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    I´d like to bring in something else…
    In my eyes a “peaceful warrior” must not be a warrior in mind of the martial arts or war.

    To get forward you´ll be in need to be a warrior against yourself.
    There will come times you´ll have to fight you actual point of few, maybe also your own feeling.
    At least in the moment you take out some lessons you are trying to learn in contact with other people it will be hard to control your self for quite a while.

    A warrior must not fight with his body…
    Everyday there are mental fight all around us.

    You´ll need some peace in your heart to learn your lessons to grow up.
    It will come to a time you´ll have to fight against your instincts to hold your peace.

    *maybe a little confusing*



    Just wanted to clarify: are you saying that a peaceful warrior must work on mentality over other aspects? At least that is what I gathered.  LOL

    I agree though, a Peaceful Warrior must work on themselves however, as you’ll see in the book this expands beyond mentality and even your physical being. 

    Thanks for sharing… :yoda


    =) I didn´t meant it like that in fact.

    hm, how to tell this…

    I just got the feeling the warrior is made on the ability to fight physically…
    And wanted to show up that there are much more of them.

    It seems more a matter of facing everything that comes upon you.
    Physically, mentally or emotionally (to set this a little extra).

    A battleground can vary and you´ll have to go with it.

    May I got it a little better this time (hope)


    I understand Robin.  The view of a warrior, to the non-warrior, is often limited to physical combat.  But a warrior knows that to be successful they need more than just physical skills.  A peaceful warrior realizes there are many more battles than just the physical, which is as you said – we face ‘battles’ with our own inner demons, struggle to be the people we want to be in life, with any number of things that don’t have to involve any physical combat. 

    By the way Robin, if you are ever unsure about a phrase or sentance, just ask.  Many concepts are hard to describe in our native languages, and even more difficult when in another language.  :-)

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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