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    Brandel Valico
    why did you decide to train as a Jedi, and what do you see as the end result of that training? What do you want from it?

    My reason for deciding to do so is of no real importance anymore. Suffice it to say that events occurred that made me re-read the few books out at the time and realize in doing so that this path was the correct one for me to follow.

    The end result of training for me is that simply put. I will eventually cease to exist and thus no longer do so. My goals however for doing so are to someday learn enough that I will be able to maintain the proper mindset and presence all the time no matter what.

    As for what I want from it. In all honesty I want nothing from it. As I all ready have what I need from it. To want is to feel that there is something not there. I don’t. I feel all I need from it is there. I simply have yet to understand it all.


    Mostly I’m here so I can have the benefit of having others to walk with on my journey and to learn and be exposed to more ideas and people than I can access where I live. So I guess I’m using the Academy as a resource library at the moment and finding it wonderfully helpful.
    In the end, aren’t we all solo learners? It would be easy to have rules and requirements if we were studying together offline. But as we are virtual, we just have to trust that we’re all in this for similar reasons.
    A wise person once said, “The ways are many, but the Light is One.” Not everyone has a midichlorian count of over 20,000 ;D, so we all perceive the Force in a similar fashion, but not in the same way. And we all have our own ideas of what we feel a Jedi should know. The folks who set the Academy up had/have a structure in mind for educating Jedi. I’ve only been here one term, but I haven’t seen anything that says this should be the absolute authority in Jedi studies–and I don’t think that was the original intent (do let me know if I’m wrong).

    Just to get this discussion a little more grounded in canon, here’s a passage from the Episode I novelization that I think bears contemplating:

    “The Jedi Knights were peacemakers, that was the nature of their order and the dictate of their creed. For thousands of years they had served the Republic, a constant source of stability and order in a changing universe. Founded as a theological and philosophical study group so far back that its origins were the stuff of myths, the Jedi had only gradually become aware of the presence of the Force. Years had been spent in its study, in contemplation of its meaning, in mastery of its power. Slowly the order had evolved, abandoning its practice of and belief in a life of isolated meditation in favor of a more outward-looking commitment to social responsibility. Understanding the Force sufficiently to master its power required more than private study. It required service to the greater community and implementation of a system of laws that would guarantee justice for all. The battle was not yet won. It probably would never be. But the Jedi Knights would not see it lost for lack of their trying.”




    What are my goals? What do I see as the end result? Why did I choose the path of the Jedi?
    These are all good questions and many more were brought up in replies. to start is difficult, so bare with me as I wander.

    Jedi is not a religion it is a philosophy, granted if you look back far enough with any religion it starts out with one person or group teaching a philosophy, jesus, budda, confusious. these are all great men who had a message to teach, be more, feel more, help. In my early years I too sought occult teaching’s because the hypocrisy that is religion lost my beliefs. The basic tenants where there but the follow through was missing. This lead me to seek my own truths. during this search I found many religions were the same, just the names had changed, the only thing to separate them was the belief that they were right and everyone else was wrong. It was at this time that I took a philosophy class and changed my outlook. The Belief in bettering oneself and making life better by helping others always seemed altruistic to others around me, but at the end of the day I slept fine. During all this time, I claimed to be a Dabblist, I dabbled in this, I dabbled in that, owing nothing to any one religion. Through out all of this I was on my path, I learned to stop lying to myself, I still do a little, but I am usually able to catch myself, I started taking responsibility for myself in all that I did, and I stopped worrying about what others thought. I no longer felt the need to impress anybody. Now don’t take this wrong, I didn’t start being stupid, I took care of myself, and tried to use tact when needed, but when a truth needed told, I let it out there. It was about this time that I started to Beta test an online game, Star Wars Galaxies, understand I’ve always been a big Star Wars fan, but doing this just brought out the Geek in me. So while at work I started looking at Star Wars stuff, and came across Jediism. It was intriguing, people trying to start a religion base around Star Wars, I though to myself, “Uber Geeks”, and just read on, bouncing from site to site looking at all that had been done. Then I started coming across sites that were talking about being a Jedi as more of a Philosophy, and while reading some stuff on the old Academy Site it hit me, this is what I am, this is the path that I have been following. Thus the reason I joined. After a little while, for reasons I don’t want to go into here, I left. I am back now because I see that this is on the right track once again, at least for me.

    What do I see as my end goal here? Growth. Personal and society. Everything has to start somewhere, and I believe this is something that can make it, as long as there is new blood brought in, and efforts extended to show its not just about being a geek. This movement is in its infancy, so that fact that things are still being defined and debated don’t bother me. Its the openness and ability to grow that fills me with hope for the Jedi. Everything has to start somewhere. So I guess I’m saying my goal is to help this grow.

    What do I want out of this? Personal growth. You can give me a title all you want, that doesn’t change who I am, a title is just another name, father, brother, son, Specialist, what have you. It doesn’t change who I am, it just helps to define me to someone else. A title is worthless as the piece of paper you’re given when you graduate. it may help you impress someone, but it won’t help you eat or make you a different person.

    The end result I want is Growth for All.

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