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    Yeah, ok. I found another one.  :P

    Lesson from the Buddha:

    It would seem that the best lessons are those taught by a mild tongue. These same lessons are also the ones that are vague and misdirecting, but lead a seeker to find the answer for themself. This little tale is one such example:

    There came to the Buddha one day a weeping woman who carried a child on her hip and said:

    “Lord Buddha, give me medicine to cure my child.”

    And he, looking at the child and her, saw that the child was already dead and that she knew it, but he said:

    “Very well, I will cure the sick one. Go into yonder village and bring me mustard-seed, but you must borrow it from a house where death has never entered.”

    At sunset, she returned and said:

    “Lord Buddha, I understand. I was selfish in my grief, but you have cured my sick mind. Give me but leave to bury my little one and then I will come and follow thee.”

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