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    Randy Morgan

    I am still in the Intro course but I have learned I am a Mental Intuitive I truly understood all the anxiety attacks and Hyper Tension (high blood pressure) I suffer from. I haven’t got past the intro course fully but I am going to practice the Bubble of Love exercise before i sleep tonight. It was very interesting to learn that being what i am is what is causing most of my Physical problems. The Anxiety attacks put me on disability. I mean it has been rough. I remember long ago a Qi Gong Master told me that ur body can’t handle too much energy at once. I was doing lot of Energy Development but not a lot of Grounding. I was told that if it gets really bad it cause all the problems I am dealing with. So I am grateful to read and learn what is happening.

    I will post again tomorrow after more reading.  :yoda I has given me much to think about  :ponder Also it helps me understand my personal battles  :fight


    Yes, grounding would be very good for you to do every day.  If you don’t find a good grounding resource, just ask.  Also, please post your work in your wordpress blog.  Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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