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    I have had these questions on mind for a long time and now I think that it is time for them to be asked.
    First off,

    1. Can Christians become a Jedi? and if so are there things in the Jedi Path that they should not pursue?

    2. I find it hard to concentrate on meditating, how do I overcome this?

    More later perhaps

    Brandel Valico

    First let me say that this is simply my own view on your questions. I have no doubt others will fell differently.

    1) Yes Christians can become Jedi. The Jedi path is not one I consider to be a Religion but is instead a way of life. As such the two can and often times do compliment each other. I can’t really think of anything in the Jedi Path a Christian shouldn’t pursue. Unless as some do you consider it a Religious path then I could think of a few things.

    2) Stop concentrating on the act of mediating for starters. Instead concentrate on a single thought or object or action. Don’t be upset if you lose focus. Simply accept that you did and go back to focusing on the chosen focal point. An example I use alot is doing the dishes. When doing them don’t think about what you need to do later. Simply think about the act of doing the dishes nothing else.


    I’d only have to disagree with your second answer, Brandel.

    When you are meditating, I don’t think it’s always necessary to have a focus.  Sometimes, sure, if you’re trying to accomplish something.  But I rarely have a goal in mind when I meditate.  What I tend to do is allow my mind to wander.  Give it freedom to go where it pleases.  Often times you’ll find that you discover something, come up with an idea, or a question you’d like to ask.

    To create a focus is to immediately create conflict, because you have something to be distracted from.  When you let go, and not worry about what your mind does, you have freedom.


    Hey thanks for the answers!
    You were both very helprful  :yoda


    Shawn, there is nothing inherent in Christianity that goes against the Jedi path.  However, there are religions who would say you shouldn’t learn certain things.  However, the training we provide is meant to bring you closer to your soul and divinity, not farther.  This is where you see that some religions are not interested in you getting closer to your own inner wisdom and awareness of your connection to the divine, and thus they would discourage (or even ban) things like medication and energy work.  At that point you’d want to ask yourself why they would do this, and perhaps have a few conversations with someone like Angelus who spends his life working with his Church. ;-)

    As for meditation, that’s why we have an entire meditation course, to provide you with many strategies to improve your ability to meditate.  But to get you a start, here is an article about releasing thoughts that were critical for me and has helped meditation students here as well. 


    *smiles* Actually, my dogtags read “Christian Jedi” because there isn’t a denomination I can affliate myself with, and people tend to get the wrong idea of my Christian faith when I say “non-denominational”. :)

    I agree with what everyone has said in regards to meditation.  I don’t know if it’s in the material, but it also helps if you find a place where you are the most calm. :)

    Magdelene Nashira

    Hi Shawn!  Welcome to the site!

    1.  Yes a Christian can be a Jedi.  They see things a bit differently than some of the other Jedi at times, but there is nothing in the basic model of Jedi presented by Lucas that is not something a Christian can make sense of.  As far as things a Christian should not do within the Jedi, I would say that depends on the Christian.  Since the Jedi community includes people from all walks of life and discusses things that are deeper than what you would discuss in every day social conversation, you may find things that don’t rub well with your beliefs or things you disagree with.  It does require an open mind and patience with allowing other people to be who they are.  To me that is one of the things that makes it a good challenge to the Christian, though.  And you are not forced to agree with everything, but neither is anyone else forced to accept what you say.

    I have been a Christian Jedi for almost four years now and I have found it to be both a challenge and a blessing.  There are some Christians who have stayed with it, and there are others who have left as it was not to their liking.  But there is even a site for Christian Jedi at http://www.freewebs.com/christianorderofjediknights/ 

    2.  As to problems concentrating with meditation, I admit I struggle with the same thing.  I puzzled it a long time before I realized that in my case it is difficult because I have a lot of chronic pain issues in my body and when I sit still and try to calm my mind it just draws my attention to the pain.  Thus it makes it hard to do.  However, besides that issue, one thing I have found that does help is to let go of my own expectations of the meditation.  It doesn’t have to last any certain amount of time to be effective.  Anything you do will help.  I think it’s more important to establish a habit of meditation than to have any particular time limit or anything.  So what I am trying to do is just try to do the meditation, without any expectations, and just accept without judgement of myself or any other whatever happens.

    Kol Drake

    Adding my two cents (which in today’s economy is only worth… well, definitely NOT two cents!)

    1).  Being a ‘Jedi’ for most is more of a philosophy for living then a religion. So, it does not go against or take away from ANY religion one might follow, imo.

    2).  Normally, the basic ‘exercise’ is to try to pay attention to your breathing.  Slow breathes and the in and out of it.  Once you can sort of ‘focus on one thing’… then you work at ‘no things’… or one concept or koan or whatever floats your meditative boat.


    As a side note here, COJK doesn’t have much in the way of activity recently-you pretty much have to be a padawan to see the activity.

    Something else to note, COJK (Christian Order of Jedi Knights) tends to be very specific for it’s religious teachings, so I caution someone who is still seeking to grasp their Christian roots to research the Biblical information for yourself and not take everything they say at face value.  It might not be the message you are looking for in the Bible.

    Just my two cents, sorry for veering off.

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