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    Experience has shown that a board only remains active when the leaders are active and pushing people to think and post.  This is showing itself true right now, as the faculty members have been very busy working on curriculum and other larger community issues behind the scenes.  This leaves less time for us to start discussions.

    I say this because there’s no reason for this to be the case.  There’s no reason why any student here can’t start a thread.  Are you concerned you will look foolish for asking a question?  Do you think you don’t know anything or have anything of value to share?  This is simply not true.

    Everyday life brings up situations to learn from, stimulating questions and new understanding.  Don’t just keep that in your head, share them here.  Ask the questions that have remained within your head.  Chances are many others have asked the same question.  Share a new understanding, you just might trigger understanding in another.

    This is your community.  But it only feels this way if you are involved in it.  Don’t allow fear and insecurity to quiet your voice.  This is a safe place to share.  No faculty will put you down, and anyone else who is not respectful of others will be dealt with.  So please, speak up. 


    I very much agree a leader sets the tone of any site.  If the leader grows disinterested, so do the members….

    Summertime it’s harder to log in, when there are so many outdoor activities and other distractions.  But it is nice on a quiet night to just sit by an open window and discuss the spirituality/philosophy that is the Jedi.


    But the leaders aren’t always disinterested, just incredibly busy.  Currently not only are we revising curriculum which is a very large project we’re working with other sites to address issues of online safety and such. 

    My main point is that it’s not necessary for the leaders to have to prod people to get them to discuss, this should happen freely. 


    Oh Jax…you are about the most ACTIVE Jedi around!!!  LOL!  I don’t know how you do it all! ;)


    Pure insanity or stubbornness – take your pick hahahahaha

    Jedi Lawhead

    Let’s all keep at it and perhaps we can inspire others to join in the conversation! :fight


    insanity :yoda






    All of the below…@_@ I wanted to be different…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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