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    Now mostly I don’t know how to talk in a sense. These questions might seem across the board and wierd, I do try and explain myself and when I get to thinking I often go high speed and forget the details that help explain the stuff I say.  So sorry for that in advance.

    Do you walk around in life always thinking about something?

    As for me I’m generally observant to possible dangers and feelings of people. Meaning I am aware of what’s going on to a higher degree than most. Please keep in mind I’m not trying to say I’m better than anyone. Or I wonder if it could be that I focus on different things. An example would be that someone see’s a tree and I’ll see a bird or a lizard on it just depending on what’s there. So my question would be did I miss what they intened which I know to be there (the tree) or focused on something based on it being a distraction (the bird or lizard that moved)? Now I try to just focus on what’s around me and do what ever I need to.

    Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a nonthinking drone walking around. When I meditate I do focus on any questions I have and I guess plan out for lack of better words my course of action based on my “gut feelings”. I feel that I’m not particularly smart as far as book knowledge goes I just have a lot of common sense and generally go with my feelings. Mostly I’m content to just be. I don’t strive for anything and if I do, I work towards the goal. I will say I’m always at constant conflict with myself as far as things go. I worry about me not being the best I can be then on the other hand I’m happy with what I’ve become and content not to change it. I do see the flaw in my last statement.

    Any thoughts?


    I’m waaaay too tired for my mind to follow exactly what you’re asking.  If you could try to explain a little more, that would be nice.  Or, I’ll work on reading this more slowly tomorrow after a little sleep.  I think I know what you’re asking, but not quite sure yet.


    One of my truths in life is that life is preception. I understand there are as many preceptions of life as thier are people on earth. My preception is not like your own.

    I guess what I’m asking is this: What was I suppose to notice? The tree it self or my preception of the tree?

    Without knowing whether or not what exactly that person ment when they said “Look at that tree over there.” Now I understood what tree they were talking about but when I saw the tree I noticed a bird that was in the tree.

    Another parallel question is: Do I notice more than normal people would or just different things or do I concentrate on unimportant things?

    And thus you can see why I mostly be quite and learn. *L*


    Importance and lack of importance is subjective.  Nor does it matter what you do in comparison to ‘normal’ people.  It’s irrelevant.  So your last group of questions don’t matter.  Don’t worry about them.  :-) 

    Your first paragraph is something to think about.  The rightness and wrongness isn’t what’s important, but whether you are seeing the tree or your perception.  I think what you’re asking more is whether you are adding or taking away from what the tree is through your mental filters.  Because there’s no way to not perceive something.  We see with our eyes, which filters through our brains.  All of that contributes to a perception.  But the part we can actually control in some way is our mental filters and focal point.  We can’t really control what colors our eyes absorb, levels of light, etc that also contribute to perception.

    After that drawn out explanation, I have a feeling this is something you can and should answer on your own.  You’re the only person who can determine if you are filtering your perception with a bias of some sorts.  Give it a little more time to sit in your subconscious, see what pops out.  :-)


    Ok, Jax… this may be a first, so jot this down in the Academy archives.  :D

    But… I disagree with your analysis of what CHILIBO is asking.  :rofl:

    How silly can this get?

    Ok, anyway, Chilibo, I think what you are asking has more to do with if your focus is off or not… You used the description of you seeing the bird and the lizard in the tree, but not necessarily the tree, itself.

    I see like that too. I often wondered whether or not my perception was distorted, or if I was oblivious to things that seemed obvious to other people. (No comment, Alex.)

    The fact of it is this: Yes, your perception is different from most people. You see the little things, but not the big obvious tanker truck heading straight for you… instead, you see the treads in the tires of that tanker truck. You appreciate subtleties. That is not a bad thing, but you will need to learn how to see it all. I have to psychically “flip a switch” in order to see these things that others find so obvious. I had trouble with school assignments for a long time. The teacher would ask for something, and I would interpret it as them asking for something a bit more…. artistic, subliminal, etc.

    My father once said that I missed the forest for the trees. My sister added that it was because I was too busy looking at how green the leaves were, and all the birds that were sitting on the branches, and talking to all of the bugs below the trees.

    So, you see, there is nothing wrong with your focus, or your perception. You just look at things a bit differently.  :)


    This disagrees with what I said how?  lol 

    My main point, which perhaps was lost, is that there’s no right or wrong here, especially in comparison to others.  Nor is it very possible for someone else to decide if you’re focusing on the ‘wrong’ things in a situation.  But you can know if your focus is not where it belongs.  My guess is that, the more you sit with this question, the more you’ll be able to answer the questions for each situation.  Does that much make sense at least?  :-)

    But, as Icarus said, however you perceive usually, it’s valuable to learn the opposite.  For example, I tend to notice nature and details within it, while my wife tends to notice people and the details involved there.  Neither is right or wrong, we are just different people.  So, to balance she needs to learn to notice nature more, and I need to observe people better. 

    I guess my biggest concern here is that Chilibo doesn’t feel their method of perceiving is ‘wrong’, and someone else’s is ‘right’.  It isn’t easy to change how your brain works, and how we observe a situation I believe is wired in our brains.  We can rewire them, but it takes time.  How long have you been working on changing your perceptions Icarus?  If you spend all that time feeling like you’re wrong, that’s not healthy. 

    See, no disagreement.  Just a different focus.  :-) 


    ummmmmm…. ok, I thought I disagreed, but I guess now I don’t. Darn it, Jax… lemme have my fun!  :rofl:

    No, I was just thinking that Chilibo was asking something else, and you answered in a way that I agreed with, but to a different point… I guess this really is all about perception, eh?

    :rofl:  :meditate  :yoda


    lol, yeppers!  But I could always disagree if that would be more agreeable  :maul

    But then again, Chilibo could respond and give us more opportunity to disagree! :-D


    Oh my god are we supposed to be keeping ARCHIVES now???!!!! Aaarrggghhhhhh.




    Actually both of what you said (Jax and Icarus) hold some meaning to me. My only thought to Icarus is that even if I see the tread on the tires I still know to move. I don’t think I’m blind as far as that goes. I’ve thought about this and after meditating on it for a while I conclude that I want to see it all, so I force myself to look at one thing on many different levels. It’s not that I miss the general concept of what they were talking about but just for my own benefit, trying to take it all in.

    I do appreciate your thoughts and given me some insite as far as your preception of me. I thank you.

    And sorry for the late answer, I’ve had life stuff to take care of. Yeah new puppy! I don’t get that much sleep trying to take care of her and have even less me time.

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