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    Alex, this toy is for you.  ;)

    Swimming Free:

    Chuang Tse and Hui Tse were walking on a bridge over the River Hao, when Chuang Tse said, “Look how the fish come to the surface and swim around so freely-that’s what they really enjoy!”

    Hui Tse said “You’re not a fish. How do you know what makes a fish happy?”

    Chuang Tse responded “You’re not me. So how do you know that i don’t know what fish enjoy?”

    Hui Tse said, “I’m certainly not you, and so I don’t know what you know, but you are definetly not a fish, and that proves that you don’t know what makes fish happy.”

    Chuang Tse replied “Let’s return to your original question. You said to me ‘How do you know what makes a fish happy?’

    You already knew that I knew it, when you put the question to me.

    And I know it because of how you and I enjoy ourselves strolling freely together on this bridge.”

    Chuang Tse in Spiritual Teachings of the Tao by Mark Forstater

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