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    Alright guys :), so after reading the texts from the different places I’ve posted this I’ve come to the conclusion that the next set of discussion (at least here, since it’s sort of already moved in this direction at Force Academy) is what exactly you see the Code AS.

    I’ve seen it suggested that it is a Koan.  But the way that we teach the code in the community has become more of a “This defines what the Jedi are” type of thing.  It was suggested by Shodan (those of you from the FA past know him as Vandor) that the code should be used more of a way to help understand an individual themselves.

    In the past 11-12 years, we have debated the Jedi Code until we were blue in the face, and even came up with a standard as to what it meant.  Whether it’s realized or not, you pretty much have to have your own interpretation fit within a set of guidelines for it to be considered accurate.  Some people are very logical, some people are very analytical, some are very metaphoric, etc, etc.  In Shodan’s view, you can use the interpreter’s version of the code to determine which type of person they are.

    What purpose to you think the Jedi Codes serves in the Community as a whole.


    For the community as a whole, I think the Jedi Code serves as a starting point for a deeper conversation.  The nature of that conversation is going to depend on who’s involved.


    Jedi code is an fictional asset of fictional jedi. I find it tasteless to use it for myself.

    I’ve based my jedi path mainly from what I saw from the movies and sought to make it applicable in real life. There are no codes there but ideals, aspirations, goals, conduct and focus of jedi. That’s all one needs to get started. Preferred methods of training and philosophical musings of your own need to be added and evolved around the ideals of jedi.

    We should be able to word our path and tenets in our own words. That shows skill and understanding of path. As we grow so grows our understanding of the path. Therefore why copy/paste the methods, codes and rituals of fictional jedi? They used their codes, rituals and rest of their set up for their fictional needs to be good fictional jedi. We can’t keep to fictional source as supplement for real thing without ever questioning and improving the original source.

    I discard the fictional jedi code also because after many years of trying to improve my understanding of jedi path I see it is broken in practical meaning. It has irrelevant and nonfunctional elements. Knowledge is not a ward against ignorance for example. Useless knowledge or lack of knowledge makes no difference. Jedi needs to keep a balance between gathering knowledge and simply doing the right thing. Force as well is central to jediism so why even bother with the death and Force thing, it’s clear even to a child at these days.

    Also I am against using jedi code as some cryptic definition of jedi path. It may contain the guideline but still if you can’t put it in your own words in whichever format then you don’t know your path. As well I see a tendency among some jedi to demand every material for jedi to be utterly covered in jedi code and the word “jedi” itself. That shows static following of the path. It is a need to keep an idol before one’s vision. It shows how one actually does not live the path. Otherwise you would not need every jedi training manual to be like a brainwashing propaganda parallel to that of former Societ Union. Jedi does not need to repeat to oneself how jedi he/she is. A jedi does not need a reminder from outside how jedi he/she is. A jedi just decides “this is my path” and thus can use any material for his/her advantage. I see people who defend Jedi Code to seem to view it as untouchable to be unable to do those simple things. Let them be, but community as whole must move forward.

    I would use a Jedi Oath instead that symbolizes the dedication of jedi. Again it’s nothing to be repeated like the fictional 4 line code is abused now. I have Oaths, focusing mantras that for me imply the most important of jedi way. These aren’t definitions of the jedi way, just like the fictional jedi code is not. It does but describe the aspirations of me as a jedi.

    In Force I Trust   ;D j/k

    In service of greater good
    I shall follow the will
    of peace and harmony
    in Force.

    In service of greater good
    I follow through, in peace.
    Observing the Force.

    Brandel Valico

    Much as Stryse said. I see feel it serves as a stepping stone to deeper understanding.

    Beral Khan

    I agree with Stryse and Brandel as well. I feel it is a stepping stone to a deeper understanding.


    I’m torn about it.  The Jedi Code came about many years after the movies.  It isn’t part of what we were all exposed to initially which brought us to the path.  People only know of it from the prequal movies, but even there it isn’t given, just mentioned that there is a code.  So how does the code help the non-Jedi relate to the Jedi? 

    I think of my years in parochial school, however, where we had to learn multiple forms of creeds in the process of confirmation.  Some were used more than others.  But they were used to help a person understand their religion.  A statement of beliefs.  The code can play a similar role.  It may not be used daily by a Jedi but through studying it they learn about themselves and their understanding of the path.  I don’t recall ever using it much myself, but I did challenge myself to find an understanding for myself, which is posted in the library.  It would be interesting to go back to it and see how I’d change that understanding after a few years. 

    How does it fit into the community as a whole? Well, at least there is one thing that we expect Jedi no matter where they come from to have looked at and evaluated.  Even if a person decides not to use it they must have a reason for it, which requires spending time on it.  Of course, even deciding what version of the code is ‘right’ is a source of debate in the community.  I guess I don’t know that it matters.  Even within my conservative synod growing up there was room for multiple defining creeds which were used for different purpose.  There’s no reason why we can’t have multiple defining documents for the Jedi as well.  (I can’t believe I just found a positive element to my religious upbringing lol)


    We’ve seen Obi-Wan, Luke and Yoda. How they were as jedi. They certainly stood out with more than lightsaber wielding heroes, didn’t they. They didn’t come off as samurai or monks or priests of some sort. They seemed to have a uniqueness and freshness not seen in our real old paths of Earth. What I saw as the key tenets of the jedi were the practical approach to Force and the will to even risk your life to fight the tyranny and the corruption of Force. But you can’t bring their deeds over to real world. We aren’t living in Star Wars universe. We have to see what would those jedi do in our world. What philosophy and methods would they use.

    Even star wars jedi learned things from everywhere they could, and sometimes saw how wrong they had been. Obi-Wan for example learned how to become force ghost, it wasn’t jedi knowledge as we later learned from Lucas. Yet the one taking the movie or book superficiality as the measure of jedi fails to see it. They see it as a static well defined thing and it ends there.
    A living path would be to live like jedi of the movies did, learn, change, evolve on the path. Just following their actions and thoughts without questioning, changing and evolving that base inspiration is following a dead path.


    Anyway if I ever had to put the jedi way in a form of a koan then it’d be like below. I’d only use it to inspire jedi, rather than seek them to bow, worship and follow it. A jedi can be weak, bad jedi, but then that jedi needs to learn to be better. That is what my code or guidelines would be used for.

    With peace within I can bring it to others.
    I will do what is right, clarity in my mind.
    Disillusioned. I seek, I strive.
    I let go of myself, and my emotions,
    for they distract and blind me.
    All knowledge I’d ever need is within the Force.
    With all I am I aspire to serve the greater good,
    for thus I create balance in the Force.

    The tricky part is in hiding the meaning behind the words and lines. What speaks to me, may not connect to someone else.

    Well as I said I don’t aspire to create a :

    One Code to rule them all, One Code to find them,
    One Code to bring them all and in the light bind them.

    One Code to rule them all, One Code to find them,
    One Code to bring them all and in the light bind them.

    Or rather.. one code to bring them all, and in the light blind them.

    Or rather.. one code to bring them all, and in the light blind them.

    Yes indeed :)

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