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    Just an interesting thing to discuss… jax got me thinking in the chatroom, so I went a did about an hour of deep meditation and came up with a lot of odd images. I went from being a young woman in France at the beginning of the 1900s, to a maid in the Netherlands during the northern rennaissance, to a soldier dying in the desert, probably during the gulf war… and through the whole thing I kept seeing one man, who I’ve actually seen before in dreams. A very strong and caring figure. Rather attractive too. His name was Marcel I think.

    Anyone have any experiences with this sort of thing? Or just interested to talk about it?
    I think it’s fascinating…

    Much love,


    That man could be a guardian or someone you’ve known in each lifetime.


    I’ve had two extremely realistic dreams that may have been attributable to past lives. In one, I was an Asian man, I am not certain of the time period but it was during wartime (I was a soldier, maybe an officer as I had a small room to myself) and the second was after watching ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ where I have a very vivid dream of being in the desert at night, it was so cold and dry my nose hurt and bled a little, and I think I was in the military again then but it was a very short and vivid dream, mostly I was outside looking at the stars and enjoying the night air and trying not to think of my problems. It might have been during the Crusades (so man again).



    There were probably some images from past lives.  However, weren’t you alive during the gulf war? 


    Yeah, barely, which is odd. I was born right before it started…
    Who knows- perhaps it wasn’t the gulf war, although it felt like it. I was in the desert, in combat gear, and it it just felt like that time period to me.


    Well, we’re all connected, so it’s very difficult to know where a vision or feeling comes from sometimes.  Unfortunately, the only thing I know about past lives was told to me by someone, so I don’t know how to distinguish except to ask someone who is able to look back for you.  lol 


    I was just thinking.  Whether or not they are past lives, I don’t think it matters much.  If you’re seeing enough of something, whether you or someone else, you can still learn from it.  And it seems to me, that’s the main reason we learn of things like this.  With past lives it sheds light on some of our current idiosyncracies.  With others lives we peek into, perhaps it helps us understand someone else and why they are how they are.

    For instance, in almost all of my past lives I was a strong man.  That bleeds over into me being female bodied but still having pretty masculine energy.  Also, in my past life I was career military, which encompassed WW1 at the least, which is a time period I shared with my wife.  This manifests in my interest and love of the military since I was a small child, even though I didn’t know anything about it, and didn’t know anyone in the military.  During WW1, my wife was this young guy who really didn’t belong in a war.  But he was a good cook, so that’s where I put him.  The other reason for this was to try to protect him, because we had this inexplicable bond.  However, this backfired, as he was the first person killed out of my unit when the Germans snuck up behind the lines.  This manifests in a desire to protect her from everything in this life, even when I shouldn’t or can’t.  For her, it manifests as a fear of guns and war movies.  She’ll literally start to have a panic attack in very realistic movies.  Also, she’s had this sense that she wouldn’t live to see her 21st birthday, because she died so young last time.  She says she still feels it sometimes, that she’s not supposed to be alive now, and she’s 25.  Oh, and by the way, she’s still a good cook this time around too.  :-)

    I’ll be honest though, I have no idea why the past bleeds over into the present.  There’s no actual reason for it in my spirituality.  Perhaps it allows us to bring parts of our past lives with us, so we can continue where we left off, in a sense.  Though, I don’t think everyone’s past lives matter to them, it is our choice.  Perhaps I enjoyed the strength that I had in my previous lives, and knew that I would need that in this life to help my wife with her big tasks this time around.  Thus, I chose to keep aspects of my personality.  Also, I sometimes wonder if my non-violent nature is because I don’t want to bring all the killing from my last life with me.  I mean, I don’t like to kill anything if i don’t have to.  And with a career in the military, during many wars, I’m sure I killed quite a few people.  I also wonder if my lack of marrying and having a family last time makes me want to settle down and have kids this time around. 

    So many questions come from just a few pieces of information.  But in the end, they don’t matter.  The past, while interesting, isn’t important.  All that matters is where you go from here.  This is what I have to tell myself when I get too caught up in learning about the past.  It’s only the now that matters.  And now, I’m going to shower and pick up a Jade to do some acupuncture!  :-)

    Take care!

    I’ll be honest though, I have no idea why the past bleeds over into the present.  There’s no actual reason for it in my spirituality.  Perhaps it allows us to bring parts of our past lives with us, so we can continue where we left off, in a sense.  Though, I don’t think everyone’s past lives matter to them, it is our choice. 

    Yeah, I know this is a bit late, but with this topic, I just have to jump in on it. I have worked with many people on past life regression, and have found that like Jax said, it doesn’t matter if it is your past life or not. You are shown something and can learn from it, regardless.

    I would like to say that I have found that the reason that things bleed over from past lives is because we are experiencing the same types of energies that connect with those from the past life. It is the same as when a person is walking through a circus grounds, and smells a certain food cooking, but instead of thinking how good the food smells, they remember eating that food with a long-dead grandfather, or something like that.

    Also, it has to do with lessons that were left unlearned in the past. If you refused, or were unable to, learn a lesson in the past, then you will repeat it again in this life. It also has to do with the lessons that we DID learn. We are reminded of the accomplishments that we made in the past and can draw on those strengths in our current life.

    Sometimes, it is only the remembrance of the way that a person died, or was “punished” in a past life that keeps us from repeating the same mistake this time around.

    Anyways, this is sort of a “thing” that I have, so I had to jump in. Sorry for the interruption.


    What interruption?  lol, Those were great points.  It does make sense that we would keep some of the things we learned with us, otherwise it’s like starting from scratch each time.  It also makes sense that we’d be reminded of particularly dangerous things so we don’t repeat them. 

    I recently saw a link to a new book that goes into more depth of why we choose the challenges in our lives.  They have a few excerpts on the site, one of which I’ll share here.  I think it’s illuminating, and will pick up this book at some point in the future.  The site is http://www.courageoussouls.com/

    Courageous Souls
    Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?
    Published by Whispering Winds Press

        In researching Courageous Souls, I collaborated with medium Staci Wells, who has the ability both to see and hear our pre-birth planning sessions. In these sessions we work closely with our spirit guides, highly evolved beings who help us select those challenges that will produce the growth and healing we seek.

        Typing through an instant messenger on our computers, Staci and I conducted a session for Penelope, a young woman who was born completely deaf. We sought to understand what Penelope had planned and why she had planned it:

        “Staci,” I asked, “would it be possible for you to provide the conversation that took place in Penelope’s pre-birth planning session when she chose deafness?”

        Penelope and I waited a few moments as Staci “tuned in” to the discussion. She then described the planning session in such detail that I felt as though I had been transported there.

        “I am hearing ‘thought-conversation,’” Staci typed. “I am also seeing. Penelope is in a large room. The walls are high; there are many images on the walls—images from past lives. Her main spirit guide is there along with other guides. I see Penelope sitting cross-legged on the floor; also on the floor are the other souls with whom she will interact in important ways in the lifetime to come. Some of the souls have been with her in previous lifetimes but will remain on the other side while she incarnates. Her main spirit guide stands behind her, directing the proceedings, acknowledging everyone there.

    Spirit guide: We are gathered here to help Penelope decide on her life that is to be. Many of you have helped Penelope before in other lifetimes and between lives. Penelope still burns from her experiences in her most recent life and seeks healing in the life that is to be. She asks each of you now to join your energy with hers as she decides what she is to be, what she will and will not experience, and how she may best interact with all here in order to achieve her goals.

        “They all join ‘hands’” Staci continued. “I see the energy pulsing from one to another until it pulses throughout the room like waves that penetrate everyone there.

        “The first thing Penelope decides is her body color, as that will be part of the connection between herself and the soul who was and is her mother. As Penelope decides this, I see her soul take on the darker color, ‘trying it on for size,’ but also adopting it as her own.

        “There is thought-conversation between Penelope and her mother, agreements made for her mother to give birth to her and take care of her in ways she could not in the previous lifetime. Penelope expresses to the soul who is her mother that she still feels a great need to be cradled in her mother’s arms. There is an agreement made about lots of cuddling time.

        “But then the memories of what she witnessed in the previous lifetime spring to her mind, and Penelope asks please not to let that happen again. The man who shot her mother in that lifetime stands up among the crowd and agrees to not inhabit physical form while Penelope and her mother are in physical body. Then he sits back down.

    Penelope: But the sounds. I am afraid I will still hear them. I don’t want to hear them at all.

    Spirit guide: My dear, you know that they will continue to resonate within your hearing range. Would you prefer to be born deaf so that no sound will ever remind you of those sounds again? You will continue to be influenced by them and by what you saw and experienced, only you will feel them at a deeper, subconscious level, where it will be easier for you.

    Penelope: Yes.

    Spirit guide: Wait. [Holds up his hand.] Before you agree to this so readily, think on this first: you will continue to be influenced by the atrocities you witnessed in that life because you have told me it is your desire to complete your healing process. You will still feel them, but at a level you will be unable to define for quite some time.

    Penelope: Yes, that is what I want and what I wish to do.

        “Her energy changes somewhat as she gets more serious. The excitement of being born and living again has now been somewhat overshadowed as she realizes what she will work on. But she agrees and moves on to the next step in the planning process.

    Penelope: I want to give to other people in some capacity. I want to expand my ability to be compassionate. In my last life, my ability to express compassion ended when my mother died. I want to care compassionately for many people.

    Spirit guide: You will have the opportunity to use your own experience in the life that is to come to turn your self-knowledge outward and give to others in a kind, compassionate, and caring manner, and to teach others as well.

    Copyright © 2007, Courageous Souls
    Whispering Winds Press
    Ashland, Oregon
    (800) 742-0148


    Bettie J. Eadie’s books touch on past life experiences, as do Sylvia Browne’s, but this is the first in-depth book on this subject I have seen.  Will have to look into it more.  Thanks for posting this. 

    Loremaster :yoda

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