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    Workouts for April 17-23:
    4/19 – Turbo Fire Low HIIT 20
    4/20 – Weed pulling in the garden

    4/25/16 – Measurements
    Weight – 137 lbs
    Body Fat – 29%
    Lean Mass – 97.27 lbs
    Neck -13 in
    L.Bicep – 10.5 in
    R.Bicep – 10.5 in
    Chest – 37 in
    Waist – 33 in
    Hips – 38 in
    L.Thigh – 21 in
    R. Thigh – 20.5 in
    L. Calve – 13 in
    R. Calve – 13 in


    nudge :-)


    Working on my nutrition by using the 21 Day Fix nutrition/meal plan as a guide. It’s a great way to watch my portions and make sure I eat a balanced (well rounded) diet. I’m also using the PiYo workouts to help strengthen and stretch my muscles. Once my body starts feeling stronger I’ll think about adding running back into the mix. This week is all about cleaning and organizing the kitchen and meal prep/planning. That way I’ll have healthy snacks and “fast food” meals ready for the next week/month. I’m also looking into what instructor level health/fitness class I should take this year. It’s between Women’s Fitness, Nutrition for Fitness, Special Populations, Behavior Modification for Fitness. All are really interesting classes and could offer insight about/to those I work with.


    5/15 – Food prep
    5/18 – 1.9 miles…for the first run of “Couch to 5k”. I like the 1 min run 1:30 min walk idea. At least while I get back into the swing of running.
    Current Fitness Hashtags – ‪#‎BekahBooFitness‬ ‪#‎IronManMaybe‬? ‪#‎TrainingForMyFirstTriSprint‬ ‪#‎SlowButSteady‬ #JustKeepRunning #PiYoLove
    5/20 – 1.83 miles
    5/22 – Food prep
    5/23 – 1.9 miles and not nearly in as much pain with this plan as I was with the beginners Nike 5k plan. #Week1Done
    5/26 – 2.19 miles #Week2
    5/28 – Running and worship music is a great start to my weekend.
    5/29 – Food Prep


    I decided to add running back into the mix but instead of using the Nike Beginners program I went with the couch to 5k program. Not only do I have friends that use it and Jax used and recommended it more than once to me but I know the founder of Vandersoft Athletics and voice behind the app. So on days that I run I foam roll before and after each run and before bed. On days that I cross train or use PiYo I foam roll after the workout and before bed.


    5/30 – 2.3 miles, end of the second week
    5/31 – PiYo lower body…it really helped stretch out my legs and back. I love pigeon pose.
    6/1 – 1.98 miles ….was a shorter workout but I seem to be adjusting well and ended up doing a good clip and good distance all the same.
    6/4 – 2.05 miles…had a weekend reward of donuts and coffee. It helps me stay sane nutrition wise if I keep to the 80/20 rule. Meaning for every 10 days I get two days to have one splurge on each of those two days. Plus I get a tsp of dark chocolate chips after dinner each night. Keeps me from being really good with my nutrition/diet choices for a week or so and then going off the wagon for three.

    *Foam rolling, stretching and PiYo has really helped cut down on the amount of leg/hip/lower back pain I have normally after workouts like this. When it does flare up I use a lotion that helps my muscles relax along with pain meds when needed.


    Well done. In Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour body he talks about having the one cheat day a week. By eating a bunch of calories (still following some rules though) you keep the body from going into starvation mode. It’s worth the read if you haven’t read it already.


    I haven’t but I’ll look into it.

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