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    I dreamt that I was walking down a path reading a Jedi training book as I walked, the path was covered with ash from the forest that was burnt to cinders with a few remaining branches recognizable as trees, I did not get far down the path as the cat woke me up.

    The next dream I was in a class room and every one was against me picking on me for no good reason a lot of people going out of their way standing up and slagging me off, and I felt very angry, and left the class, this reminded me of an incident in work at a meeting when I was in charge of the union when my members turned against me because they were afraid of being sacked, and I guess I have not let it go until now.

    I have remembered so many dreams over the last few months, I would have to write a book, these are the ones that stand out.


    I hate it when I get woke up prematurely in a dream.  I’ve found that if you write in the dream journal first thing in the morning, even if it’s just a snippet that you remember, it’s easier to keep track of and easier to remember.  Give it a try if you want. 

    Kol Drake

    What Dreams May Come….

    As Jax notes, writing down dreams can be a ‘good exercise’ and open the doors to looking at ourselves (as well as fodder for some quirky short stories!)

    Dreams are basically a counter projection of our waking lives. Dreams are images or simple backward reflections or imagery of what is going on in our lives. They are even metaphoric and symbolic and explain what is happening around us if we can intuitively decipher what is going on in them.

    Sometimes dreams though, are more than just imagery and counter projections. Sometimes dreams can align so well with our current state of being, that we can actually use them to see into our future. Sometimes when we dream, and are in a very deep state of relaxation, we can actually use our dream state to see things that haven’t happened yet. This is an example of deja vu?

    When we dream something, very deeply locked into our unconscious and then days, weeks or months later, we have a flash of remembering something, what we recall is an embedded remembrance of a dream locked within our psyche. This is how dreams can help us and be useful to us.

    Dreams can also help process.  More then a few times I have had tough issues or projects which seemed to hit roadblocks.  I ‘told myself’ that I would take time during sleep to process it and let my ‘sleeping self’ work on it… and then put it out of my mind as I prepared for repose.  In most cases, I would have ‘insights’ upon waking which were helpful in working through the particular instance.  Those ‘aha’ moments which come once our internal processing engine had time to work on it while the louder, everyday ego mind took a time out.

    Dreams, when they happen can be fun, sad, scary, exciting.
    Enjoy the ride.


    Saturday night Sunday morning, was a mad dreaming session, it was like I had a whole other life, I woke up at 9.30 am which is very late for me even on a Sunday morning, I will just give the highlights of that night, I was driving along in a four wheel drive vehicle it had no pedals or gear stick it was all controlled buy switches or buttons on the wheel, so I was messing around with these controls for a while to get used to them, then I came upon an old empty building that was for sale and I thought to myself that would make a great Jedi temple, but before I could get to it a woman came out of a house nearby and asked me in, I went in and she showed me her baby I said it was very beautiful because it was she asked me to put my finger in the baby’s hand I said my hand was very cold and the baby would not like it, but the woman insisted so I did as she asked and the baby didn’t like it and started crying the woman didn’t mind, the rest of her children turned up two boys and a friend they seemed to have some kind of respect for me, then I said goodbye and left, I had  forgotten all about the potential Jedi Temple, I then went to my ship got on board and told one off my crew to throw a line across too another boat we were towing it, she did as I asked but wasn’t very happy, one of the other crew came up to me and said that’s strange she usually likes doing that but she looks miserable, then I realised that I told her to do it and didn’t ask as I usually do, so I thought to myself I must remember to ask nicely next time, I will leave out what happened before and after in my dream it would fill a small novel.    


    Lots of dreams with personal meaning to myself so many I have lost count, but here is one that doesn’t seem so personal that stands out, I was walking past the place that I saw in a previous dream that I thought would make a good Jedi Temple some one had bought it and moved in and there was a high fence around it, there were people outside the Temple wanting to get in and they were saying let us in we are Jedi too, there were two guards at the gate dressed in Jedi robes telling them all to go away that they would never be allowed in, looking through the fence I saw a meditation class and a martial arts class and some sort of discussion going on in another class, one of the guards called me to come to the gate and I started walking towards him then unfortunately the cat was pawing my face and I woke up. 


    Do you visit other sites that have restrictive admission policies in some way?  For instance, groups who say you must believe this or you can’t be part of us?  It has been a problem in the past, and since I don’t ‘travel’ much I’m not sure how prevalent it is anymore. 

    What did you think of the people wanting to get in?  Did they feel like Jedi?


    I don`t visit any other sites, the people wanting to get in believed they were Jedi, I can`t say what kind of Jedi they were it felt like they were people I was familiar with.


    Do you feel like you were going to be let in, or at least given the opportunity to pass a test or something to get in, before the cat woke you up at least?


    I will probably find out in another dream as this dream had some relation to a previous dream, but why did they call me over, not just to pass the time. And this dream reminds me of the dream I had when I was walking along a path reading a Jedi training book. Some times dreams are not in sequence.


    True, dreams have no requirements, including time.  It’s interesting in any case.

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