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    I wrote an email to a person yesterday explaining our guards and figured I would post the relevant excerpt here.  For those who maybe aren’t so sure about spirits and the afterlife, this is a very real story of what has been going on in our household for the past 2 years or so.  It’s not a complete story, but as it is, it’s plenty long!  And for the skeptics, my wife isn’t the only person who’s seen them.  The last time Jade Tigresse was over she also saw one of our guards.  Anyone who can see spirits can see them, even when we don’t tell them.  So they are very real, just not so physical. 

    For context, this is written to a Marine I went through boot camp with.

    So our guards…You know how we always say that Marines die and guard heaven? Well, it’s kind of true. Except it isn’t heaven, because there aren’t gates to guard there. They guard people here on earth.

    It all started 2 years ago or so. I don’t know exactly when, but we ended up with two spirits who were always in our apartment. Since I don’t notice these things often, I didn’t really know. Carrie started to tell me about them after I noticed one standing behind me. She said one night I had a cammie blouse on the doorknob, and she caught one of them holding it up and looking at it. She said, “Put it down, it’s the same as yours.” lol I’m sure that would have freaked me out, but only for a bit. It takes more to freak Carrie out though.

    Since then, we’ve had quite a few different guards. From what I can tell, these are people who aren’t quite ready to move on yet. So while Carrie’s guide is trying to get them to move on, she gives them a job. They like it, and since time doesn’t mean anything it’s not a burden. Plus, they get to be active from time to time keeping other spirits out.

    One of them used to mess with the cat. One night, he was sitting on my chair and just making a bunch of noise. Then Carrie heard the chair get spun around really fast, totally freaking the cat out! lol He also would play with him other times. Once he left, we got a Marine who was super old Corps, as in the late 1700’s. We figured it out by looking up uniforms in a book and Carrie telling me which looked most like his. He said that at that time, they had no idea what they were getting into. They were kept in the hull of the ships until needed, when they would leave and fight. He said that even then they knew that what they were doing was creating the persona of the Marine, and that they were the best. I believe he’s gone now though, moved on to the other side.

    The most interesting one had been around for a few months. I remember Carrie saying we had a girl this time. She only knew because she said hi boys or something and she said “I’m not a boy!” I took the time to think who I knew, but didn’t think anything of it. Then, I learned of my friend’s death. I talked to her family a bit back and forth, and even felt comforted by her in my sleep at one point. I started to wonder if she was around, but i’m really not sensitive to that yet. Too much deep seated fear. It turns out that she was. I didn’t know for sure until about two days before she left. Then Carrie told me that it was Susan. She didn’t know until she saw a picture and realized that it was. It made me sad because it felt like I was losing her again before I had a chance to learn to talk to her. But, she did pass along one thing. “Well, it’s not the pearly gates but…” I had to laugh, and then explain it to Carrie about the Marine Corps hymn and lore that goes with it.

    Apparently, Carrie was not supposed to tell me she was leaving before she left. So now, we’re not allowed to know out guards physical names. Our newest guard came a few days ago. The name she gave us, which is clearly not her name, is SSgt Toni Reynolds. She died when their humvee was struck by a bomb. Everyone was ok, but when they were then trying to move into another humvee, another bomb went off. She died instantly. Can’t say the same for one of the other people though. They died two weeks later from infection.

    She seems pretty nice though. Her first night, Carrie had a seizure. She didn’t know what to do, so she ran (or whatever spirits do) over the Carrie and held her hand. I couldn’t see it, she told me this all after she came too. Then we learned her story, and had a few good laughs. She told Carrie if she makes it through all of this she’ll get her some honorary blood stripes. Carrie doesn’t think she can actually do that, which made the SSgt laugh. I guess it’s the thought that counts.

    So those are some of our guards. I want to be able to talk to them. Well, I can talk, I just don’t hear a response. They’ve all learned to not come in the bedroom when I’m sleeping because it wakes me up. And they tend to stay at two places in the apartment, out of the way. I don’t notice it, but Carrie certainly notices when she walks through one.

    It’s pretty neat to have them around. I want to tell people about it, but I don’t know how well it would be received. I also want to know how it’s determined who goes where, and who gets guard duty at all. So far, I think everyone died in the line of duty in some way. That might have something to do with it. You know how the Marine Corps gets into your very core. It might be that, when a Marine dies, they’re unwilling to leave because of it. So they are transitioned through duties like this until they’re able to let go enough and continue on to the other side. Someday I’ll try to ask.

    We do know that no one can tell us why Carrie keeps getting Marine’s as guards. It’s funny that so many of her closest friends are Marines, and then she has all these dead Marines as guards. I wonder even more why she’s not allowed to know. But what can you do? You don’t get to argue with guides, they know better in the end.

    Now you know the story of our guards. :-) I know that, primarily, they are here for Carrie. But, occasionally they are useful for me. More than once they have reassured me that I’m a good Marine. I shouldn’t have to be told that, but when you get discharged the way I did, it can be hard to believe it. Also, knowing they are around allows me to slowly work on my fears of all these unseen things. And it’s nice to feel secure. After all, who better to have on guard than a Marine?


    Its going to be interesting staying at your place, I can tell.


    Lol, it’s usually uneventful.  But, you may see things.  They are very respectful though, and try to stay out of everyone’s way.  Even when we get a new one, the other guard fills them in on the way this ‘duty’ works.  Though sometimes they get a bit overzealous, so we try to tell them that all those ‘rules’ aren’t hard and fast rules. 

    Actually, you may find it more peaceful since there aren’t random entities in our house, just the two constant ones who do their best to leave people alone.  I guess we’ll find out :-)


    Very interesting story, Jax.  I believe every word of it.  As Hamlet said to Horatio in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    Mark, my husband, has two guides.  One is a huge bear named Burleigh and the other is a white rabbit named Wilson.  I myself have several guides, though I have not seen any of them for a while.  We share a dragon named Dravener.  I am not sure whether they fade away if your faith lapses or whether they just are always there and our vision comes and goes. 

    Ever since I had the hysterectomy I think I have lost some of my Force power, since Native American lore has it that a woman’s mystical power was greatest in the time of her menses.  And I have not been very active since that operation took place.  Any thoughts on this? 

    I don’t know many things about the spirit realm, but I do know that it exists and it is very good that you are beginning to see your guards.  It will be a healing experience for you both, I think.  Thanks for sharing this.



    To clarify, these aren’t spirit guides.  They are rotating spirit guards.  They’re only job is to stand guard around us.  It’s just like any other guard duty a Marine pulls.  I haven’t seen my guides as of yet.  Carrie sees hers, and sees the guards, and various other things at times.  But now that I have finished my semester I can start meditating again so I can see them soon.  *fingers crossed*

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