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    David Pierce

      Hello, I have decided to continue with my studies, and thought it would be a good idea to reintroduce myself.  My name is David Pierce, I live in Santa Barbara.  I studied here and elsewhere for approximately 2 years.  It was more of a whirlwind of discovery and bleeding Bleeding Deacon-ism then study if truth be told.  Though I did learn alot about what can be accomplished and much about myself.  During those 2 years I was living in Sacramento and at the end I moved back down to Santa Barbara.  I told myself that I would take up my studies again and continue meditating once I was settled.  Well again if truth where told I would have to say that I was in a living situation where I could not study or meditate without being observed.  Turns out I shy away from being observed.  The fact is that I have not meditated or in any great way continued to actively learn about myself or the force since I moved back to Santa Barbara.  Its been over a year now and I feel quite delinquent.  Not to mention that I got a glimpse of what living a controlled and mindful life can be like, and I miss that in comparison to the hustle and bustle of just go about your business life.  So there you have it, I am going to start reading the intro manual tonight.  My thanks to Jax and Inari and the rest of the faculty for keeping this great place up and running.

    Kol Drake

    Hey, welcome back David!

    Falling off the ‘trail’ is not a crime here.
    Just glad you found your way back so you can enjoy the benefits of the forum, group, and collective craziness.   ;D


    Welcome back! Most people take time away at some point.  What matters is that you return.  :-)

    David Pierce

    Thanks for the warm re-welcome :)


    Good to see you again!

    A lot of people are returning here and there…  ;)

    – Asta


    Welcome back David!


    David Pierce

      I am in Maui, Hawaii for a few months.  If there are any Jedi here that would like to get together I would like to hear from you.  Perhaps a nice meditation spot, some Jedi philosophy discussion, or just a meet and greet.
      I look forward to broadening my perspective with your insight.  Mahalo, and may the Force be your ally.


    Aloha kaua!  I was just in Maui for a vacation.  Where in Maui are you?


    Oh god I LOVE MAUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! ( I took my family there for Christmas the year I got back from Iraq, it’s the only other Hawaiian Island I’ve been to other than Oahu.)

    I’d come out there to see you…but I’m kind of pregnant and about to enter my third trimester. :/

    Totally take photos, enjoy your time there, and see about going on a Whale Watching tour (if you are out there for the season).  Man I envy you!

    Zen-Ryo: Where are your photos? :D

    (*sniffles* I lost most of mine when my external gave out on me)

    Zen-Ryo: Where are your photos? :D

    I’m not sure how to share them.  I guess I’ll just attach a few here…

    Here’s a picture of the rainbow that welcomed me to Maui and a pitcure of Haleakala (where the god Maui captured the sun) taken from near Olowalu.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)

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