regards to reaching these goals.  The first is health related.  I discovered three years ago that I am a type II diabetic.  I discovered this because I developed a foot ulcer that destroyed part of my right foot.  As it stands right now (pun intended :P ) I am limited with what I can do because of my foot.  If it were to get worse, or if I was finally able to get the surgery needed for a partial or even full amputation, I may have to put some things off until the situation improved.  The second issue would be family responsibilities.  I am the primary caregiver of my elderly mother, who has serious health issues of her own.  I have to make sure that I prioritize her above many things, as I am her lifeline so to speak.  I also have two children:  one 18, the other 12.  One of the things that I have worked hard on for the greater part of the last two decades is being a good parent.  I do not see any problems with this at this time, but life has taught me that things can change in the blink of an eye.  So being realistic, there is always a chance something could come about with my children that would take time away from me.  Outside of these two issues, I do not think there would be much standing in the way of progress towards these goals.

    Final Thoughts:  As I sit here looking at the things I have written, some things do come to mind about how I feel about my Jedi path.  First off, I do think that I am inspired.  After years of feeling alone on in my thoughts about Jedi spirituality, I feel very constructive about this whole process.  I already see movement forward.  Secondly, I am excited about this.  Because the process is actually taking place, I am eager to see what can be done with it.  Will there be ups and downs?  Of course, there always are on this roller coaster we call life.  But at least the ride has finally started in a way I can sense!  I do not feel overwhelmed, but anxious in some regards.  What if I run into blocks that prove too difficult in my mind to overcome?  Will my age and experiences hinder me in any way?  There is only one way to find out.  And that time is now.

    May the Force be with you… always.   :vader

    Rocky Mountain Jedi

    Introductory Course – Creed Exercise

    What are your top 3 beliefs?  Why?  How did you come to those realizations?  What was a situation where this belief was exemplified?

    Belief One:  I believe in a Source (or God, Higher Power, Spirit, or any other label a person may feel comfortable with).  Why do I believe this?  My experiences and understanding have shown me that all things in the physical universe come from something else.  How did I come to this realization?  No matter if it is animal, plant, mineral, or gas in form… there is a point in the past in which it came into existence.  And all of these things did not come into existence from nothing, but were created by an event involving the substances these things are made of.  If all things are traced back to the “beginning,” as it were, there must have still been a Source for that initial event involving those initial building blocks to create the physical existence as we know it today.  What was a situation where this belief was exemplified?  I look at my existence as a prime example.  I came into existence by a sexual act that involved a sperm and an egg.  Those involved in that creative process were also created in a similar fashion by a similar act that involved similar building blocks, and so on.  But where did this creation process start?  And Who/What started it?  The process was the “beginning” of creation, and the Who/What was the Source!

    Belief Two:  I believe that there is a part of the universe that exists outside of the physical universe.  This non-physical universe is the spiritual universe (or heaven, the great hunting ground, or any other label a person may feel comfortable with).  Why do I believe this?  I have an “awareness” that is part of me, part of who I am.  This awareness exists outside of my physical existence.  How did I come to this realization?  My awareness of my existence is part of me.  The substance of my thoughts and feelings that make me who I am are part of me.  My interpretations of the present as well as my past are part of me.  My hopes and aspirations for the future are part of me.  The content of my dreams are part of me.  These things are also unique to me as a whole, and no one else has experienced these exact things.  These things exist and help to make me who I am but do not exist in the physical universe.  They exist elsewhere.  What was a situation where this belief was exemplified?  The making of this response is an example of this belief.  My physical body had to be used to type this.  Electrical signals fired in my brain to tell my body how to move, and perhaps even the words to use.  This is also part of the physical universe.  But the content, or substance, of what I type is not part of the physical realm.  This comes from someplace else.  And although you can read this with your eyes, and your brain interprets the signal into data you read (part of the physical universe); what you absorb beyond the raw data, what you take away from this response is not part of the physical universe.  That too, comes from elsewhere.  It comes from that part of the universe that is spiritual in nature.  And just as I believe that the physical universe comes from the Source, I also believe that the non-physical universe comes from that exact same Source.

    Belief Three:   I believe that there is something that exists throughout the entire universe; binding it together.  I also believe this something connects the entire universe to the Source, and I believe that this something is the Force.  Why do I believe this?  The physical universe is organized and balanced in how it appears and acts.  And even though I personally am not aware of the same in the spiritual universe, I can infer that it works in a similar fashion.  How did I come to these realizations?  Looking at the physical universe, one can see that there are constants throughout all of it.  There are basic laws that apply throughout physical creation.  These laws govern how all of physical creation begins, exists, and ends.  These same laws also govern changes and interactions between physical things, as well as dictate how things work.  Although I am not conscience of these things in the spiritual universe, I can infer that there are also laws that regulate it in a similar way.  I believe that these laws and structures are manifestations of the Force throughout the entire universe.  And because the Force exists in both the physical and spiritual realms of the universe, it is a perfect conduit to connect the universe itself to the Source of all things.  What was a situation where this belief was exemplified?  Again, I use my existence as an example.  I was created, and currently live by the laws that apply to me as a human being.  At some point in the future I will die by these same laws.  The substance of my spiritual existence also has laws that direct it.  It is my hope that with learning and practice, I will be able to use my physical and spiritual existence to better understand the Force, find beneficial applications for it, and perhaps even connect in some small way with the Source of all things!

    May the Force be with you… always.   :vader

    Rocky Mountain Jedi

    A Side Note:

    Recently, I have purchased a used copy of “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” by Shunryu Suzuki.  I hope to be able to make time for some serious reading this week. 

    I was also able to get a Peace Lilly for my mother for Mother’s Day.  There is a motive behind the gift though.  My mother is in what the doctors describe as “end stage” C.O.P.D.  This particular plant has been described in many sources as a natural air purifier, so my intention is not only to brighten her living room, but to also to help clean the air a bit.  If she truly enjoys the plant, I plan to get a few more for her.

    May the Force be with you… always.  :vader 

    Beral Khan

    my father had copd. he was 80 years old.  it was difficult those last months.  you two have my thoughts.

    Rocky Mountain Jedi

    Thank you for your positive thoughts Beral Khan.  My mother is 68, and it has been rough watching her deteriorate over the past decade.  She has proven everyone wrong and been very strong.  I just do the best I can to make her comfortable.  It is a lot more work than I thought it would be; and can be very taxing mentally and emotionally at times. 

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