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    One-Winged Angel

    I registered here and posted an introduction about a year ago, and shortly thereafter just “dropped” off from existence. I figured a re-re-introduction was in order.

    I operate here, at IJRS, under the handle “One-Winged Angel”. You all may call me Christopher, if you wish, as that’s my actual name, as well as the name I most commonly use on forums throughout the Jedi Community. I have previously operated under the handles of “Azur–Jamin” and “Daye”, at various times and between various organizations related to Jedi Realism.

    I am (at time of posting) twenty four years of age, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. By occupation, I am a DJ, Producer, and Remix Artist of various genres of Electronic Dance Music. “One-Winged Angel” is my artist name, and is a reference to a congenital condition: I was born without a left hand.

    I’m recently married to a woman who has a four year-old daughter from a previous marriage, and who just gave birth to my firstborn child: a son, born December 9, 2010.

    I have been a participant in the Jedi Community as a whole for about a decade now. I first stumbled onto this path with the original Jediism – The Jedi Religion organization, which should not be confused by the dozens of groups that now lay claim to that name. There I was, after a few years, recognized as a Jedi Knight, and awarded that title.

    Following the dissolution of Jediism which occurred – I think – in 2006ish, I moved from group to group, many of which are now defunct: Force Academy, JEDI, Sithism, United Jedi Order (where I served as the instructor of a general “Survivalism” course), Unified Jedi Academy (which has suffered periods of inertia and currently functions as Jedi Realism, which is one of my “home” groups), Jedi Resource Center, and a good number of others.

    I have spent time being mentored by Jim (jedidiahknyte) in the past, and have, in turn, served as a mentor to a couple of individuals myself – though I have no such responsibilities at present.

    I spent some time inactive in the Jedi Community, and recently made the decision to re-establish myself. Thus I am here (as well as elsewhere in the Community, such as Jedi Realism). I recognize a few names from “the old days”, which brings much joy to my heart.

    For those who recognize them, I have studied and practiced all of the accepted Alignment of Force-following, in fair detail: Light, Dark, Sith, Grey, Shadow. The conclusion I’ve reached is similar to many others: The Force does not “take sides”, and all of this Alignment, Dark, Light nonsense is, to me, a waste of precious energy that could be spent on something more worthwhile; and of the three accepted vocations, I have long followed the path of the Jedi Mystic, which works in accordance with my Buddhist worldview.

    As concerns religious affiliations, I am a Buddhist, of general Mahayana thought. I have practiced or studied most every major (and some minor) religious movement at some point in my life, often just to satisfy curiosity.

    Politically, I am fairly Liberal in my views, but have no allegiance or affiliation with any party.

    I am a recovering drug addict, and I use my experiences there to help others deal with their own afflictions, as well as to simply teach others. I have struggled with addiction since my mid-teens, and it caused me to “grow up” much faster than I should have. My last period of inactivity within the Community, in fact, was due to my most recent relapse into active addiction which, very literally, left me at the brink of death.

    I’ve spent the past couple of years getting my life back on track, and am now capable of re-entering the Jedi Community.

    So, here I am! If you wish to know anything about me, you need only ask! I look forward to getting to know those of you that I don’t, and getting reunited with those I do.  8)


    Welcome!  I was aware of the name, but we didn’t travel the same circles so don’t really know you. But thanks to that introduction I know a lot more. :-)  If you feel drawn to it you may want to consider teaching in the future.  Another alternative is to undergo research and development or write individual informative posts to contribute to the general knowledge of the community. 

    I’m glad you survived your relapse.  Addictions are so challenging.  Yet surviving them can bring an immense amount of strength.  I look forward to discussions with you.

    One-Winged Angel

    Yours is a name I know as well, Jax. Thank you for the welcome.

    I may very well take up a teaching position in the future; it’s something I’ve always felt inclined, and even obligated to do: to share what I know with those who don’t, and want to know. However, I’ve only just taken up my Buddhist-Jedi spiritual practice again in the past few months, and I feel it’s necessary to slide back into my “niche” as a Jedi (or else, re-discover it, for it may have changed) – and, I may as well run through all the basic studies that I can to brush up on them (and, if I were to take up a teaching position, it only makes sense that I familiarize myself with curriculum, and the “way things are done around here”) –  before taking any such responsibility upon myself.

    I thank you for the offer, and in time, I’ll likely take you up on it.

    Addiction is indeed challenging; more than that, it’s brutal – and methamphetamine is the worst of the brutality. Anyone wondering about the “Dark Side” only need witness a person in the throes of active addiction; anything else one might call “Dark” is mere child’s play. In time, when I feel up to it, and where it might be most relevant and appropriate (possibly in the form of a formal lecture), I’ll write of the whole ordeal in detail which, as I mentioned earlier, very damn near annihilated me in a most literal fashion.

    One-Winged Angel
    Oh, and just to attach face to a name:
    45937_466732535774_152638150774_6989314_4105658_n.jpg 5728_101903183156154_100000094170351_57231_564322_n.jpg
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