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    Who knows- perhaps it wasn’t the gulf war, although it felt like it. I was in the desert, in combat gear, and it it just felt like that time period to me.

    I’d like to point something out.  Time is not as concrete as you think.  You could have been in the gulf war in a past life.  Perhaps “past” life isn’t the right terminology.  Maybe we should say “Other lives” or “Alternate Lives”.  My point is that just because you were born before the gulf war, doesn’t exclude you from having an alternate life at the same time.  The spirit world is not bound by our rules, including what we call time.

    Let’s look at it another way.  If we say that heaven is beyond time, that it has no past, present, or future, then when you die, when do you get there?  You could say that everyone gets there at the same time, or that you are already there, that you are both dead and alive at the same time.  Perhaps you have multiple alternate lives at this very moment.  Who is to say we are limited to one at a time? ;)


    There’s no such thing as time, so there’s no limitation.  However, I’ve never heard of someone having ‘memories’ of an alternate life in anything I’ve read.  But that could be because they didn’t think to ask.  It seems like, it’s hard enough for our brain to wrap around past lives, so concurrent lives would be even worse.  Thus, it seems like even if it were happening in the way we’re discussing, we wouldn’t have access to it for our own sanity. 


    If you ever read any of the currently most popular theories about reincarnation (such as Desiny/Journey of souls by Michael Newton), they state that the general trend of Earth is development toward a higher energy frequency. Since souls usually find a place to incarnate that matches their frequency somewhat, you are more likely to have been reaincarnated in the historical past than in the historical future – even though such cases also exist for several reasons.

    Is development toward a higher vibration evident? It is hard to see, but i’d say it is. Prostesting against war, social rights movements, and most of all, people’s respectful treatment of children (look into phychohistory) have been something tha history never before knew. Not to mention the advances in technology and medicne, that have dramatically increased life expectancy, standard, and quality all over the world. I am not sayign the world is perfect; what i am saying it is objectively a better place to live, on average,t han it was a hundred, or a thousand years ago.

    As for my personal experience, i have seen many things that could lead me to believe in reincarnation, but i remain, as about all things, skeptical. Since very early childhood, i have “rebembered” one particular life, of a French officer in the late 1400s, who led a violent and ambitious life and died a gruesome torturous death. I vaguely “remember” a few other past lives, but this one has influenced and intrugued me most.

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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