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    I have always been bad at keeping a regular fitness journal.  Looking up calories, writing it all down, tallying it – it took a lot of time (or so that is my excuse) and was the kind of busy-work I really dislike.

    I found http://www.fitday.com a few weeks ago.  I began to slowly record my eating – and found it easy and eye-opening.  In fact – since beginning it – I have lost ten pounds simply by re-thinking what I am eating.

    I like numbers and facts.  I do not do well on “diets” or following formulas.  I just want the truth – and FitDay gives you the hard truth.

    I especially like that I can not only check my calories but my nutrition intake.  It also includes the calories burned in a very easy way – and found it both positive and a warning – but was impersonal and as I said – I just like the facts.

    You can also keep a journal, check your mood, and it’s all done with graphs and easy to read daily lists.

    It’s also FREE!!!!

    I am finding it an invaluable tool – and if you are beginning on physical training – it is an easy and quick, and ACCURATE way to measure your beginning state – and where you need to change – and if you are changing to improve your fitness and health.



    Interesting.  Thanks for sharing Asta!  I’ll have to check it out when it isn’t already past my bedtime.  :-)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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