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    Hi again!

    If you are lost and you don’t know what’s happening here, I suggest you check out: http://instituteforjedirealiststudies.org/forum/39-study-groups/31138-new-project-philosophize-this-and-history-of-western-philosophy#47296

    EDIT: I forgot to mention. People who do this course can certainly use the History of Western Philosophy book, the Stephen West podcast, and the discussion here for Integrative Practice Hours!

    Now that you’re caught up, it’s time to address some questions I’d like to field from the site. Think about these. If you have answers to these questions, feel free to respond in the thread as it will generate discussion regarding the source material.

    1. How are we, as early Jedi Realists, similar and/or different from the early pre-Socratic philosophers? They were dealing with a whole host of new information that had never been organized before… And, we as Jedi are looking at a new way of organizing philosophical information as well. The correlation, for me at least, is strong.

    2. Which philosophers mentioned (pre-Socratic) did you identify with and why? Do any of the philosophers mentioned in the podcast or the book relate to Jedi from the fiction at all? Or, Jedi you know in real life? Or, historical figures you’ve studied? We’re looking for connections here. How can pre-Socratic thought be relevant in our lives today even when the information is mostly outdated and incorrect?

    3. If you have studied the book/podcast, please elaborate and summarize the ideas covered during the pre-Socratic period.

    4. If there was a class developed around the idea of Western Philosophy and the Jedi Path (and uncommon approach, seeing as Jediism mostly comes from Eastern Philosophy), what elements of pre-Socratic thought should be emphasized, if at all, in such a class? You might think none of the information is relevant, or that it merits only a mention or two in the course. Anything is fine. Let me know your honest thoughts.

    Let’s get a dialogue going. I don’t necessarily want to have to start it. But, if in a couple of days nobody has looked at this, then I’ll try with some of the thoughts I have already.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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