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    Of course. I was under the mistaken understanding for some reason that this introductory stuff was of a self-motivated type of course and that an instructor would come later. I have probably gone quite farther than I should have originally.

    Kol Drake

    It is self paced (no time restrictions) and self motivated… yes.

    BUT, instructor(s) and regular forum folk can ask questions; bring forth concepts; and generally move it from ‘posting’ to discussions. We do have some people who are on a tight ‘time line’ and try to do all they can in 4-6 weeks before they dive back into their schooling/life/work, etc. We try to keep up. :D

    It does make it tougher for the instructor/mentor to address a question THEY may have — or a point they might bring up — if they have to go back to an item in line 6 of a small novella. That’s the downside of InterWebs back-and-forth rather than ‘face-to-face schooling’. We’ll work it out in the long term.

    So, it was just a suggestion.
    If you have all this ‘stuff’ inside waiting to spill out — spill.

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)

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