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    Ive recently been experimenting with coming up with a simple meditation that would benefit specifically me, based on what i know of myself, my comforts, and my needs.

    I laid down on my bed, with the lights off and a blanket over my eyes,(pitch black helps me visualize things in my mind. It feels like a blank canvas to paint my thoughts across) and imagined myself walking up the stairs to a temple on coruscant that id describe as looking like the lovechild between the Jedi temple and a pyramid. As i approached the steps, i was attacked by a group of 501st who i assume to symbolize the walls ive built in my mind. Surprisingly enough i quickly dispensed with them and moved on to crushing the gigantic doors in front of me. (I visualized this as a full frontal assault on the different pains and stresses ive carried with me over the years. When i entered my temple though, i was yet again attacked. This time by something i couldnt see and seemed to be actively trying to shut down my ability to imagine this scene. I actually felt physical effects of this seeming mental attack including seeing nothing but white when the “being” “struck”, and feeling my body temperature go up. My resolve rose to the challenge though and i imagined myself using on almost force-repulse like attack to break the “chains” that id set around my closest secrets. Secrets id kept and am still keeping from myself to this day. I then caught my breath and took stock of my surroundings that were very graphically designed for coming from my own imagination. What i noticed was that all the pains and stresses i came to face and deliver, were built into the walls the way the greeks decorated their temples. In my mind, yet another metaphor. One that meant those are things i will hold onto for the rest of my life. Using the force to raise a small platform out of the center of the floor i noticed on it a sith Holocron. Upon opening it, a wisp of smoke emitted from the crystal inside, forming an apparition of Darth Vader. I imagined every painful memory that came to mind at that point being placed inside that holocron for later analysis. I could feel my inner scale tipping with that action though and decided to raise another platform from the floor, this one with a jedi holocron on top carrying the transfered consciousness of Luke. Immediately i felt more at ease and balanced. Theyre my angel and demon on my shoulder, amd i return to my temple for their advice whenever a difficult decision is put in front of me.

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