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    Meditation 101

    I did the exercise on abdominal breathing, although I already breathe this way normally, I tried to breathe the opposite with just my chest but found that very awkward, I was taught to breathe from my abdomen in yoga classes when I was about 15/16, but before that I used to do cross country running so even before yoga I was breathing from there, yoga helped me focus more on it, and make it more a part of my everyday life.

    Meditation was very good it cleared my mind wonderfully, a few thoughts popping up now and again, but easily put aside if I kept my focus on the breathing, I could feel my heart beating and the blood moving through my head and body, I also felt a sense that every thing was going to be all right (having a few personnel problems lately) and a few days later the problems disappeared not just in my head but in real life, but I guess they were always going to disappear, my be I saw it coming in advance. It’s made an amazing difference to my life so I am meditating every day for at least 10min and often go over that without noticing.


    You have a huge head start if you already know how to breathe properly. You are lucky in that regard!


    Yes, this lecture is meant to make sure everyone knows how to breathe because even experienced meditators don’t always know.  Feel free to move more quickly through the breathing lessons and onto the next exercises.


    Meditation Exercise 4,

    I found it awkward meditating using a mantra, I felt like my mind wasn’t empty, and once you start to repeat something in your head over and over again its hard to get rid of, and very boring, I found it much more fulfilling just concentrating on my breathing.


    Yes, but if you don’t learn to use mantras you’re missing out on a useful tool.  Experiment with the pacing of the words, as well as the words themself.  I find the word choice very important.  You don’t need to stick to the ones in the assignment, so experiment.


    Thanks Jax, I use words like relax or let go when meditating only when my mind wanders, it was just the exercise that was driving me nuts all that reapeating.

    Meditation Exercise 5 Awareness,

    At home, the fridge freezer making a noise, birds walking on the roof, birds singing out side, the spider coming out from under the TV, a very small fly near the window, dog hair on the carpet, dog barking out side, spider still wandering around near my feet, hear dog walking down stairs, dog comes in to room grunts and lies in its basket, noise of dog breathing, hear cat entering through window, hear cats paws on kitchen floor, hear cat going up stairs, hear my son snoring, hear cat coming down stairs she enters room meows, she wants some food, spider goes back under TV.

    Forest path next to river , hear birds singing, feel breeze on my face and arms, tree branches grass and bushes swaying, fish looks out from under stone then goes back under, birds begin to make even more noise, I see a lot of them all in one tree very noisy, see a shrew in the grass shrew disappears, old oak tree creaking, woodpigeon calling, black bird lands on branch in front of me, it gets darker, more clouds appear in sky, black bird takes off, two people walking with a dog on the other side of river, a beetle near my feet, an ants nest further down the path, a birds feathers on the path smells like a fox’s scent.

    City centre, sitting on bench made of wood, wood is warm, lots of people, a seagull lands on a bronze statue sits a while then takes off, bronze statues head is very white, some people in a great rush, some walking slowly and relaxed, some people talking some quiet, a bunch of teenagers some carrying bags of food and bottles of pop sit on the benches near me, very noisy don’t stop talking, bronze plaque on building in front of me too far away to read, teenagers eating, pigeons landing near teenagers eating crumbs on the floor, woman wearing stilettos walks past seems to have some back pain, sky very clear, person with guide dog walks past, person not blind.

    These are just the highlights of staying in each place about half an hour, I could write a book on every thing I saw and felt, I didn’t feel any different than when I normally observe things, just very relaxed and as empty minded as possible.

    EPIC! lol, it seems that your awareness is getting better keep it up !  :)


    Exercise 6-Chan Meditation

    This excercise seems to clutter up my mind with counting, my mind is then not as empty as I would like, when my mind is empty it feels like the feeling you get from being near an over head power line or an electric substation, and can also feel like I am being filled with very positive energy its hard to put in to words.  Although mantras and counting help to clear my mind, they seem to get in the way of something that goes a lot deeper.

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