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    I don’t believe in pure evil.  I believe in negativity however, and I believe that something can feel like pure evil when it is the polar opposite of your own path.  The past two days we’ve been dealing with some rather negative entities that are doing their best to derail Carrie’s path.  These are earthbound spirits that feel threatened by Carrie’s continued spiritual growth and the work she does that I can’t talk about here.  It’s not important for the story anyway.  What they’ve done is gathered many others and then try to get into her head to convince her to basically commit suicide, which would stop her growth early and get her recycled (basically you bypass ‘home’ and are reborn right away, which is a rather unpleasant route).  Now, I doubt she would actually be recycled, because she’s grown a lot and because she would have been tricked into it, but that’s still their goal.  Thankfully her guides have been helping to get rid of them, but it’s complicated.

    When dealing with spirits, especially earthbound (or perhaps only those, I don’t know), it’s a lot like the rules in the Buffyverse.  There, a vampire can’t enter a building without permission, and here, a spirit can’t easily get in without you allowing it.  So they talk their way in by saying they need help.  Carrie was raised that you help people who need help, so she asks how she can help.  They they proceed to slowly manipulate her into doing something very stupid.  Since she invited them in, it’s very difficult for the guides to get rid of them.  They do clear them out, but it takes some work.

    This is further complicated by the seizures that continue to destroy brain cells so she doesn’t understand what is going on.  Tonight I was directed to tell her to simply ignore any voices that don’t come with a physical body.  That includes T and Leah because she can’t distinguish.  She doesn’t understand what everyone is saying, doesn’t question, so the safest option is ignoring everyone.  Hopefully she can do that and remembers to ask me when anything seems questionable.

    It seems to me that people who have problems with negative spirits – physical people included – do so because they don’t set and stick to boundaries.  It’s good to help people, but there are times when that request for help is not an actual request, just a manipulation to steal your energy and time, possibly leading to the loss of your (physical) life.  That’s simply unacceptable.  I’m not talking about sacrificing your life to save a loved one, but another simply stealing your vital energy to do so, or because you are a threat to their way of existence.

    We all must set boundaries.  We do not need to help everyone or everything.  This is especially true if you have no training in this style of helping.  Intuition is key.  If you get any iffy feelings, pay attention to them, they may be the only warning you get that you should not grant permission to someone to access your life and your space.  This is just another reason why we need to continually train our intuition so it is available when we need it.

    Hopefully no one reading this will need this advice, but if you do, or if your children seem to be attracting things that aren’t so nice, then I hope it helps.


    I have only infantile knowledge on negative entities. I have listened to a few accounts of people who have dealt with them. Alistair Crowley was renowned for having invited entities into his life which drove him to insanity. He however did not have the accompaniment of those guides of positive persuasion. My initial intuition is that you are correct in advising no communication with all guides until Carrie can differentiate between those who mean to help and those who mean her harm. Another thing that comes to mind as I write (and I’m sure you have thought of this) is can your guides help both of you during this tough time. I advise that all those who have been moved by this account send prayer to you both.




    Thanks Benjamin, but you don’t need to worry about us.  The amount of protection Carrie has is quite outstanding, and getting her to ignore them is just for tonight.  Hopefully she sleeps much of the time anyway so she won’t know the difference. 

    Actually, Crowley may have had guides, but guides are just that – guides.  If a person ignores that guidance and does things that are not in their best interest, those guides will stop giving advice and can leave all together.  If you push away your guide, you only have yourself to blame. 

    As I learn more about this, I’ll pass word.  I am protected differently, and thus I don’t experience all of this and can’t experiment with ways to get rid of them.  If I get that type of information, I’ll post it. :-)

    Kol Drake

    After having had a brush with those who have ‘fought’ against various entities at one time, I thought I’d stick on a short, generic ‘negative entity’ list as fyi.

    Types of Entities

    Since form is a lot more fluid and subjective on the plane these entities exist and operate from, they can seem to take on a potentially endless variety of forms.  That aside, most people, unless operating with well developed clairvoyant abilities, will probably be more likely to sense an entity’s effect on their lives than the actual form it’s taking.  For these reasons, focusing on physically descriptive terms is not as important as gaining a more generalized knowedge of what kinds of sabotage various types of entities are capable of.  Pretty much most negative entities could be placed in four major categories, grouped by their level of sophistication.

    Type 1: Parasites.
    This type of entity is the astral version of organisms like mosquitos and leeches, and posess a similar lack of conscious awareness. More a nuisance than a danger, these aren’t particularly malicious and simply exist to feed. There really isn’t much more one can say about ‘em.

    Type 2: Astral wildlife.
    The animal kingdom of the astral plane. Much like the physical animal kingdom has evolved a diverse “bag of tricks” that predators and prey alike use to survive in the wild, so too have negative entities evolved various ways to provoke the release of negative human energy for them to feed upon. The entities in this category are not self-aware, and operate with a mostly reactive, animalistic level of intelligence.

    They have a very limited “toolbox” — a set of tactics they use over and over, and are not able to adapt creatively. The good thing about this is that if you find a way to counter the tactics of one of these entities, it’s not going to come back with a different method; it has to go find a new target. Unfortunately in most cases these tactics remain effective simply because the targetted individual has no idea what’s actually going on. Entities in this category are not typically malicious, per se. Just as a shark may be dangerous, but can’t really be considered “evil”; these entities simply act according to their needs and nature.

    For the most part, you can use basic shielding, “white light” and magical ‘lesser’ methods and effectively shoo off the first and second types.

    Type 3. Foot Soldiers.
    At this level are entities with varying degrees of intelligence and self-awareness, ranging from those who operate around the level of a young child, to those who are much more intelligent than the average human. Accordingly, this is where things get a bit more complicated and open to debate. Things can seem a bit more worrying at the level of entities who can think and carry out deliberately planned, non-random and even sustained long term attacks, though the silver lining is that the more intelligent an entity is, the less likely it is to take any interest in the average person. When it comes to deliberate attacks whose motive goes beyond simply snacking on one’s energy, there’s generally a specific motive, though said motive and the reasoning behind it are not always clear or easily determined, since by definition we’re trying to understand a non-human intelligence from a human perspective.

    Type 4. Puppet Masters.
    These are the nonphysical higher-ups of what has been called the “Matrix Control System;” the broadbased effort to keep people unhappy, unhealthy, disempowered, financially dependent, distracted by mindless “entertainment” and unable to progress spiritually. They are the counterpart of the human “Powers That Be.” While technically the most formidable due to their intelligence and abilities, entities at this level are rarely, if ever, encountered directly. Much like some human leaders are fond of hiding away in “undisclosed locations” while sending other people halfway around the world based on false pretenses to kill for their own personal profit, these entities are known to form networks based on coercing or manipulating other entities to do the more direct work for them. While they are capable of sustained campaigns against individuals that can go as far as to take on a surreal quality and even bring about phenomena that by most peoples standards “shouldn’t happen,” their influence can more readily be seen on a wider scale. Many sensitives will say that some places and regions just have a “nasty vibe” to them; many times these are places where negative networks are particularly active. Entities at this level are thought to be responsible for sustained campaigns and well orchestrated phenomena that lower level entities or even humans acting alone would not be able to account for.

    My associates have had ‘run ins’ with those who worked with the type 3s — being used by others *as* foot soldiers and astral attackers… and a few had the misfortune to go up against some of the type 4s.  Seems the ‘game’ of ‘good vs not good’ — balance — is one played for control and power even on some of the ‘lower’ upper levels.  :P  Not much of a ‘game’ when folks ‘down here’ can end up with their bodies and minds skrewed or killed ‘during play’.

    So, be careful when attempting to ‘play’ outside your comfort zone.


    Thanks for providing an overview.  It’s true, most people are dealing with types 1 and 2, and then occasionally 3.  I would hazard a guess that virtually everyone has multiple type 1 without realizing it because their energy draw is so small.  I would also say that if you suspect you’re dealing with negative entities of any type, to discuss this with someone who has experience.  I’d recommend Robert Bruce’s psychic self defense books/writings for a lot of great ideas that are simple to do.  If things keep getting worse, don’t try to take care of it alone.  As you see, there are people available with experience in these areas so you don’t have to go through unnecessary craziness.  :-)  That and if you do end up trying to find big bad things, you can get very hurt or killed.  So don’t go looking for things without proper training and preparation (if at all) ;-)

    Thanks again for sharing this Kol!


    Thought I would add this:

    “Spirits”, be they good or ill-intentioned, can only directly affect the following three types of people (which tends to encompass just about everyone at one point or another):

    1) The Ignorant – One who has absolutely no experiece of the spiritual.   That which is spiritual is outside their paradigm of thinking, and for them simply do not exist.  They simply known nothing of spirits or their existence.

    2) The Unwary – Those who are poorly educated on spirits, or who choose to ignore their education in favor of hubris or a false-belief.

    3) The Willing – Those who willfully surrender to a spirit’s influence, and/or who have deliberately opened themselves to spirit influence.

    Note, however, that a spirit does not need to directly affect you in order to affect you.   Indirect influence is just as potentially dangerous.  Sometimes their mere prescence is enough to create problems.      This is also why personal shields may not be sufficient.  Personal shields will protect you from being directly affected by the spirit.  However the spirit may then decide to directly affect an unshielded being in your vicinity (friend, neighbor, pet, etc.) and through touching that individual, bring about a chain of event that impacts you despite your own shielding.

    Some other things to keep in mind.   Spirits have only what their natures require of them.   Though they may seem like us, they are not.  They are totally, completely, alien to our experience.. just as everything about being a human being is completely alien to them.   Keep that in mind when dealing with spirits.   An alien existence means they do not view things in the same terms as us.   Our morals and ethics mean nothing to them.

    Most spirits, but not all, possess two of the following three things, generally in an unlimited capacity.      Humans, by contrast, are equipped with all three, just in a more limited capacity (at least while we are incarnate).   The spirit will use your faculty to make up for what it is missing when it is interacting with you and/or doing work for you.    The three areas are:  Intelligence, Power, and Freedom.   This is true for most all spirits, but will likely have its most practical application in dealing with the type 3 spirits as Kol as outlined.

    An angel for example, has both intelligence and power, but lacks freedom.   (Thus they are compelled to answer when someone like a Jedi evokes them.  They have no choice.   Most, if not all, “gods” fall into this category as well.   Its a terrible life to be a God, being compelled to appear whenever some needy mortal summons you.    Call upon a god or angel with a need, they will use your faculty of freedom to find a means to fulfill it.   Thus they may require you be a bit more specific in not only what you want but how you want it carried out.    

    Demons, by contrast, have great power and great freedom, but tend to be lacking in the intelligence arena.    The danger here, is that since they don’t have to use your faculties of freedom, they aren’t going to be limited by any limitations you’ve placed on your own freedom.   (For example, if you’ve limited your own freedom becasue of a belief you have, say to do not harm, an angel using your faculty of freedom will likely still have that limitation  whatever it does for you, it can’t cause harm in the process, it isnt free to do so, because you don’t hold yourself as free to do so… a demon, on the otherhand, would not have this limitation because it has its own faculty of freedom to draw on.)

    There are some types of entities that are more  human-like in that they possess all three faculties, and may have deeper wells of those faculties than we human beings do, to draw upon.   These are definitely in the minority in terms of the spirit-population though.

    To protect yourself and those around you, from sprits of ill-intent, get skilled in the artes of abjuration.    An alternative, though, is to get skilled in the artes of evocation, that you might summon and command them, to turn them from nuisance to valued-assistant.    Just remember that banishing a spirit serves only to send it from point A (you) to Point B (somewhere else).   Banishing alone does little to prevent them from returning from wherever you banished them too.   (Which is why when you read rituals to empty a house of troublesome spirits, there is often a step to seal any portals of entry such as doors, windows, and mirrors… lest the nasties come right back in the house.)

    Some differences of approach based on type of magi (to illustrate different approaches a Jedi can take when dealing with the spiritual):

    A priest will exorcise generall any spirit he encouners, even if it is a beneficial spirit.

    A Wiccan will banish any spirit that is causing trouble.

    A Witch puts a troublesome spirit to work tending her garden.

    Remember also, that which is spiritual to us, is physical to spirits.   That which is physical to us, is spiritual to the spirits.    Thus, the walls of your house will not be a barrier to spirts… but use the force to create a barrier in the spritual realms, and it will be as solid to the spirits as the wall of your house is to you.  

    Centered But Lost

    Can anyone corroborate this before I seal it in long term memory?


    You already had multiple people chime in on it. So what are you really asking? What do you want to know?

    Centered But Lost

    I was referring to the last comment made by Stryse.


    Gotcha. With this stuff a lot depends on your belief system. Follow your own knowing. What feels light or expansive to try? It might be nothing at this point, and that’s ok.

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