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    Rivan Elan

    Hi, I am curious as to whether I had sent in the initial paperwork and where I stand in the process here. In general it looks like you are developing a pretty decent system.

    I have lately been busy with Coelescere but I want to review opportunities here. There is no sense in duplication of effort if quality work has already been done.


    Hey Rivan!

    Jax handles most(if not all initial paperwork) but she is out of the country for awhile so has a hard time accessing the website.  I will try getting a hold of her to see where your status is.  In the mean time please feel free to comment on discussion posts, start up your wordpress blog(and place link in appropriate thread), etc.

    A lot of the information for your next few steps can be found in the guidance counselor area.

    Good luck with your training and MTFBWY!


    Not only did I receive your application I sent you a response and got one from you. ;-)  This was back in September of 2009.  You’re free to begin the intro course whenever you want.  Everything is self paced. :yoda


    I have done some of the introductory course and put it on word press,what now?


    First Peteshido, you need to post the link to your journal where you post your assignments so we can provide you feedback, as directed in the intro course workbook.  We’ll give you followup questions, and as you finish those up you will create a PLP.  After feedback from a faculty member on your PLP you choose which classes to take next.  As with intro you post your assignments there and the instructor provides feedback and guidance to help you with any troubles or help you with your interests.  While you’re waiting for feedback I encourage you to jump into discussions as well, tons to learn through that process. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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